Leading Solicitor Saqib Akbar

The legal landscape of Leeds has just gained a new contender with the establishment of a dynamic law firm lead by leading solicitor Saqib Akbar, a lawyer with a distinguished track record in the field.

Saqib Akbar, who has been with Tyler Hoffman Solicitors his entire career, has embarked on an exciting journey by opening his own office in the vibrant city of Leeds.

A fresh chapter began for Tyler Hoffman on the 1st of October 2023, as Mr Akbar officially cut the ribbon on his new legal venture. He marked the launch of an enterprise that promises to bring a fresh perspective to the legal community in Leeds.

With years of experience and a reputation for legal excellence, Akbar’s new office is poised to make significant strides in the legal arena.

A Commitment to Legal Excellence

Known for his dedication to justice and a deep understanding of the law, Mr Akbar brings a wealth of expertise to his new practice. His commitment to upholding the principles of the legal profession and ensuring the rights of his clients are upheld is unwavering.

Tyler Hoffman specialise in handling a diverse range of legal matters, including criminal defence, driving offences, fraud cases, family law, licensing and immigration. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients can access expert legal advice and representation for a wide array of needs.

Tyler Hoffman Solicitors, 201 Cross Flats Grove, Leeds

Speaking about his vision for the firm, Mr Saqib Akbar stated: “Leeds is a city filled with potential, and I am excited to contribute to its legal landscape.

“My team and I are dedicated to providing excellent legal services, standing up for our clients’ rights, and delivering justice.”

While the firm is led by Mr Akbar, he emphasises the importance of his dedicated team in achieving the firm’s goals. “Our success is a result of the collective effort of a committed team of legal professionals who share the same passion for justice,” he adds.

For individuals and businesses in Leeds seeking expert legal guidance, Tyler Hoffman offers a promising avenue for legal support. Clients are encouraged to reach out to the firm to discuss their legal needs and explore how Saqib and his team can be of assistance.

As Saqib Akbar embarks on this new chapter in his legal career, his commitment to justice, professionalism, and dedication to his clients remain at the forefront. With his experience and vision, his law firm is poised to make a meaningful impact on the legal community in Leeds.

Tyler Hoffman Solicitors, 201 Cross Flats Grove, Leeds, LS11 7BR
Telephone: 0113 532 5432 Email: sa@tylerhoffman.co.uk