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Cricket sensation! The formidable 12-year-old who’s bowling them all out

A remarkable young 12-year-old who’s been playing cricket for five years, winning numerous trophies, says […] Read More

Statue for WWI Sikh soldiers unveiled at Leeds Museum

A statue in honour of 130,000 Sikh soldiers who fought during World War One has […] Read More

May The Force Be With You

“Force Majeure” is a clause commonly found in commercial agreements which states that one or […] Read More

Depression and the social stigma amongst Asians

By: Aliena Mahmood Recently my attention was drawn to how we deal with depression. Being […] Read More

Happy 106th Birthday! Katari Kaur going strong as one of Britain’s oldest women

She’s led parades the city, inaugurated the Broadway shopping centre as well as attended a […] Read More

Kid Galahad – the dynamite puncher set to become next World Champ?

By: Khalil Alam Awad was nicknamed Kid Galahad by the legendary trainer Brendan Ingle after […] Read More

Only 2% people know that 885,000 Muslim soldiers supported WW1

This year events across Britain and around Europe commemorated the 100th anniversary of the armistice […] Read More

Babies born to women who have flu are four times more likely to be born prematurely

The peak season for flu in the UK begins in November and between 2009 and […] Read More

Engage British Asians into sport and physical activity ahead of Commonwealth Games 2022

Sporting Equals, the UK's leading race equality charity across sport have conducted research that shows […] Read More

Amitabh Bachchan clears £450,000 debt of 1,398 farmers 

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, easily considered to be India’s greatest actor of all time, has […] Read More

Organisations come together to discuss organ donation

Over 30 representatives from the Hindu and Jain communities came together in London with NHS […] Read More

Tommy Robinson supporter spat in 4-year-old Muslim girl’s face

A Tommy Robinson supporter spat in the face of a 4-year-old Muslim child as she […] Read More

Disproportionate number of deaths of homelessness Sikh men

According to data obtained from Housing Justice more than 5% of those experiencing homelessness in […] Read More

YEMEN’S CRISIS: 13 million starving in “world’s worst famine in 100 years”

YEMEN’S CRISIS: 13 million people in starvation as the globe looks on at “world’s worst […] Read More

One in three pet owners have been alerted to danger – by their furry friend

One in three pet owners have been alerted to danger - by their furry friends, […] Read More

MP welcomes Home Office U-turn on pay freeze

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield has welcomed a U-turn by the Home Office over its […] Read More

Divorced Muslim mother-of-two children defies stigma

A desire to share knowledge and create support networks for women like herself, inspired OU […] Read More

“Religious freedom at the heart of minority rights”

United Nations NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief hosted an event where they […] Read More

Sewa Day volunteers feed the homeless

A team of eight volunteers, met the organisers of the Homeless Hampers in Leeds city […] Read More

Over £30,000 raised for charities by East End Foods Plc

Managing Director Jasbir Wouhra of East End Foods Plc, yet again, arranged two musical events […] Read More

Gold ownership breaks from tradition with new ways to invest during Diwali

By Georgia Hanias The current climate of economic uncertainty, Brexit fears and financial market fluctuations […] Read More

Bradford businessman determined to LIFT Pakistan’s entrepreneurial potential

Pakistan has always been a focus of attention because of its strategic geographical position it’s […] Read More

Extent of prejudice in Britain is “Shockingly widespread”

70% of Muslims have experienced religion-based prejudice in the last year. Around a third of […] Read More

Royal Shakespeare Company to perform with Bradford school children

Young people from across Bradford will get the chance to watch world-class drama when the […] Read More

Bradford students organise fun community litter pick during Charity Week

Bradford was named early this year as the worst hot spot in the country for […] Read More

Lord Patel in Bradford to deliver social work vision

Lord Patel of Bradford, recently appointed chair of Social Work England, will be at the […] Read More

As Robinson’s case is referred, campaigners call for action against far-right threat

As 'Tommy Robinson' (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon)'s case was referred to the Attorney General today, […] Read More