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Living the dream

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ECSTATIC: 22-year-old Inzy Rashid knocks out the competition in securing a LCCC Dubai reporting job, pictured here with Warren Hegg

ECSTATIC: 22-year-old Inzy Rashid knocks out the competition in securing a LCCC Dubai reporting job, pictured here with Warren Hegg


Journo student beats off the competition for much sought after reporting role in Dubai

A student at the University of Salford and lifelong Lancashire CCC supporter has landed his dream role, reporting on the Club’s pre-season tour of Dubai next month.

22-year-old Inzy Rashid, from Warrington, will assist the Club’s Senior Media and Content Executive James Price, in covering the tour for Lancashire’s website and digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

He will also have the chance to interview the players, provide behind-the-scenes content and produce highlights for the Club’s fixtures whilst out in Dubai. James and Inzy will also be working on behalf of the Emirates T20 Tournament at the ICC Academy on 23rd and 24th March.

Inzy, who is a third year broadcast journalism student at The University of Salford said: “I’m a huge cricket fan, and I have been playing the sport since I could walk, and supporting Lancashire County cricket club since I was a kid.

“I have also been interested in journalism for as long as I can remember, right back from the days where I used to stay up past my bed time as a kid just to watch the news. So for me to be able to combine journalism and cricket is a dream.”

He continued: “I have visited some of the cricket grounds in Dubai several times before, and I absolutely love the place, so I can’t wait to go back. I have been lucky to have done filming work for LCCC in the past, but this is the biggest project that I’ve ever done.”

OPPORTUNITY: Students are given the chance to undertake internships at Emirates Old Trafford throughout each cricket season, Inzy pictured here with James Price, Warren Hegg

OPPORTUNITY: Students are given the chance to undertake internships at Emirates Old Trafford throughout each cricket season, Inzy pictured here with James Price, Warren Hegg


The opportunity is just one of several ongoing projects that students from the School of Arts and Media can be involved with, as part of a continuing partnership with Lancashire County Cricket Club and the University of Salford. Lancashire’s highest viewed video ever on YouTube of James Anderson interviewing fellow England player Haseeb Hameed with over 35,000 views was filmed and edited by University students earlier this year.

This partnership also means that students are given the chance to undertake internships at Emirates Old Trafford throughout each cricket season.

Paul Broster, Director of Journalism at the University of Salford said: “This is yet another example of how we work at the highest level with industry, not only to give our students fantastic opportunities, but also to ensure they are ready and leading the way in the workplace. I know that Inzy is thrilled to have been selected but also how impressed Lancashire were, with all the students who applied to go."

Sales and Marketing Director at Lancashire CCC, Justin Hopwood, said: “We were really impressed by the candidates supplied to us by the University of Salford and we’re delighted to have Inzy on-board with us for our pre-season tour to Dubai. It will give him a very unique, and hopefully enjoyable experience of being very much part of the team whilst we’re out in Dubai.

“We are continually striving to deliver quality and engaging content through the Club’s digital channels that our supporters can enjoy. The pre-season tour to Dubai will offer a fantastic opportunity for exactly that and we look forward to seeing what will be produced.”

Bout in doubt: Long-craved Khan Vs Pacquiao UAE super fight in April under speculation

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A top ranking chief has rubbished that the Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan prospective fight has been confirmed for 23rd April in the Middle East.

Promoter Bob Arum says the fight is "a long way from being done" and has rubbished talk of an agreement having been reached.

"The point is that this is all so premature," Arum told ESPN. "It's all b******t.

“All it is right now is a discussion. It's like somebody saying, 'Hey, let's build a new stadium for the Raiders in Las Vegas.' You can say anything, but we're a long way from it being done."

When it goes ahead, this will be Khan first fight since he was knocked out by Canelo Alvarez last May.

Khan revealed that the Sheikhs are keen to host the long-craved super fight due to his Muslim roots, and that it would be a major attraction for the UAE.

With the penultimate weekend in April out of the question, it would seem only a few options are available in May. Though not yet confirmed, it’s suggested the much-awaited fight will take place on 20th May, ahead of Ramadhan.

There were early suggestions of Khan bringing Pacquiao to his hometown Bolton football stadium or Manchester Arena, but Khan says UAE his preferred venue to fight the WBO world welterweight champion, Pacquiao.

Arum has confirmed an offer for $38m has been submitted by a UAE investment group, but the promoter wants to see further evidence of interest from Asia to help progress negotiations.

"We had a nice meeting, but there's a lot of work to do before anything materialises," he added. "A lot of work.

"As of now, other than the fact that Pacquiao's manager Michael Koncz and I are on the same page as far as the fight not happening in April and that we hope to make something happen, who knows? I have absolutely nothing to report definitively and I am not f*****g around.

Arun warned: "This could all go away like the breeze.

“The point is a lot of these deals take time to put together, to find money and everything. We're not there."

The bout will be Pac-man's 68th fight, of which he has lost six and drawn two. Khan will enter his 35th bout at the age of 30, eight years junior to his opponent.  



Samuel L Jackson: “Muslim Americans are the new black kids in America”

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The actor, who received the Lifetime Achievement honour at the Dubai International Film Festival recently, spoke about diversity in the film industry and in modern-day America, reports

"Muslims are getting arrested like black kids get arrested; Muslim Americans are the new black kids in America. Suspect as we are for the dominant culture, people don't understand them. People perceive them as a threat before even saying hello," said Jackson.

He added: "But the Muslim community is present in our country. They are a vital part of our country and, interestingly enough, they have less crime, more education and their businesses thrive more so than any other group in the country. You tell people in the Rust Belt that, and they're like, 'Get out of here'."

Dubai Theme Park unveils first Bollywood musical

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‘Jaan-e-Jigar’ is the title of the first Bollywood musical to be staged at the Rajmahal Theatre of Bollywood Parks Dubai.

The 120-minute extravaganza will be set in a Broadway-style show with a unique twist. It is a fantasy tale of two brothers named Jaan and Jigar, in a classic story of good versus evil.

"We are very proud to bring the first Broadway-style Bollywood musical to the Middle East, and what better place to showcase it other than our star attraction - the Rajmahal Theatre. Our guests are sure to be entertained," Thomas Jellum, General Manager, Bollywood Parks Dubai, said in a statement.

According to the officials, the musical will have all the makings of a Bollywood blockbuster, with romance, drama, action, magic and brilliant performances with foot-tapping music that promises to captivate audiences like never before.

In collaboration with Wizcraft International Private Limited, hundreds of actors, dancers, singers and acrobats were auditioned from across India to be a part of the musical.

Taking its inspiration from the beautiful palaces and intricate architectural designs in India, the Rajmahal Theatre is a 850-seater arena that will play the separately ticketed musical several times a week.

"As the region's first resident show, we have partnered with the best in Bollywood show business, to ensure every element seen on stage embodies the cinematic experience," Jellum added.

Mid-air death: OAP dies on board Emirates flight from Dubai to Manchester

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UNSUSPICIOUS DEATH: The cause of death is not yet confirmed but there are reports that the man was not well before he boarded the flight

UNSUSPICIOUS DEATH: The cause of death is not yet confirmed but there are reports that the man was not well before he boarded the flight

A 71-year-old passenger died mid-flight on a plane that was bound for Manchester from Dubai.

The man passed away on a Emirates Boeing 777 passenger plane on 20th June.

Emirates confirmed this after a medical team rushed to meet the plane, which landed around 7.30am at Manchester airport.

An airline spokesperson said: “Emirates can confirm that a passenger on board today’s Emirates flight EK 21 from Dubai to Manchester passed away during the flight. Emirates expresses its condolences to the family.”

The cause of death has not yet been confirmed but there are reports the man was already ill before getting on the flight.

A Greater Manchester Police statement said: “A 71-year-old man travelling on a flight from Dubai to Manchester Airport was found unresponsive by the cabin crew.

“Despite the best efforts of the cabin crew and paramedics at the scene, the man was pronounced dead a short time later.

“There are believed to be no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death and a file will be prepared for the coroner.”

It is understood passengers got off the flight before the body was removed.

Beggar on board: Teen manages to stowaway on long-haul flight

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FALSE INFORMATION: Social media site Sina Weibo allegedly spread misinformation to its users which sparked viral hashtags about begging in Dubai

FALSE INFORMATION: Social media site Sina Weibo allegedly spread misinformation to its users which sparked viral hashtags about begging in Dubai

A teenager from China - who stowed away on an Airbus passenger jet flying from his home country to Dubai – decided on the daring feat because he wanted to start a new life as a ‘professional beggar’.

The 16-year-old boy, known simply as Xu, said he did it because he had heard online that beggars in Dubai could make 470,000 yuan (around £49,300) a month.

He had managed to remain undetected onboard a huge Emirates A380 plane in Shanghai - hiding away in the cargo hold for the entire nine hour journey, until he was discovered and arrested by Dubai police when he reached his destination.

China's state-owned Xinhua News Agency reported that a translator appointed by prosecutors said that the teen had jumped over a fence at Shanghai airport and climbed into the cargo hold while a security guard's back was turned.

His story has sparked debate in China over misinformation in the media - as Xu is believed to have read on social media that beggars in Dubai could make nearly £5,000 a month.

Average annual wages in China are around 5,000 Yuan (approximately £3,000).

It is believed the youngster was inspired by the trend and decided to take a stab at the great aeroplane adventure.

A hashtag on a Twitter-like website called Sina Weibo - one of the most popular social media sites in China – has since gone viral saying: #DubaiBeggarsMake470000YuanMonthly.

Some users praised Xu for his bravery and moxie – others slammed the media for spreading rumours about the riches that Dubai had to offer.

The translator confirmed that the teen had ‘risked his life’ sneaking into Dubai.

The translator added that Xu, from Bazhong in the Sichuan province, had accepted his arrest because he'd heard that Dubai prisoners were “treated very well”.

The Chinese consulate in Dubai has sent staff members to meet with him.

A statement by the airline said: “Emirates can confirm that on 27th May, a stowaway was found in the cargo hold of flight EK303 from Shanghai to Dubai.”

Dubai delight for Wawrinka

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CHAMPION: Stan Wawrinka made it nine wins from his last nine finals on Saturday with victory in Dubai

CHAMPION: Stan Wawrinka made it nine wins from his last nine finals on Saturday with victory in Dubai

‘Crazy tiebreaker’ in memorable final

An exhausting 28-point tie breaker was needed to separate the two finalists in this year’s Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, with Stan Wawrinka eventually walking off centre court victorious.

The much sought-after Dubai STP title rarely disappoints and the clash between Swiss Wawrinka and Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus  will be remembered for its eventual score of 6-4, 7-6 (15-13).

It is the 30-year-old’s ninth successive victory in a final and his second title of the year after Chennai.

Despite only covering two sets, the match lasted almost two hours with a back-and-forth tiebreaker.

After leading 4-1 and seemingly on his way to a convincing win, Wawrinka was forced to save five set points before triumphing after a Baghdatis’ return went wide.

“Until six-all in the tiebreak, I was always up with a mini-break, Wawrinka said after the match. “[I think] I did two double faults and two or three quick mistakes.

“Then it started to be all about nerves, six-six, seven-seven, ten-ten. You try to stay there, try to play simple, aggressive. It was good to finish it in two sets.”

It is the first time in eight years that the 2015 French Open champion has played in the tournament.

He added: “It's an amazing end of week, for sure. It was a tough beginning, but I was always trying to fight, always trying to improve day by day even if I wasn't playing great at the beginning.

“I'm really happy to have another trophy. It's an amazing feeling, especially today as I was playing some really good tennis. It was a tough final.”

“This was my best match of the week, I'm happy with my level today. I had to fight until the end. It was a quite crazy tiebreaker.”

Meanwhile, Baghdatis is still looking for his first trophy since a 2010 title in Sydney.

With five successive losses in finals since then, the fellow 30-year-old said after his latest performance that he sees a ‘small light in the tunnel’.

“I'm happy I'm back and playing this kind of tennis now. It's just to continue improving, and play at this level throughout the year,” he said.

“I was a bit unlucky in the tiebreaker - that was the difference. But more matches throughout the year at this level would make me go in there and believe from the beginning that I can win, not wait three, four games and start believing.

"I'm playing very good tennis. This week I think I was a bit lucky, but I also found a way to win. I didn't win the tournament but I won a lot more.”

‘A very proud moment’

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MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Janan manging director, Asif Khan, said it was a ‘very proud moment’ after presenting the Smart Player of the Match Award to Eoin Morgan in Dubai

MAN-OF-THE-MATCH: Janan manging director, Asif Khan, said it was a ‘very proud moment’ after presenting the Smart Player of the Match Award to Eoin Morgan in Dubai

Retail chief hands over Smart Player of the Match award in Dubai

As the England cricket team celebrated their series win over Pakistan in Dubai last month, a luxury fashion retailer had the honour of handing out the ‘Smart Player of the Match’ award.

Managing director of Janan, Asif Khan, was invited to the Gulf State for a special awards presentation on Thursday 26th November, at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Junaid Jamshed by Janan is the exclusive stockist of this internationally acclaimed brand which stocks clothes and accessories across four stores nationwide.

It is the retailer of Pakistani stitched garments for ladies, gents and children, and also provides unstitched ladies suits and a host of accessories.

The new winter collection, which is available in all stores nationwide, features beautiful prints and embellishments, showcasing craftsmanship from Pakistan at its best.

The collection not only features bold prints but also has the traditional classical style featuring Pakistani embroidery famous for its intricacy.

The winter collection is not only trendy and bold but also very graceful making it a must have for all the ‘fashionistas’ looking to stay ahead of the fashion's trends.

December is a very exciting month for J. Junaid Jamshed by Janan not only because of the fabulous winter collection but also because of the forthcoming launch of J. Fragrances by Janan.

The new shop is set to open on Saturday 12th December at the newly opened Broadway Centre in Bradford, with shoppers invited to join Junaid Jamshed along with the Khan brothers and the J. by Janan team for a ‘memorable launch’.

The shop will exclusively retail the brand’s perfume line, and with over 50 fragrances to choose from for both men and women the J. Fragrances by Janan will cater to the varied preferences of its clientele.

From fresh and floral to musky and woody scents, this range of perfumes is sure to have something that is perfect for everyone.

24 carat gold paintwork for bespoke beauty

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McLaren 650s Sahara (roofdown)-6b (800x533)

McLaren unveils bespoke 650S Al Sahara exclusively for the Middle East

McLaren Automotive debuted an exclusive 650S project bespoke to the Middle East, as the covers have come off the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO.

The special edition model lines up alongside the 570S Coupé and a customised example of the McLaren P1™ at the Dubai International Motor Show 2015 as McLaren showcases the recently announced three model tiers – the Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series – in the region together for the first time.

McLaren 650s Sahara-8b (800x534)

The 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 has been developed by McLaren Special Operations –the division of the company responsible for bespoke craftsmanship – and is available exclusively for Middle East customers.

The uniquely formulated paint scheme and bespoke specification have been inspired by the styles, cultures and landscape of the region, and contribute to the name of the latest MSO model.

McLaren 650s Sahara-17 (800x534)

‘Al Sahara’ translates from the Arabic for desert, and the crisp pearlescent white gold paintwork has a subtle shimmer, inspired by the golden sands, which form such a distinctive part of the Middle Eastern landscape. This unique paint finish is achieved through the addition of 24 carat gold particles. The precious metal, associated with opulence and luxury throughout the region has an atomic number of 79.

Contrasting detailing on the exterior of the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 includes a retractable hard top and lightweight forged alloy wheels finished in gloss black. Carbon fibre is used for the side intakes, front splitter and rear diffuser, while aggressive, full-length carbon fibre MSO-branded Side Blades provide a more purposeful and sculpted appearance.

McLaren 650s Sahara-27 (800x534)

McLaren 650s Sahara-29 (300x450)A fully custom-zoned interior features black and Almond White leather upholstered electrically-adjustable sports seats with contrasting stitching, with the Al Sahara 79 paint scheme carried through to the steering wheel, centre console and door panels around the heating and ventilation controls. A dark golden finish has been applied to all switchgear and heating vents.

Power comes from the multi-award-winning mid-mounted 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 engine seen in the 650S Coupe and 650S Spider, producing 650S PS (641bhp) at 7,250rpm and 678NM (500lb ft) of torque. Performance and economy figures remain unchanged, with zero to 62mph (100km/h) reached in 3.0 seconds, and a top speed of 204 mph (329km/h), while achieving 24.2mpg (EU combined) cycle and CO2 emissions of 275g/km.

The Middle East boasts one of the highest levels of MSO customisation globally, with more than 25 percent of all models bound for the region containing an element of bespoke content. This ranges from unique colours, stitching, leathers and aerodynamic upgrades. Design consultations with owners in the Middle East highlighted a desire to see special editions unique to the region resulting in the bespoke project design team at MSO researching regional and local trends, cultures and tastes.

McLaren 650s Sahara-36 (300x450)The McLaren 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO has a retail price of 1,456,308 AED.

Commenting on the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO, Ian Gorsuch, Regional Director Middle East & Africa, McLaren Automotive explained: “McLaren Automotive is a true pioneer in its approach to the design and development of high performance sports and supercars, and the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO is evidence of that. This truly unique project – our first in the Middle East – is inspired by a region that is home to some of our most loyal customers.

“Since launching the brand back in 2011, McLaren Automotive has built extremely close links with the Middle East region. The Sports Series, as the third and final product tier in the model range is, is an extremely important and exciting addition to the line-up alongside the Super and Ultimate Series.

“We are delighted to show examples of each Series for the first time together in the region here at the Dubai International Motor Show, underlining how far the company has progressed in such a short period of time.”

McLaren 650s Sahara-46 (800x534)

In addition to the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79, which represents the McLaren Super Series at the Dubai International Motor Show, examples of both the Sports Series and Ultimate Series will be on display. This marks the first time each of the three tiers has been publicly shown together in the Middle East.

McLaren 650s Sahara-63b (800x534)

The 570S Coupé is the first model in the recently launched Sports Series, and introduces McLaren design, engineering and performance to the sports car market. The vehicle on display is finished in Ventura Orange with a focus on sport through carbon fibre exterior upgrades, sports exhaust, by McLaren Sport Design interior and carbon fibre interior pack. Pricing for the Sports Series starts from 650,000 AED, with deliveries set to commence in the region from next month.

Alongside the newest addition to the McLaren Automotive range is a unique example of the most powerful – the 916PS (903bhp) McLaren P1™.

McLaren 650s Sahara-87b (800x534)

Commissioned by a Middle Eastern customer, the bespoke model features significant MSO content and is finished in white with subtle McLaren Orange detailing to highlight key design characteristics across the aerodynamically-optimised bodywork. Customisation continues in the cabin through a blend of raw carbon and contrasting black and orange Alcanatara®.  
The McLaren 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 will make its global debut on Stand SS100, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 at the Dubai International Motor Show, 10-14 November.

McLaren 650s Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO detail 1 (617x411)

Dubai island may have a Bollywood bidder at $19m

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Bollywood celebrities always had keen interest in the property market and many have made huge investments in this sector over the years.

lebanon island
Now we hear that one of our leading Bollywood celebs will soon be the proud owner of a luxurious private island in Dubai.

Apparently the said celebrity, whose name is being carefully kept away from the limelight, is in talks to potentially buy a $19m man-made island off the coast of Dubai for use as a private resort.

The said island which is part of The Royal Island Beach Club, the first development to open on Dubai developer Nakheel's world islands project, is being sold for AED70m ($19.06m) is one of several islands to go on the market.

The sale, includes the entire 419,000 sqft (127 sqm) Lebanon Island, which features a beach club, chalets, water sports, a "ready beach" and pool.

The construction of the 300 artificial islands making up The World began in 2003 and finished in 2008. Interestingly apart from the Bollywood celebrity, the sale has also attracted a lot of interest from potential investors from Russia, Iran and Pakistan.