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Kipling’s puts Halifax on the map for Indian cuisine as it wins prestigious national award

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Mohammed Rafiq of Kiplings smiles following being awarded Best Indian Establishment in the North and Nationally

Mohammed Rafiq of Kiplings smiles following being awarded Best Indian Establishment in the North and Nationally


Kiplings in Halifax have been awarded for their culinary Indian delights which have satisfied the taste buds of locals and those from further afield, staving off relentless competition particularly from rivals in curry capital of the UK Bradford.

Halifax wouldn’t be the first name on the lips of Indian food experts when it comes to where to go in Yorkshire for quality Indian cuisine, with Bradford and Leeds usually the choice; but Kiplings of Halifax has come through to be awarded the Best Indian Establishment in the North.

With the magnitude of competition in the North, particularly in Yorkshire this is a coup for the restaurant who were recognized as the best for their Indian meals at ‘The food Awards England 2017’.

Not only were they awarded ‘best in the north’, they also went up against the winners of the three other regional heats, and in fact came out on top in this competition as well, to walk away with ‘The Best Indian Establishment Overall’, being recognised as the best Indian restaurant in the UK.

Mohammed Rafiq of Kiplings reflected on their incredible success he said: “This has really put Halifax on the map for Indian cuisine, it is usually the big boys in Bradford and Leeds that get the recognition, so this is really huge for us.”

Kiplings pride themselves on their satisfaction to customers, comfort and affordability. Catering for couples, families and friends it’s the perfect place for business, socialising or just general meet ups. Their restaurant is the ideal spot to relax and take in the exquisite award-winning food and drink on offer.

Left to right Rahim Manir, Max Rehman, Mohammed Rafiq, Fiza Ullah and Haider Ali from The Grand.

Left to right Rahim Manir, Max Rehman, Mohammed Rafiq, Fiza Ullah and Haider Ali from The Grand.


The event itself was the fourth annual Food Awards England event which welcomed 300 guests at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel on Monday, October 2nd in celebration of the English food industry.

The Food Awards England rewards the success of local professionals and establishments, with the winners being a true reflection of the highest standards and customer service and voted by the public.

The awards themselves were split into local regions to ensure a diverse range of business from across England were recognised for their hard work, with each category having a national overall winner too.

The awards were supported by the Make-A-Wish-Foundation and the charity raised money for a worthwhile cause.

Kiplings are located at 28 Town Hall Street, Halifax, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2EA. They are open Monday-Thursday 5PM – 11PM, Friday-Saturday 4.30PM–12PM and Sundays 4.30PM- 10:30PM. You can contact them for bookings on their number which is 01422 316895. Or online on their website which is

Women’s conference in Bradford focuses on “Resilience, Faith and Unity”

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Over 250 women from across the UK including Glasgow, Wales, Leicester, Doncaster, Halifax, Rotherham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Blackburn, Manchester and London attended the conference alongside a delegation from Germany.

The conference, held at Mercure Hotel over three days, annually provides an opportunity for women of all faiths to come together from across the UK and beyond, in order to debate and discuss contemporary issues of importance to women.

Additionally this year, the first day of the conference was opened up to men in order to get the full spectrum of views on an important range of topics.

These included sessions with subject experts covering themes from Muslim responses to extremism, the legitimisation of Islamophobia in the mainstream and the role of faith communities in building resilience.

The conference provided an opportunity for women to come together from across the country in order to take ownership of the discourse surrounding Muslim women alongside challenging the widely held stereotypes of Muslim women being submissive.

Speakers included: Professor Salman Sayyid, Head of the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds, Lily Piachaud at the Jo Cox Foundation, Professor Paul Rogers - Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, Rt Revd Bishop Toby Howarth - Bishop of Bradford, Dr Riffat Hassan - Professor Emerita at the University of Louisville (USA), Dr Shuruq Naguib - Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Lancaster and Revd Jenny Ramsden - Priest and interfaith worker amongst others.

The Rt Revd Dr Toby Howarth, Bishop of Bradford commented: “I am impressed and encouraged by the level of scholarship and insight that the Daughters of Conference brings together, and also offers to Bradford and beyond.”

Caring for the elderly: Care Unique provide a loving personal service with a smile and big heart

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SUPPORT: A happy Care Unique service user with two of their care workers who are supplying smiles to the people of Bradford and beyond

SUPPORT: A happy Care Unique service user with two of their care workers who are supplying smiles to the people of Bradford and beyond


Care Unique, an independent care agency based in Bradford, have been supplying the people of Bradford, Leeds and Halifax for over a decade with care and support for the adult Asian community while also catering for the wider community also.

Set up in 2006 by Nina Kaur, a passionate care worker from Bradford, Nina brought the experience of being a home care manager in social services as a proved provider on the Bradford framework list.

She came up with the idea for Care Unique while working for Bradford City Council as she felt more support was needed for the Asian community particularly for the elderly people.

Now Nina is expanding the service so that she along with her team can care for children and young people who are in need of support whether it be with physical or mental support.

Specialising in the care and looking after of young children with physical or mental problems, they will supply day trips and fun days out. They aim is to relieve the stress and strain from the family for a few hours while giving the child fun and enjoyable experiences, making the whole family happy and smiley.

It is Nina’s passion and determination to support the community and those in need in a personal loving manner which rubs off onto her esteemed workers.

Nina spoke of the service they provide and the vision which they have for the years to come she said: “Our service outline is changing as we are dealing a lot more with children and disabled people and those with mental health issues.

“Initially when we started we looked to help the elderly who struggled with English and basic meal preps.

“But now the focus is on young disabled people, we do a lot of work with children who suffer with autism.

“We have lots of good honest fun like taking the children out for the day and look such activities as going to the park or cinema, or even where they might suggest they want to go. It is about giving the family respite.

“We still deal with the Asian elderly, but we also work with white English and Afro Caribbean. Our staff are all trained and speak English as well as South Asian languages, so communication is not an issue.”

Nina spoke of the company’s new expansion of services.

“We’ve seen a shift in the services needs within the care industry,” explains Nina.

“There’s a real, urgent need for personalised care and help for younger people.

“We care for a wide range of people, we could go in and help a young baby because their mum is poorly, we have done that in the past we have looked after them for a number of months to help give mum time to recover from the birth.

“We help a lot of dementia sufferers, particularly in the young it is not just the elderly, mental health is a big one.”

She briefly explained how the process works.

“There is a big demand out there,” says Nina.

“Social services go through us as an approved care provider.

“We cover Bradford, Halifax and Leeds currently, although we are looking to expand towards Huddersfield and Wakefield.

“However, at the minute we have a lot of work within Bradford, we could be greedy and take it all on but it’s about using the resources properly. It’s imperative that we take on jobs that we are sure will not compromise the quality of the services we provide.

Nina spoke of her care team and the service they provide which has made them such a success:

“We have 65 – 70 staff on the books. Most of our carers are here full-time working between 30-40 hours a day. A night shift can be 8-10 hours long. Then we are supported by our part time staff who are flexible with how they work.

“The key to our success is that those who we do care for currently, appreciate knowing that we know their culture and background and that makes such a difference, that is half the battle really if you can get over that I think you’ve cracked it really.”

Ms. Begum who is one of Care Unique’s service uses praised the treatment of the staff and service provided and gave an insight into the service provided she explained:

“They come four times a day and visit me, they take me out of bed, wash me and dress me, and make sure that I am washed and clean and settled in my chair.

“They then stay and keep me company. I am very happy with the service which they provide.

“I have been with Care Unique for about two years and would recommend it to anyone. The biggest help to me is that the girls from Care Unique understand me and I understand them.”

Fun in Halifax: Couples only Bollywood Nights prove hugely successful

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“We decided on a couples only event, because there has been trouble in the past where young men have started fights and this is something that we want to avoid.”

A new style night out has hit Halifax and has gone down a success following its debut in September.

The night is promoted to couples only to enjoy a Bollywood themed night, runs on the first Monday of every month at The Nut House (Bar Rouge, Fusion and Panacea) in Silver Street.

Following the success of their debut event in September, they’re looking forward to the next event on Monday 2nd October.

This event will be held at their official home - the award-winning cocktail and bar environment, with international DJ Pete Van Wilder playing the most popular Bollywood and Bhangra music.

The club features three floors to cater for different needs.

The top floor is a place to go and relax and chill, the middle floor is a social area to go and talk to fellow couples with a Bollywood blockbuster music theme, while the ground floor is a dancefloor.

The events feature Indian snacks which are provided as part of the service, while there are Bollywood dancers to entertain the couples. A Bollywood guest appearance is also on the cards, with a popular actress who is on the DaBangg tour with Salman Khan.

DJ Pete Van Wilder spoke to Asian Express about and gave some background detail about the event he said:” We saw a niche in the market, and there was a lack of Asian centered nights.

“I was approached through a mutual friend about creating a Bollywood night in Halifax, we decided to go big and see how it went.

“After a lot of market research, we decided that Monday nights would be the best for us as Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are all well established in Halifax.”

The club’s internationally acclaimed DJ went on to give detail on the night itself and what happens he explained: “The night starts off at The Nut House which is like a pre-bar with free entry it is a place where people can go and relax.

“We decided on a couples only event, because there has been trouble in the past where young men have started fights and this is something that we want to avoid. We want to be a place where you can bring your families and enjoy your night.”

The resident DJ then discussed the thinking behind their couples only Bollywood themed nights and what they will offer the public, he explained: “Bollywood nights in other cities have had their problems with lads making girls uncomfortable.

“We will specialise in Bollywood and Pop music, we will have competitions to win free drinks.

“The main event is held at Bar Rouge which is set up with a Bollywood theme and Indian food. At the next event there will be Bollywood dancers from Bradford University – we’re trying to make it as fun as possible. There are also potential celebrity appearances lined up in the coming months.”

The debut event was a success on the first Monday of September and Pete Van Wilder told us how this went and what to expect moving forward, he said: “The debut event we decided to give free entry to everyone and the 2nd of October it will be the same again, with food and Bollywood dancing.

“The debut was a massive success with over 200 people throughout the night, with people mingling and dancing.

“It was not just Asian people, there were Caucasian couples and Chinese couples enjoying the night, it is for everybody, for anyone who wants to enjoy Bollywood nights.”

It was then discussed what the long-term future of the event is Van Wilder said: “The plan is to establish a base in Halifax, and for it to grow with good reputation.

“We will also be specialising in Birthdays with booths and champagne aiming to make the night special.”

Pete Van Wilder added: “In the Asian community, people they tend to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday is often a day off for the Asian community.

“What we want is a good pleasant environment, where people and women feel safe and cater for the LGBT community. I received an email from a transgender individual and all couples are welcome to come for a good night. Everyone is equal.

“We will have a strong door team who will not allow groups of people in they think will cause trouble. Our appeal is to everyone as we just want everyone to have a good time in a safe and comfortable environment.

“Our first night was trouble free, there were no incidents and everyone had a fantastic time, single males and large groups of males get turned away as that’s not what we are about.

Entry is free from 5pm when they open their doors. From 10pm this moves to £6 then from 12pm it increases to £8.

Fun in the sun: Eco-friendly community kitchen and garden project plays host to International Children’s Day

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Treasure hunts, henna, fruit kebabs, giant skittles, drumming, puppet shows, arts and crafts, footy penalty shootouts and planting drew in the crowds at the Outback Community Garden in Halifax.

Around 600 people attended an event run by the Halifax Opportunities Trust to celebrate International Children’s Day on 1st June, where families enjoyed a host of activities.

Halifax Opportunities Trust is a charity that works to reduce the impact of poverty on Calderdale families by promoting opportunities, employment and wellbeing.  

A registered charity, it helps people to find new or better jobs, to learn new skills and to start or grow businesses, as well as offering support to those raising young families.

This event is just one example of the work they do – it brought together all the different communities in a deprived area of Calderdale to celebrate children across the globe- as well as giving families the chance to relax and get to know each other while having fun.

The Outback Community Garden is an eco-friendly community kitchen and garden project which runs on organic and sustainable principles. Halifax Opportunities Trust developed 0.4 hectares of unused and overgrown urban green space at the rear of Jubilee Children's Centre to create the community garden, which combines an edible landscape with areas of natural play, and has an environmentally-friendly strawbale building as its focal point.

It is packed full of edible produce including herbs, fruits and vegetables. It offers lots of interesting areas for local people to explore and learn about the natural environment.

The Outback provides an oasis in an urban setting and is looked after by local volunteers with a few hours to spare for a spot of gardening or odd jobs.  People can also hire The Outback for meetings, events, training courses and parties.

Alison Haskins, CEO of the Halifax Opportunities Trust said: "International Children's Day is a celebration of children across the world and we like to mark that at Halifax Opportunities Trust.

“We had over 600 people attend our event reflecting the diversity of the local community. What a fantastic way to celebrate children, in the sun and having fun”.

A tribute to Jane: Family name newborn after late daughter

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IN MEMORY: Khalil, Rojin and Ava Jane pictured in front of a memorial of their beloved daughter, Jane.

IN MEMORY: Khalil, Rojin and Ava Jane pictured in front of a memorial of their beloved daughter, Jane.

The family of student Jane Khalaf, who died two years ago whilst studying in Cologne after reportedly having her drink spiked with ecstasy, have paid tribute to their late daughter by giving their new child her name.

Baby Ava Jane was born at Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax, at exactly the same time of day that Jane’s life support machine was switched off at the German hospital.

Her Syrian-born father, Khalil, who owns Med One restaurant on Westgate, Huddersfield, said his daughter Jane will ‘always be with him’ but his new baby has also given him some hope.

Khalil said: “By complete chance, she was born at the same time that Jane’s life support was switched off, which was 1.17am.

“Ava means renewal in your life. For me, my life was so changed after Jane. But our new baby has given us a way forward.”

42-year-old Rojin, who gave birth to Ava 18 weeks ago, said: “No one can replace Jane, however Ava Jane changed our situation. We couldn’t believe that we could continue and Ava Jane has given us joy and happiness as a family.”

Khalil added: “We were about to extend our restaurant before this tragedy happened. We had added a whole floor. Jane came to visit for a week and we had the opening day. One day later after she left, Jane was taken to hospital. We still can’t open that floor. The pain is too raw.”

Next month marks the two year anniversary of Jane’s death. It still remains unclear how the ecstasy got into her system.

Rojin explained that the inquest in Bradford uncovered the fact her daughter’s death was ‘more to do with medical negligence’.

This year’s inquest at Bradford Coroners Court on 6th July heard that the gifted politics student was admitted to Cologne’s St Marien Hospital  in the early hours of 12th November 2014, where she was given a preliminary examination, but no blood test was taken.

Around four hours later Jane collapsed and fell into a coma. She was transferred to the Merheim hospital and placed on life support where she remained for eight days before she eventually died on 20th November.

“They could have saved her, and they had so many opportunities that they missed,” Rojin said. “They could have told my daughter not to drink water because it affected her more and more.”

Khalil said: “I was killed twice. My daughter is gone, but we also don’t know the truth so it’s hard to move on.”

Rojin added: “All the evidence has gone. There wasn’t a proper investigation in Germany.”

In between caring for Ava and running their busy restaurant, the couple are focusing on getting St Marien Hospital to admit clinical negligence, although so far the hospital has denied any responsibility.

Thanks to the couple’s loyal customers at their restaurant, they have a strong support network.

Khalil said: “Jane was our hope. Out of the 40 million Kurdish people she was very politically active. She was my project for humanity – to give something back to the people.”

Halifax engineer lands top university award

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TREMENDOUS ACHIEVEMENT: Shafakat Bashir receives his award

TREMENDOUS ACHIEVEMENT: Shafakat Bashir receives his award

Student who received highest mark in his year is recognised

A dedicated and gifted student from Halifax has been awarded with the prestigious award at Leeds Beckett University.

24-year-old Shafakat Bashir, was awarded the Institution of Civil Engineers   (ICE) Yorkshire and Humber Student Prize after achieving a first class honours degree in civil engingeering.

He achieved the highest mark of any full-time student in his year.

Halifax resident Shafakat is going on to study for a Masters in Chemical Engineering.

The ICE Yorkshire and Humber Student Prize is awarded alongside the national ICE Student Award at universities in the region  and comes with a certificate of merit and £50.

The ICE, which presented the award, has thousands of members across Yorkshire and the Humber, for whom it provides continuing professional development, as well as acting as a voice for the civil engineering profession.

Members range from students and apprentices at the start of their career, to world renowned professionals at the top of their field.

Josie Rothera, Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Leeds Beckett University and an active member of the ICE, said: “Shafakat is a determined and dedicated individual who has completed his three-year undergraduate degree with diligence.”

She added: “He is also highly commended for his dissertation on ‘The effects of microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) on the permeability of lacteritic soils’.

“Shafakat is clear as to his future career and has chosen to undertake a Masters’ degree.

“Shafakat will no doubt excel in his future studies and career.

“Shafakat is one of hundreds of civil engineering students graduating from Yorkshire’s universities this summer, all of whom have the opportunity to go into one of the most socially useful and rewarding careers there is.”

Running it for the kids! Charity race sees young and old win medals

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RUNNERS: The elderly  joined in the race, proving that age is not a barrier to reaching the finish line

RUNNERS: The elderly joined in the race, proving that age is not a barrier to reaching the finish line

YOUNG RUNNERS:  People of all ages completed the race for needy kids around the world

YOUNG RUNNERS: People of all ages completed the race for needy kids around the world

A 10k run from Bradford to Halifax, organised by a local fundraiser with a big heart, marked its third year of success, with a record number of runners.

In 2014, runners raised £2,000, in 2015 it was £7,000 and this year the team have almost topped this considerable target.

Set up two years ago by 32-year-old Khalifa Mughal from Halifax, the run initially raised funds solely for Islamic Relief.

This year, funds will be shared between that cause and the British Red Cross with all proceeds going towards projects which aim to help children around the world.

Khalifa said: “This year, about 45 people took part. Our youngest participants (Sakeeb and Areed) were only six and seven-years-old.

“They completed the whole race. The kids did it last year as well but took a bus half way. I take my hat off to them. To get a medal at that age is a big achievement.

“My granddad, Haji Mahmood, completed the 10k at the pensionable age of 78, which was a considerable feat. He was amazing.”

 BAREFOOT: Some runners were brave enough to run the whole ten kilometres without shoes

BAREFOOT: Some runners were brave enough to run the whole ten kilometres without shoes

Other participants included a local vicar from St Paul’s on Queen’s Road and a Sikh man from Birmingham who ran the race barefoot.

“He must have had a pedicure after the race,” Khalifa said, “he was very brave and risked hurting his feet.

“You usually have your trainers on, and it must be strange to run without any protection. He would have definitely felt the pressure on those cobbles.”

Runners with visual impairments also took part in the race, with their friends helping them along the route.

Khalifa said: “We are on our way to raising £7,000 and we still have some collections to come in.”

Create a better you with Cre8 Nutrition

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Cre8 Nutrition has recently opened on Killinghall Road and is causing such a stir on the wellbeing scene that England cricketer, Ajmal Shahzad, has even been spotted perusing the shelves.

If keeping your body in the ultimate condition is something you take pride in - then walk, run or skip down to Bradford and investigate a shop full of great supplements and nutrition at brilliant prices.

Cre8 stock health goods for people interested in sports, or those who want to lose weight, or even put it on.

Shelves are stacked with nutritional treats, such as powders, shakes, bars, specialist crisps and meal replacement shakes.

Cre8 also stock energy products for endurance cyclists and long distance runners who need that extra energy boost; as well as essential vitamins and minerals, fat- loss aids and estrogen blockers that control your strength and stamina.

Cre8 started their body-boosting business in January 2012 and haven’t looked back since. They expanded their empire and now have shops in Morley Street, Bradford, and are looking to open in Keighley and the city centre in Ivegate.

Owner Fahim Azam, who is also a personal trainer, said: “We have noticed that our clientele has recently changed.

“Initially it used to be men buying bulking powders for body building. Now we have the elderly coming in to see how they can improve their joint function, yoga enthusiasts, women and athletes-in-training.

“The landscape has transformed regarding to what’s available and the selection has grown with it.

“Supplements are being sold within gyms now and people are more aware of what is available, such as protein, amino acids and creatine.”

Whey protein is one of the best selling products at Cre8, as it’s simple, easy to use and versatile.

Whey protein can be used in baking, yoghurts and shakes, making it easy to incorporate into almost any recipe. It is a simple way to get protein and is especially useful for vegans, vegetarians or those who can’t eat animal products for religious reasons.


Fahim said: “We concentrate on the full package here: the product, the advice, and the facilities. On Killinghall Road we have a gym next door so clients can work up a sweat and then pop in to our shop and boost their fitness regime with a health product.”

At Cre8, a customer can look forward to tailor-made diet and nutrition plans and a one-to-one chat with an expert who can critique their lifestyles to make sure they are balancing their gym routine with a healthy eating regime.

The body conscious brand also give back to the community, as people who are interested in becoming personal trainers can be apprenticed by the company.

Fahim has just taken 15 apprentices on board, giving them free government funded Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training Courses.

Cre8 has become such a storming success due to them not only matching internet prices but providing products even cheaper than what is available online.

Fahim says that the internet can’t offer the ‘one-to-one’ approach that his shop provides.

He said: “We even do samples to see if the product reacts well with you. In all our stores, there are experts here to advise you, so that you can be confident you are buying the right product for your unique needs.”

People can be sceptical about energy and body building foods because they may associate it with big, muscle-bound athletes.

However, Cre8 is a company that concentrates on general health, so that your body can feel at its optimum. Cre8 will help you improve your body composition, advance your physical performance, improve all your health outcomes and meet any challenges you have set yourself. Visit their store today.


Contact details:


22-24 Cow Green,


West Yorkshire,


185 Morley St,



22 Killinghall Rd,



Tel: 01274966657/01422 322090



Run, walk or cycle for your 2016 charity challenge

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FUNDRAISERS: The Halifax to Bradford runners are hoping to raise more than £10,000 this year

FUNDRAISERS: The Halifax to Bradford runners are hoping to raise more than £10,000 this year

Places still available for Halifax to Bradford fundraiser

In 2014, they raised £2,000, in 2015 it was £7,000, and now, with just weeks to go until the 2016 Halifax to Bradford charity run,  the organising team are hoping to break all records and smash their five-figure target.

Open to all ages and abilities, the Islamic Relief-backed run challenges fundraisers to pound the pavement in the name of charity, running, jogging or walking the near 10km distance.

Set up two years ago by 32-year-old Khalifa Mughal, from Halifax, the run initially raised funds solely for Islamic Relief.

This year, funds will be shared between that cause and the British Red Cross with all funds going towards projects helping children around the world.

Khalifa said: “The run this year is a childrens appeal. Basically this year we will be helping the children all across the board, from Syria Palestine and the refugee camps to here in the UK.

“Children know nothing of the ugliness life can have. They know nothing of politics and so forth, and there are a lot of them out there who need help and we just want to do what we can.

The run takes place on Sunday 28th February with runners setting off from Halifax town centre en route to Centenary Square, in Bradford.

Children as young as seven-years-old through to 70 will be taking part in the race with Khalifa’s grandad once again signed up for the hilly challenge.

“It will be the third year my grandad will have done the run which is really good going,” Khalifa added. “He’s told me he won’t be using his bus pass this year so that will be good.”

The event has grown in popularity every year since its conception and has such become an annual event on the Islamic Relief fundraising calendar.

With the aim of smashing their previous fundraising goals, Khalifa said he was hoping to help as many children as possible.

“The more we make the merrier, but it’s not all about hitting targets for me,” he said. “It’s all about making a conscious effort and doing as much as we can to help.

“As long as we raise money to help the children who need it most, I will be happy.”

If you would like to take part in the Halifax to Bradford run later this month, please contact Khalifa directly on 07772 502543 or visit

Runners are asked to attempt to raise £150 in sponsorship with all who sign up in advance receiving a free personalised hoodie and medal at the finish line.


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DANGER: Authorities say cheap cigarettes encourages young people to start smoking

DANGER: Authorities say cheap cigarettes encourages young people to start smoking

Halifax man guilty of possessing illegal cigarettes

A man from Halifax was convicted of possession of illegal tobacco products with intent to supply. It was caught with 2,400 cigarettes and 750g hand rolling tobacco.

Suliman Seiedi, 29, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Calderdale Magistrates Court on 20th November to a community order, of 100 hours of unpaid work, to be fulfilled over 12 months.

CAMOUFLAGED: Officers found cigarettes hidden in empty milk cartons on the shelf

CAMOUFLAGED: Officers found cigarettes hidden in empty milk cartons on the shelf

He was also ordered to make a contribution of £2,000 to prosecution costs and a victim surcharge of £60.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards said that the products did not bear any of the statutory health warnings, ‘Smoking Kills’ or ‘Smoking seriously harms you and others around you’. 

He was charged for offences under the Consumer Protection Act 1987, Trade Marks Act 1994, Children and Young Persons (Protection from Tobacco) Act 1991 and the Licensing Act 2003.

“Illegal tobacco is often less than half the tax-paid price of legally sold tobacco, and this maintains smokers in their habit and encourages young people to start smoking. Far from being a victimless crime Illegal Tobacco trading creates a cheap source for children and young people and encourages adults to continue smoking by eroding cost motivation to quit. It is also linked to organised crime and contributes to an underground economy worth hundreds of millions of pounds,” said David Lodge, Head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards.

Drive at 14! Young driving experiences with 1st Choice School of Motoring

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For the past 24 years, one driving school in West Yorkshire has been helping drivers of the future get road-ready with over 2,000 students successfully manoeuvring their way to a pass.

Today, 1st Choice School of Motoring (SOM) continues to bring a first class service to prospective drivers across the country, with a fleet of cars covering Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and Hull.

As well as providing lessons in build up to driving tests, the instructors also ensure taxi drivers and aspiring instructors are fully prepared to pursue a career on the road with lessons available seven days a week.

Mushtaq Ahmed, founder of 1st Choice SOM and official Grade-A instructor, has been a driving instructor for over two decades. In recent years he has witnessed the business grow from one car in Leeds to covering West Yorkshire and beyond.

“1st Choice School of Motoring has become a trusted name in the industry with fully qualified instructors working across the county and beyond,” he said.

“We have had thousands of students, young and old, pass with confidence and we are committed to ensuring drivers are prepared to take to the roads safely when they pass their test.”


Young Drivers Programme

Most recently 1st Choice SOM has begun providing lessons across Yorkshire for young drivers from the age of 14 upwards.

Eager to get on the road and can’t wait until your 17th birthday? The ‘Young Drivers Programme’ provides youngsters with a chance to get behind the wheel and learn the basic driving skills and manoeuvres before their on-road lessons begin.

From starting and stopping, to changing gears, reverse parking and turns in the road, the safe, legal initiative has become a popular course for teens across the county.

“What we have found with the Young Drivers programme is a real keenness to get behind the wheel and begin learning early,” Mushtaq added.

“The programme has been very popular in all four of our locations and it is the safest way to learn before your 17th birthday.

“Road safety studies show that learning from a younger age reduces your chances of being involved in an accident and that young drivers are more confident behind the wheel when they take to the roads for the first time.”

Locations for the programme include Hull City FC’s KC Stadium, The Shay in Halifax, and spacious private business parks in Leeds and Bradford.

With prices set at just £14.95 for a half-hour lesson, or £29 for the full hour, it is clear to see why 1st Choice have become the first choice for so many motorists over the past three decades.


Contact details:

Tel: 07982 793682 / 0800 077 8225

Locations: Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Hull

Winter runners

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RUNNERS: Around 30 people took part in the challenging 10km run last week in aid of the Islamic Relief charity

RUNNERS: Around 30 people took part in the challenging 10km run last week in aid of the Islamic Relief charity

Fundraisers defeat the elements to conquer 10km challenge

A group of fundraisers, aged from six to seventy-six-years-old, battled wind, rain and snow last weekend to complete the 10km challenge from Halifax to Bradford.

Raising funds for the Islamic Relief charity, the group gathered in Halifax town centre on Sunday morning before running up the daunting ‘Queensbury Mountain’ and into the neighbouring city.

31-year-old Arfan Mir, who has organised the event for the past two years, said it was a great day, ‘despite the weather’ and was confident of reaching the £5,000 target.

Amongst those who completed the run was Arfan’s grandfather, running for a second time following last year’s event, alongside children still in primary school.

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“Sunday was a big success with around 30 people, of all ages, coming down to complete the challenge,” Arfan said.

“The Yorkshire weather may have thrown everything it had at us yet we conquered it and everybody who took part can be proud of themselves.

“We even defeated the ‘Queensbury Mountain’ in wind and rain and made it to Bradford, all for a great cause.”

To make the challenge even more testing, Arfan completed the run this year with an added 30kg weight on his back.

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He added: “At times I felt I needed to stop when the straps were digging into my shoulders and the rain was just adding to the weight of the bag on my back.

“The thing that kept me going was knowing that we were raising money for people who really need it and face much more difficult challenges than this on a daily basis.

“I have heard stories of what people come up against in some of the world’s poorest areas so I knew I could complete this run.”

After finishing, every runner was awarded a medal from the charity as they gathered in Centenary Square.

A local cafe owner even opened up his shop to cater for the drenched fundraisers, where cake and hot beverages were served up free of charge.

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Warm Winter Run

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CHALLENGE: A group of volunteers who completed the run last year will be returning to do it again for Islamic Relief’s Warm Winter appeal

CHALLENGE: A group of volunteers who completed the run last year will be returning to do it again for Islamic Relief’s Warm Winter appeal

Walk, run or cycle for those in need

A Halifax man is taking his own fundraising challenge to the next level this year as he completes a testing run from his hometown to Bradford with 30kg on his back, and he wants you to join him.

DETERMINED: Arfan Mir has organised the event for a second year and hopes to make it an annual occurrence

DETERMINED: Arfan Mir has organised the event for a second year and hopes to make it an annual occurrence

31-year-old Arfan Mir organised a similar event last year which saw dozens of people come together to run the 10km distance in aid of the Islamic Relief charity.

On Sunday 22nd February, the event returns for a second time, and with attendance expected to improve majorly this year, the fundraising total of 2014, £5,000, is hoped to be exceeded.

Participants are invited to run, walk or cycle the distance, with no entry fee required. Instead, people are asked to raise what they can prior to the event and donate either on the day or following the race completion.

Mr Mir, who is a business owner by day, explained why he wanted to stage the event again this month, and how it would be one which all ages and abilities can take part in.

“Following last year’s run, we were always going to do this event again and it’s great to welcome cyclists to join us this time around as well,” he said.

“The more people who do the challenge, the more money we will hopefully raise for Islamic Relief’s Warm Winter appeal.

“Last year my granddad even completed the run and he is in his seventies so that shows this event is really inclusive for everyone.”

Explaining more about the cause, he added: “To think there are children in some of the most deprived areas of the world, running around outside without any shoes on in the cold, puts it all into perspective.

“We complain when it is a bit cold out and have to do a run to the car, but this run will be helping those who really need help this winter.”

The event begins at 10am in Halifax Town Centre – opposite Boots, with the finish line marked in Bradford’s Centenary Square.

If you would like to sign up to the race, or just find out more information, please contact Islamic Relief or Arfan directly on 07772 502 543.

Try it today love it forever

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From ice cream vans to international supermarkets

40 years have passed since Tubzee first arrived on British shores, as a single sole trader began offering the product out of a modest site in Halifax.

Since then,the now internationally-recognised brand has gone on to enter markets in almost every continent around the world, from Africa to Asia, in major supermarkets and wholesalers.

tubzee business awards_2Yet, despite such rapid growth, the secret recipes, which helped launch Tubzee into the homes and hearts of several generations of customers, still remains the same today with its sweet creamy goodness bringing smiles to the faces of millions.

Closer to home Tubzee still provides a range of companies with their famed gelato, ice cream and kulfi products.

Bringing a new flavour to a previously untapped market, the company is the number one supplier of such produce to companies from London to Glasgow and everywhere in between.

Whether you own a corner shop, dessert parlour, supermarket, or restaurant - in this country or not - there are dozens of flavours, and even more reasons, to choose Tubzee as your favourite supplier.

In many cases, the Halifax-based producers can even provide exclusive ranges of produce to businesses, all of which are available to be viewed on the company’s website.

The brainchild of the late Mohammad Zaman, Tubzee continues to grow today under the guidance of the man credited for bringing kulfi to the UK, Asif Hussain.

Mr Hussain is one of Mr Zaman’s sons and first discovered the South Asian treat upon a visit to Pakistan back in the 1970’s. After months of perfecting the flavours, Tubzee’s Kulfi ice cream was launched in Halifax and the rest is now history.

Head of Sales, Talib Hussain, with the support of the Head of Marketing, Bash Zaman, has pioneered a dedicated sales force to help oversee the company’s growth from Yorkshire to the other side of the world, with more businesses signing up every day for a share of the renowned produce.

The ice cream was even awarded the prestigious Golden Star award from the ITQI in Belgium earlier this year – becoming the only British contender to achieve such a feat – after being blind tasted by 120 Michelin standard chefs. The company was also a finalist in the prestigious Lloyds bank ‘English Asian Business Awards 2014’.

So, why not start your 2015 in the sweetest way possible? Contact Tubzee today and give your business, a delicious new product customers will love.

Tubzee Pic_2Web:
Tel: 01422 355 518

Music for Youth: Choir head to capital for Schools Proms

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The Parkinson Lane Community Choir will be joined by pupils from ten other schools as they perform at the Schools Prom in November

The Parkinson Lane Community Choir will be joined by pupils from ten other schools as they perform at the Schools Prom in November

From a flash mob on the streets of Halifax to performing at the Royal Albert Hall, Calderdale’s schoolchildren have certainly found their voice this year and are ready to take on one of the most prestigious school events in the calendar.

Pupils from ten primary schools across Halifax will head to London in November as they prepare to perform at the annual Schools Prom event at the Royal Albert Hall.

Almost 700 children from Parkinson Lane Community Primary School are spearheading the project alongside their music teachers, turn musical conductors for the ‘Calderdale Massed Ensemble’ team – Shahbaz Hussain and Bobby R.S.

More than 600 children invaded the streets of Halifax earlier this month as part of a flashmob event to raise awareness of their success

More than 600 children invaded the streets of Halifax earlier this month as part of a flashmob event to raise awareness of their success

The local representatives will perform on one of the nation’s most famous stages as part of the ‘Metamorphosis’ themed concert in the first of three evenings organised by national youth music organisation Music for Youth.

A song made famous by the Qawwali legend, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, entitled ‘Tumhein Dillagi’ will be performed by the schools, bringing a whole new genre of music to the Schools Prom.

Musical conductor, Bobby, said he was excited when he first heard the school’s bid had been accepted and was now ready to travel to the capital next month.

Bobby R.S piano

Bobby R.S piano

“The night before the announcement was made I was a little bit nervous but remained confident that we were good enough to perform at the Proms,” he said.

“Over the past few months, we have been looking at community cohesion work, studying Razia Sultan and emperors and empresses.

“The children performed a one hour play which also looked at the differences between good and bad, justice and injustice, through song and theatre.

“It is this idea that will be taken to the Schools Prom and we are all now very excited to take this new type of music, and performance, to the prestigious event.”

All children will wear costumes during the production whilst an interpretive dance is set to accompany the 650-strong choir.

Rizwana Ahmed, deputy headteacher at Parkinson Lane, acknowledged the hard work undertaken by pupils and staff.

“The staff of the school have really excelled themselves, the children rose to the occasion and performed the play and song in a manner that made them stand out from the rest,” she said.

“Having seen the children performing I know the audience of the Royal Albert Hall will not be disappointed.”

Shahbaz Hussain

Shahbaz Hussain

Giving a further insight as to what the performance will entail, Mrs Akhtar Hussain added: “At intervals the chants are broken by individual performers that make your insides glow with pride.”

An audience at the Victoria Theatre enjoyed a sneak preview of the performance in July, which was very well received whilst closer to home, a flashmob overtook the streets of Halifax with hundreds of youngsters showcasing their singing talents.

The first evening of the Schools Proms will take place on Monday 10th November with 11 schools from Calderdale taking part in the event.

The schools involved in the project are: All Saints CE (VA) J & I School, Holy Trinity P.S CE, Luddenden CE School, Mount Pellon Primary Academy, Parkinson Lane Community Primary School, St Augustine’s CE, St Mary’s Catholic PS, Warley Road PS, Halifax High, The Crossley Heath School and The North Halifax Grammar School.

Bicycle with Barefoot

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A Halifax-based Indian dance company have been selected to take part in this year’s Yorkshire Festival and will be telling the story of cycling through a unique style of printing – with their feet.

‘Bicycle with Barefoot’ is a piece of inspiring original Asian dance theatre presented by Annapurna Indian Dance to celebrate the historic occasion of the Tour de France in Yorkshire.

The unique performance has been selected as one of almost 50 acts which form the Yorkshire Festival 2014 - the first ever 100 day art festival to precede the Grand Départ in its 111 year history.

Bicycle with Barefoot involves printing the design of a bicycle on a large four meter square canvas cloth which is secured on a frame and laid on a surface sprinkled with powdered paint.

DANCERS: The unique art performance will be taking place as part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014 and will see dancers create a print of a bicycle using only their feet

DANCERS: The unique art performance will be taking place as part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014 and will see dancers create a print of a bicycle using only their feet

However, rather than your usual brushes or rollers, it is the feet of the dancers which will create the art.

Spectators will witness an imaginative printing process where dancers will be moving carefully on the canvas, using various pressures of their feet, to inscribe their journey onto the blank material beneath them.

The concept and inspiration for the project has been taken from the ancient Indian classical dance style called Kuchipudi dance from Andhra Pradesh in India.

The dancers will be performing at four major festivals in Yorkshire as part of Yorkshire Festival 2014, with Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, 28th June, and Halifax Arts Festival, 29th June, yet to come.

Annapurna Indian dance is offering free taster workshops for interested community groups in Calderdale throughout June. For more information please call 01422 209 906 or visit www.annapurnadance. com

£4,500 fine for ‘filthy’ takeaway

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A Calderdale takeaway has been handed a hefty fine after inspectors found the premises to have poor food hygiene which was putting people’s health at risk.

Calderdale Council Environmental Health officers visited the Seraj Takeaway, at Bull Close Lane, Halifax, and identified a number of serious food hygiene offences.

At Halifax Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 23rd April, Mr Mohammed Nazir, the owner of the takeaway was prosecuted by Calderdale Council for offences identified on two visits by officers on 28th February 2013, 4th April 2013 and a subsequent visit on 2nd May 2013.

FILTHY: The Seraj Takeaway, in Halifax, was fined for its ‘filthy premises’ which put customer’s health at risk

FILTHY: The Seraj Takeaway, in Halifax, was fined for its ‘filthy premises’ which put customer’s health at risk

The court was told that Mr Nazir had been advised and directed to improve on many visits, yet on the unannounced visit on 2nd May 2013, officers had to dispose of a large amount of food from the premises in order to protect potential customers.

Despite further direction and instruction given to Mr Nazir, the second and third inspections identified that conditions had not improved.

Mr Nazir was charged with 16 offences, and fined a total of £4,500 – £500 for failing to keep food at the appropriate temperatures, £1,500 for placing foods at a risk of contamination, £1,000 for having filthy premises, £1,000 for failing to maintain a food safety management system and £500 for food handlers failing to ensure personal hygiene.

He was also ordered to pay full costs to the council of £1,974 and a victim surcharge of £120.

J3 Sports Academy

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A professional footballer turned coach has set up a one-of-a-kind sports academy in Yorkshire as he hopes to pass his love of sport onto the next generation of stars.

FOUNDER: Jameel Nawaz started up the J3 Sports Academy to get as many people involved in sport as he can, from his speciality in freestyle football to many other sports

FOUNDER: Jameel Nawaz started up the J3 Sports Academy to get as many people involved in sport as he can, from his speciality in freestyle football to many other sports

Jameel Nawaz, from Halifax, launched the J3 Sports Academy in September last year. With a team of qualified coaches by his side, the club aims to improve the participation in sport from youngsters aged between six and 13-years-old, as well as older teens and adults, whilst also teaching the skills and techniques needed in an array of activities.

From mixed martial arts (MMA) to cricket, rugby to football, and even freestyle football, the academy is a one of a kind with set-ups operating in Bradford and Halifax. Whether you want to turn professional in a sport, improve your skills, or just get fit, the academy has dedicated coaches in different fields to help you achieve your goals.

At just 25-years-old, Jameel may be considered a young coach yet his enthusiasm for sport, and passion to help children get involved, has seen the academy already begin to flourish under his leadership.

Having played at the highest level, for clubs such as Huddersfield Town, Halifax, AFC Emley and Liversedge, he explained why he thought it was the right time to launch the coaching programme.

“After picking up a few knocks and injuries whilst playing football I thought now was the time to take up coaching,” he explained.
“Huddersfield Town put me through the training where I was able to collect my official coaching badges and it was after that that I decided to set up the academy.
“I’ve always felt strongly about giving back to the community and with the academy we try to help others sustain healthy active lifestyles enabling participants to fulfil their potential.

“J3 Sports Academy is not like others, who charge an arm and a leg to just get involved, rather a minimal fee which covers the cost of renting the facilities and paying our coaches.”

FOOTBALLERS: Around 80 children turned up to last Sunday’s football sessions at Calderdale College

FOOTBALLERS: Around 80 children turned up to last Sunday’s football sessions at Calderdale College

Despite only launching last year, attendance figures are already very promising for the academy, with the Saturday and Sunday football sessions proving to be a big hit with the local children.

Running at Grange Technology College, Bradford, on Saturdays between 11am and 12pm, and Calderdale College, Halifax, on Sundays, between 2pm and 4pm, more than 30 children regularly turn up for the hour-long sessions.

Jameel was delighted to see so many youngsters taking up the sport he loves and hopes to see numbers continue to rise in the future.
“We are more than just a sports club and provide an opportunity for all to get involved,” he said.

“We aim to utilise the power of sport as a platform to inspire marginalised communities to get involved, whilst also tackling issues, such as racism and youth crime, by promoting community cohesion.

“Through some fantastic partnerships with schools and other organisations, we are already seeing a great number of people turn up to our events and hope to go from strength-to-strength.”

If you would like to get involved with the academy, whether that be in a coaching role or just taking up one of the many sports on offer, please contact Jameel at

‘A memorable visit’

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Four teachers from Pakistan arrived in Halifax earlier this month as they paid a special visit to the town and a local primary school.

The teachers, from the Hattian Bala area of the South Asian country, were visiting for two weeks, working closely with the staff at Parkinson Lane School on all aspects of school life.

Organised by the school and the Read Foundation the teachers also embarked on residential visits with the pupils, looking at the different methods of teaching which could then be replicated ‘back home’.

During the visit, the local school organised a fundraising dinner event, in which the four visiting teachers were special guests amongst a host of celebrities from the world of politics, sport and entertainment.

Staff at the school contributed to the fundraising efforts by preparing food and waiting on guests who were treated to a community play performance by pupils from Years One, Five and Six.

The night was a huge success, raising more than £2,000 in total, of which £1,000 was donated to the Hattian Bala School and the other half to the White Ribbon Campaign.

Another highlight of the visiting teachers stay was meeting the Mayor of Halifax, Councillor Ann Martin and her consort, Mohammad Naeem.

Gugsy Ahmed, Head Teacher at Parkinson Lane, was delighted to welcome his fellow educators to the school. He said: “We are delighted that we are able to host the teachers and continue to support and develop the school in Hattian Bala.
“I am also very pleased that my staff gave up their evening to support two great and worthy causes.  Being able to raise funds over £2,000 at the charity dinner is fantastic.  This would not have been possible without the tremendous support from our guests and partners.”

VISIT: Teachers from a Pakistan school paid a special visit to Halifax last week, meeting Mayor of Halifax, Councillor Ann Martin and her consort, Mohammad Naeem, as well as pupils and staff from Parkinson Lane Primary School

VISIT: Teachers from a Pakistan school paid a special visit to Halifax last week, meeting Mayor of Halifax, Councillor Ann Martin and her consort, Mohammad Naeem, as well as pupils and staff from Parkinson Lane Primary School

Mayor of Halifax, Anne Martin added: “It was wonderful to meet the visiting teachers from Hattian Bala and officially welcome them to Halifax and Parkinson lane.

“Gugsy and his school are fantastic role models for our town and looking at the Itinerary I’m sure the guests will have a very enjoyable time during their stay.”

Parkinson Lane are already planning for their reciprocal visit to Hattian Bala this summer, of which Gugsy Ahmed, will be leading a delegation of 10 teachers.

The Read Foundation is a charitable organisation with 330 schools mainly in Kashmir. They have over 70,000 pupils and 3,500 staff.

The charity began working with Parkinson Lane Community Primary School after the school raised £3,500 following the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan with the money used to build the Hattian Bala School.

Parkinson Lane School has also been sponsoring the education of 28 pupils at this school whilst staff have paid visits to a number of Read setups.