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BLACKS SOLICITORS: It Is Not Necessarily Where you Live

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In a surprising decision to some, the High Court has ruled that a Russian businessman living and working in Russia is domiciled in England and therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

In the case of Bestolov v Povarenkin, Mr Bestolov brought proceedings against Mr Povarenkin in England seeking repayment of a debt which arose under a joint venture between them in relation to various mining projects in Russia.  Mr Povarenkin argued that the English courts did not have jurisdiction and that the dispute should be determined in Russia.  This was on the basis that both parties were Russian citizens who lived in Russia; their business interests were in Russia with neither having any business interests in England; the contract (the subject of the dispute) was concluded in Russia with performance to be affected in Russia; the witnesses were in Russia and all documents would be in Russian.  Further, Mr Povarenkin submitted that the parties had not agreed that the English court would have jurisdiction to determine the dispute or that English law would be applied to the contract.

That argument might seem persuasive but the court found that Mr Povarenkin was in fact domiciled in England for the following reasons:-

  • His wife and children had, since 2013, resided in London for the majority of the year.
  • His children were educated in England and spent the whole of the school year in England.
  • The London property was effectively the family home.
  • Mr Povarenkin was in England for substantial periods of time to be with his wife and children.
  • Mrs Povarenkin had spent a substantial amount of money to satisfy UK visa requirements resulting in her being granted temporary residence with the potential to apply for permanent residence.

Taking all of the above into account it decided that, because of his family connections, Mr Povarenkin was resident in England and as such the English court had jurisdiction to deal with the claim.

It is questionable whether the Russian courts will enforce any judgment that Mr Bestolov may obtain against Mr Povarenkin.  Despite that, even if there are difficulties in enforcing a judgment overseas, being able to sue in England is attractive to many because of the powers that the English courts have to freeze assets.  

This decision demonstrates that individuals cannot avoid being treated as domiciled in England, and therefore subject to its jurisdiction, by limiting the amount of assets which they own and the time that they spend here.  The courts will look at their connection to England when determining residency and jurisdiction.  If a party wishes to avoid this then it should ensure that an appropriate jurisdiction clause is included in the contract.  

If you are involved in any dispute or require contractual documentation to ensure that the appropriate jurisdiction deals with any dispute arising from a commercial arrangement then Blacks Solicitors can assist.  Please contact Luke Patel on 0113 227 9316 or email him at “

Reductions not enough: Leeds Kirkgate Market stall holders unhappy with rent rates

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UNHAPPY: Abdul Intizar fears for the markets future

UNHAPPY: Abdul Intizar fears for the markets future


All stall holders at Leeds Kirkgate Market are being given a temporary 20% reduction in rent to allow them to invest in their businesses and help contribute to the market’s long-term viability.

However Abdul Intizar, manager of Maya Hair and Cosmetics, believes the reduction is not enough: “The reduction is only temporary so isn’t going to make much difference. It should be on a permanent basis.

“As you can see the market is very, very quiet right now. At the very least the council should offer the reduction for one or two years to give businesses a chance to succeed.”

Leeds City Council were looking to support its stall holders whilst trade builds back up, but the 40-year-old from Leeds is worried for the future of the market after the six month period: “The market is already quiet which means the business is quiet so stall owners won’t have the money to pay for then rent will be forced out.

“Since the stall open here in 2004 the market is a lot different. Now with the new John Lewis being built there will be less business and when normal rates resume stalls will struggle to stay in business and the market will be even emptier then it is now. ”   

Councillor Richard Lewis, executive board member for transport, regeneration and development said: “Despite the current positive trend in footfall we are aware this does not always correspond with the level of spend and some traders may require additional support to help them secure the long term viability of their business.

“We are offering a six month rent reduction whilst trade continues to build back up and to help stall holders to adapt and modernise to achieve long-term success both for themselves and the market as a whole.

“We are very proud of Kirkgate Market and want to make sure we make the most of every opportunity to re-establish it as a key shopping destination.

“However Kirkgate faces the same challenges as other traditional markets across the UK; price competition from larger retailers; rising customer expectations and a changing customer base so it is important we take action now to broaden its appeal to a wider range of customers and visitors.”

Leeds business “smoked out” with shisha bar conviction

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A Burmantofts business has been prosecuted by Leeds City Council for operating as a shisha bar allowing smoking in enclosed premises.

The owner of Babylon at Cherry Row in Burmantofts, Mr Brwa Ahmed, was fined £440 and ordered to pay £1818 costs and a £40 victim surcharge after being found guilty at Leeds Magistrates Court.

Officers from Leeds City Council’s environmental health team made an unannounced visit to the property on October 6 2016 after receiving complaints of Shisha smoking. The officers witnessed approximately 20 people smoking shisha in the premises from eight lit shisha pipes.

That is in contravention of the Health Act 2006 and associated regulations, which state smoking is not permitted in enclosed and substantially enclosed public buildings or structures. A building or structure is considered substantially enclosed if it has a roof and the walls which serve the perimeter of the structure or building are less than 50 per cent open (not including doors and windows).

Under section 8(4) of the Health Act 2006 it is ‘the duty of any person who controls, or is concerned in the management of smoke-free premises, to cause a person smoking there to stop smoking.’ Mr Ahmed did not attend court and was not represented.

Shisha smoking involves inhaling smoke from flavoured tobaccos through a waterpipe. Advice issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that smoking a shisha pipe for one hour involves inhaling 100 to 200 times the amount of smoke inhaled with just one cigarette.

Leeds City Council executive member for environment and sustainability Councillor Lucinda Yeadon said: “All regulations must be strictly followed for any business operating as a shisha bar and this case hopefully will help to reinforce that point. Shisha smoking poses significant risks to health and so as well as enforcing the regulation we will.

AWA awards -a national celebration of Asian outstanding women

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WINNERS: 12 outstanding women were awarded for their exceptional professional and social contributions to Great Britain

WINNERS: 12 outstanding women were awarded for their exceptional professional and social contributions to Great Britain

The Asian Women of Achievement Awards (AWA), in association with NatWest have announced the winners of the 2017 awards at a star-studded event in London.

The awards, now in their 18th year, celebrate the contributions made by Asian women both professionally and in their communities, cutting across a broad range of sectors from business and media to sport, medicine, culture and public service.

From the only female founder and managing partner of a private equity advisory business in Europe to a para-climber, this year’s list of winners features an incredibly diverse and exciting group of women. Despite their varied backgrounds, the winners are united by their shared ability to inspire, and their determination to drive positive change in their respective fields.

PAVING THE WAY: Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP with AWA founder Pinky Lilani CBE DL (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

PAVING THE WAY: Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP with AWA founder Pinky Lilani CBE DL (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


Some of the VIPs present on the night were Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan, the Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP, The Home Secretary; Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE, shoe designer; chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Sara Thornton CBE; The Rt. Hon. Diane Abbott MP, The Shadow Home Secretary; and Dato’ Soo Min Yeoh, Executive Director of YTL Corporation Berhad.

Founded by Pinky Lilani CBE DL in 1999, the AWA ceremony celebrates the multi-cultural Britain and the contribution of women from a diverse range of backgrounds.


Asian Women of Achievement Winners 2017



Jaspreet Sangha, Winner of the Arts and Culture Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Jaspreet Sangha, Winner of the Arts and Culture Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


This year’s winner in the Arts and Culture category is better known as ‘Behind the Netra’ for her poetry. She is a spoken word artist from East London, focused on sharing her thoughts on gender issues and taboo subjects both in the Asian community and wider society. Jaspreet’s passion, charisma, kindness and altruism shone through and the judges were immensely impressed by her poetry.



Raj Dohil, Winner of the Business Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Raj Dohil, Winner of the Business Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


The Business Award goes to an inspirational woman who oversees recruitment for almost 100 branches of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Grounded, immensely talented and with a heart and passion despite the challenges she has faced, the judges were seriously impressed with the AWA 2017 business champion who is empowering women and breaking down stereotypes.



Sunaina Sinha, Winner of the Entrepreneur Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Sunaina Sinha, Winner of the Entrepreneur Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


The only female founder and managing partner of a private equity advisory business in Europe (Cebile Capital) and one of less than 7% of women in private equity who hold a senior position, the Entrepreneur Award 2017 goes to Sunaina Sinha. The judges said she was a great example of a 21st century leader, demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurship and leadership in the financial services sector.



Shay Grewal, Winner of the Media Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Shay Grewal, Winner of the Media Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


Shay is the 2017 Media Award Winner and celebrated for her work as a TV and radio presenter for BBC West Midlands and Radio London. She was the first high profile Asian to join BBC WM and now presents seven days a week. Shay has carved a position whereby she is able communicate her passion for education, combating marginalisation and empowering women. A role model for all women in media.



Vidisha Joshi and Vandita Pant, Winners of the Professions Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Vidisha Joshi and Vandita Pant, Winners of the Professions Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


The judges picked two stellar candidates in this category as the 2017 winners. Vidisha Joshi is one of the UK’s youngest law firm managing partners (Hodge Jones & Allen LLP). Under Vidisha’s leadership the firm has increased turnover by £1 million in the last three years. Vandita Pant is the Group Treasurer and Head of Europe at BHP Billiton, and is the most senior female Asian working in the world’s largest natural resources company. The judges praised both winners as exceptional role models who have already achieved outstanding goals. Both are exemplary leaders.



Dr Harjinder Kaur, Winner of the Public Service Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Dr Harjinder Kaur, Winner of the Public Service Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


As a social researcher and development consultant specialising in child and women’s rights and gender equality, the judges said that the importance of Dr Harjinder Kaur’s work over many years in understanding issues of gender equality cannot be underestimated. She has worked for international governments and NGOs and it is hoped that this award helps highlight the importance of Harjinder’s work.



Professor Sadaf Farooqi, Winner of the Science & Technology Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Professor Sadaf Farooqi, Winner of the Science & Technology Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


As the Professor of Metabolism and Medicine at the University of Cambridge and a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Professor Sadaf Farooqi has used her research to pave the way to treating a

condition that is often fatal. The judges praised her for the huge impact that her focus on obesity has had on society and for her ongoing mentorship of young doctors.



Sofia Buncy, Winner of the Social and Humanitarian Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Sofia Buncy, Winner of the Social and Humanitarian Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


As the Prisoner Rehabilitation and Community Development Coordinator for Muslim Hands UK, Sofia highlights the plight of Muslim women in British prisons. The judges praised her for working to mobilise

deep social change within the Muslim community of Britain, creating a positive community-driven approach to dealing with Islamophobia and for working tirelessly to provide voice and visibility for Muslim women in prison who are otherwise excluded from dialogue.



Anoushé Husain, Winner of the Sport Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Anoushé Husain, Winner of the Sport Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


Energetic, charismatic and overflowing with enthusiasm, the judges believe that Anoushé is a force for good! As a civil servant, para-climber and cancer survivor, her personal accomplishments are astonishing. She has overcome immense challenges of her own and yet she’s determined to have a positive impact on others, through her mentoring and charity work.



Anoushka Babbar, Winner of the Young Achiever of the Year Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Anoushka Babbar, Winner of the Young Achiever of the Year Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


The judges were blown away by Anoushka’s career success to date. As Head of Regulatory Policy and Government Relations at London Stock Exchange Group, she is on a career trajectory to become one of the youngest CEOs in her chosen field. She’s regularly consulted by governments globally and is also a keen mentor and role model.



Fatima Zaman, Winner of the Chairman’s Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)

Fatima Zaman, Winner of the Chairman’s Award (Picture Credit WeShootLondon)


The Chairman’s Award goes to one outstanding candidate across all of the categories and for the first time since the awards began 18 years ago, the Chairman’s Award is drawn from the Young Achiever category. The outstanding candidate is Fatima Zaman. The judges believe she could change the world. Her work with the Kofi Annan Foundation, Home Office and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to guide local and national responses to violent extremism and radicalisation is internationally ground-breaking. Demonstrating enormous resilience and pursuing the cause despite threats, the judges believe Fatima could be a future nobel prize winner.



Top of the shops! Dessert king ‘Icestone Gelato’ wins much-coveted business award

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PROUD: Kuljit Morris, store manager and Taj Ali, co-company owner outside the front of the award winning shop

PROUD: Kuljit Morris, store manager and Taj Ali, co-company owner outside the front of the award winning shop


An exciting win for the Icestone Gelato brand means that the Huddersfield branch, based on John William Street has more of a reason than ever before for visitors make their way down and tuck into yummy and delicious desserts.

The Bradford-born company, which has an expanding company portfolio across major cities up and down Britain, has just bagged the lucrative title of ‘Best Shop Front’ in the vibrant Huddersfield town centre.

Complimenting Icestone Gelato, the Huddersfield Civic Society award judges had high praise for the scrumptious dessert king, saying that they appreciate the investment made by the Icestone Gelato bosses.

From a standalone shop in Bradford to being a leader in the dessert market, the company has worked tirelessly to achieve great things for their ever expanding business empire and this award is further recognition of their incredible efforts.

With stores in major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Huddersfield and the imminent re-opening of their Bradford store following a total overhaul, there’s plenty of opportunity to get in on the action and taste some yummy after-dinner treats.

BUSY: The eye-catching interior of Icestone Gelato is just as impressive as the award-winning front of the store

BUSY: The eye-catching interior of Icestone Gelato is just as impressive as the award-winning front of the store


Now in their fourth year of trading as a business Icestone offers up to a whopping 27-flavours of gelato (decadent Italian ice cream) such as pistacio, strawberry cheesecake and sticky toffee as well as to back-to-school favourites like jam roly poly and custard. The outlets also offer Belgian waffles, crepes and a range of traditional puddings.

Speaking to Asian Express, Paul Morris, operations director for Icestone Gelato told us what makes their dessert parlour unique: “Where we are different to many similar companies is that we make all our own gelato, which is a very detailed artisan operation.”

With many dessert stores popping up all over, Icestone Gelto really are trendsetters of the industry and this award really sets above the rest.

“We have, over time, worked endlessly with our dedicated team to enhance our products, our stores and our customer experience. Our brand awareness is gathering speed and we feel this is down to our very basic values of customer service, detail in produce and a feel good vibe created in store,” Paul added.

Icestone Gelato are in the process of re-opening their Great Horton Road branch in Bradford with a full new refit, and have .  further plans to open new stores in other parts of the country..

All stores open 7 days a week normally from 11am/1pm till late.

SLEEK: The chic interiors make for surrounding just as enjoyable as the desserts

SLEEK: The chic interiors make for surrounding just as enjoyable as the desserts

Chutney and chat: Director appointed to head Birmingham business networking group

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A national director has been appointed to take a new concept in business networking nationwide.

Kasim Choudhry, aged 27, has been appointed as National Director of Pathway2grow, part of the Birmingham based Pathway Group.

He was appointed shortly after organising the first ever highly successful Asian Apprenticeship Awards in Birmingham.

‘Chutney and Chat’ is for people who want to meet and have a meal together and listen to the guest speaker.

Pathway2grow has successfully launched in Birmingham and London an afternoon event ‘Coffee and Natter’ and an evening group ‘Chutney and Chat.’

The concept behind both groups is to provide opportunities for businesses to get together in an informal atmosphere free from the pressures and formality often involved with networking groups.

Coffee and Natter is a free event based around businesspeople getting together for coffee or tea and chat. Groups meet in the afternoon once a month and there is always a guest speaker and a review of a business related book.

“We have ‘road tested’ Coffee and Natter in the Birmingham and London area for a year and likewise ‘Chutney and Chat’ in Birmingham and there are now groups in Manchester, Derby and Bradford,” said Kasim Choudhry.

“People know that networking and building relationships is the best way to do business but we are responding to a view that many networking groups that exist are too formal.

“The idea that underpins this initiative is that businesses can learn and grow together.

“We are now ready to expand throughout the UK and are keen to hear from people who would like to be involved in running both ‘Coffee and Natter’ and ‘Chutney and Chat’ groups.”

India ‘very much open to business’: UK Northern powerhouse opening up to Indian investment

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NORTHERN POWERHOUSE PEOPLE: Amarjit Singh and Amjad Pervez are making their mark on the business scene

NORTHERN POWERHOUSE PEOPLE: Amarjit Singh and Amjad Pervez are making their mark on the business scene

A high profile delegation from India is set to visit the north of England to forge new and innovative trade links with businesses across the Northern Powerhouse area.

The delegates are heading to Manchester in February to join the UK Northern Powerhouse International Conference & Exhibition before touring other key northern cities including Newcastle and Leeds.

The group, led by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is made up of medium to large businesses from a range of sectors including health, life sciences, education, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

The delegation has a footprint across India, includes representatives from Delhi, Mumbai and Punjab and are “hungry to do business” with prospective partners in the North of England.

They will meet local companies looking for international collaboration during the visit, which has been co-ordinated by partners from the UK Northern Powerhouse International Conference, Yorkshire Asian Business Association (YABA), The North West Asian Business Association (NWABA)  and ABC - Asian Business Connections in Newcastle.

The organisations behind the visit will embark on a preparatory mission to India to set the foundations and plan the detailed itinerary ahead of the delegation’s visit to the UK in February.

Building relationships with India is a top priority for Prime Minister Teresa May, who recently led a trade mission to India to reboot the UK’s relationship with the country and forge a stronger strategic partnership between the UK and India.

Amarjit Singh, Chairman of Yorkshire Asian Business Association (YABA), said: “We want businesses to know that India is very much open for business. It is hungry to do business with the North of England and this trade mission is the start of a major opportunity for northern links with India. We are very focused on the trade that can be done during their visit and how much business can be secured. There is currently a lot of work going on to ensure the right connections are made and serious business opportunities are established.

“There is already a strong Indian business links in the London region, but until now they haven’t really ventured up to the North. Part of the major barrier has been that people think it’s hard to get to, so they fly into London, conduct their business then leave. The UK Northern Powerhouse  International Conference and Exhibition provides the ideal opportunity to break through these barriers, show how easy it is to get here and give them a feel for the trade links and amazing business opportunities available  across the region.”

Martin Venning, director of the UK Northern Powerhouse International Conference and Exhibition, said: "The North`s long standing relationships with India is one of the region`s great untapped assets with huge potential for the future. This is an outstanding opportunity for businesses attending the UK Northern Powerhouse Conference to meet face to face with prospective trade partners from India who are looking to establish links with northern companies from a diverse range of sectors who want greater access to global markets in the post Brexit era.”

The UK Northern Powerhouse International Conference and Exhibition is supported by business leaders from across the major cities of the North from Liverpool to Newcastle. It will include interactive sessions with top firms such as Nissan, Cisco and Stobart Group, as well as the Confederation of British Industry, Institute of Directors and Federation of Small Businesses.

The Conference is the biggest cross  sectoral gathering of Northern businesses in the UK, and will be held in Manchester Central on 21 and 22 February and is expected to attract over 3,000 delegates over two days.

Topics being addressed during the conference include manufacturing, transport and infrastructure, finance & delivery, devolution, competitiveness and productivity and energy.

Learn to earn: Business savvy students launch leasing company in school

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GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS: Westborough’s ‘Lease 2 Learn’ team are hoping to emulate the school’s previous success in the Tycoon in Schools competition

GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS: Westborough’s ‘Lease 2 Learn’ team are hoping to emulate the school’s previous success in the Tycoon in Schools competition

A team of budding young entrepreneurs from Westborough High School are going head-to-head with students across the country this month, as Peter Jones CBE announced the official start of trading for his nationwide enterprise competition, Tycoon in Schools.

The Year 11 students from the Dewsbury School officially launched their business idea - Lease 2 Learn – on Monday 7th November, providing students, teachers and the community the opportunity to lease equipment and space at a very competitive price.

The budding young business stars have received £236 funding from Peter Jones CBE to kick-start their business, as part of his aim to give young entrepreneurs experience of starting and running a small business.

The team will compete in the race to be crowned winner of Tycoon in Schools 2016, going up against over two hundred thousand high-calibre students from schools and colleges spanning the length and breadth of the UK, from schools in Argyll in Scotland to Saint Saviour in Jersey.

Famed businessman and Dragons Den star, Peter Jones, is the man behind the competition and met students from the West Yorkshire school last year.

On hearing about Lease 2 Learn’s entry into the 2016 contest, he said: “I am thrilled that Westborough High in Dewsbury is taking part this year’s Tycoon in Schools competition which is providing schoolchildren across the country with their first taste of enterprise.

“This year the competition is bigger and better than ever as we have expanded to include Primary Schools for the first time.

“I am very excited to see the innovative and creative business ideas come to fruition and wish all students participating from Westborough the very best of luck. Watch this space – we could have the next global business tycoon in the making.”

The quirky business ideas from across primary and secondary school teams range from upcycling businesses to the provision of film nights and e-sports tournaments.  

This is the second time students from Westborough High School have entered the competition, with previous entries including Ethical Print who were crowned Tycoon in School Champions 2014/15.

Lukman Patel, Head of Business and Ethics at Westborough said: “We are incredibly proud of the entrepreneurial spirit shown by our students in coming up with their business idea for the Tycoon in Schools competition.

“Inspiring and educating children about business from an early age is really important. Working with a well-known entrepreneur like Peter Jones is a brilliant way to engage young people in business.”

Ison Harrison’s Jenna Meehan discusses Shareholders’ and Partnership Agreements

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Whilst the initial stages of setting up a business can seem daunting, and the paperwork rather overwhelming, these early, nerve-wracking days can also be exciting. The details that you decide now are hugely important. They will form the foundations of your business and dictate how it will run, in the future – with the minimum amount of risk.

Two such documents to consider are Shareholders' Agreements and Partnership Agreements. Both documents can encompass general provisions for the day-to-day running of the business, how to deal with incoming or outgoing parties, set procedures to be followed in case of disputes arising as well as catering for more unique occurrences.

Getting them right at the beginning means that you have critical guidance going forward- but what exactly should they encompass and why are they so key? Here, Ison Harrison's Jenna Meehan explores them in more detail.

Shareholders’ Agreement

In a Shareholders' Agreement, the relationship between the shareholders and the company itself is dealt with. The Articles of Association, which we looked at in the last issue, are filed with Companies House and are a matter of public record. A Shareholders' Agreement, on the other hand, is private but would be relied upon over and above the Articles if so required.

The Shareholders' Agreement can include (but is certainly not limited to):

  • The financial entitlements and obligations of each shareholder,
  • What happens to a share in the business in the event that one of the shareholders dies, is critically injured, made bankrupt or decides to retire,
  • The valuation of shares in the event of the above; and
  • The way in which the departing shareholder, or the estate, is to be paid for their share(s).

Partnership Agreement

A Partnership Agreement governs the way in which partners in the business will conduct its' day to day running as well as providing for one-off events. It is not a legal requirement but if one is not in place, the default position is governance under the Partnership Act- which was passed in 1890, long before anyone could imagine the modern business world and how it would operate. The Act does not provide the safeguards that a bespoke agreement can; its' approach is far broader. You only have to consider how it deals with profit sharing (on an equal basis, regardless of circumstance)

In a Partnership Agreement, it is possible to cover such elements as:

  • The roles and responsibilities of each Partner,
  • When, and indeed how, the Partnership could/would be dissolved,
  • What happens in the event of death: how the remaining Partners deal with the business going forward; and
  • What happens if a Partner leaves: do you want to restrict their ability to join another company for a set period? How and when would you want to take on someone to replace them?

At Ison Harrison, we are able to draft bespoke agreements that entirely meet your business needs. An Agreement can be drafted within 2-3 weeks of us taking your full instructions (or even earlier in cases of need). We offer free initial consultations so that you are able to obtain prompt, confidential and jargon-free advice when you need it.

Whilst it isn’t possible to look into the future and predict the fortunes of any business, useful steps can be taken to ‘future-proof’ and minimise risks as far as possible, to help you enjoy the fruits of your success long into the future.

UK’s biggest crisps launched by Bradford business

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YUM YUM: The 500g bag of crisps are claimed to be the biggest single packet available in the UK

YUM YUM: The 500g bag of crisps are claimed to be the biggest single packet available in the UK

‘Ready to share ready salted’ available now from Regal

Last year, the UK crisp industry was worth a whopping £923.2 million as the British love affair with potatoey snacks continuing to excel.

This year, a new name has hit the industry in a bigger way – quite literally – than any other business ever before as Regal Food Products Group Plc released their huge 500g sharing packs.

The claimed ‘biggest crisps in the UK’ are available from a range of independent stores throughout the country as well as a selection of the multi-national supermarkets.

For Regal director, Faisal Ali, it has been a long time coming, yet the wait already seems worthwhile.

“A lot of work has gone into developing the crisps, it isn’t something that just happens overnight,” he said.

“As a brand, we are always leading the way by diversifying our product range and keeping one step ahead of our competitors. We are always looking at new markets to enter and the crisps have taken off more than we could have even anticipated.”

He added: “The first few weeks have been incredible. People are picking up the crisps in store and the feedback from supermarkets has been really good.”

CRUNCHY CRISPS: Regal directors, Faisal Ali and Jamil Chaudhry, have been delighted with the success of their giant crisp packets so far

CRUNCHY CRISPS: Regal directors, Faisal Ali and Jamil Chaudhry, have been delighted with the success of their giant crisp packets so far

It is the first time Regal have entered the crisp industry, following on from their expansive range of cakes and biscuits, snacks and drinks.

The gigantic share-packs not only offer bigger portions but also bigger value, with customers able to get half a kilogram of crisps for their money. In comparison, you would only receive 200g of crisps for the same price from other brands currently on the market.

Jamil Chaudhry, Regal director, added: “You not only get a fantastic taste with the crisps but fantastic value for money.

“They have been developed as a perfect share pack and I have never seen any crisp packets of this size available in the UK.”

Currently, only ready salted jumbo packs are available. However, with crisps already flying off the shelves in the first few weeks of trading, new flavours – including ‘cheese and onion’ and ‘chilli and lemon’, have been confirmed to be released shortly.

Meanwhile, smaller packs are also in the pipeline as Regal prepare to take a bigger bite out of the crisp industry.

Iran billionaire sentenced to death

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babak (800x601)

Business tycoon Babak Zanjani withheld billions of pounds in oil revenue

Babak Zanjani, who is said to be worth around £9.5 billion has been sentenced to death in Iran for corruption.

Zanjani began his trade selling sheepskins in the 1980s before going on to becoming a key player in selling Iran's oil in the years when strict international sanctions were imposed over the country's nuclear programme.

He managed to establish one of the biggest enterprises in Iran's recent history, a holding that was involved in everything from owning football clubs to selling oil, transport to construction and banking both inside Iran and abroad.

Zanjani’s long trial was held in public – a rarity for such a major case in Iran, with the 41-year-old business man eventually convicted of fraud and economic crimes.

Zanjani was accused of withholding billions of dollars in oil revenue which he funnelled through his companies.

The business mogul was reportedly arrested one day after president Rouhani ordered his government to fight financial corruption.

He denies the charges, saying that international sanctions had stopped money being forwarded to Iran’s central bank.

Two other defendants were found guilty of ‘corruption on earth’, the gravest offence under the country’s criminal code, meaning they will also face the death penalty.

As well as facing the death penalty Mr Zanjani will also be forced to repay money to the state, judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejeie said at his weekly press conference.

Record £1 million fine

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CAP1:SIGNIFICANT FAILINGS: Home financer face 13-year business restrictions

CAP1: SIGNIFICANT FAILINGS: Home financer face 13-year business restrictions

Asian businessman guilty of breaching financial rules

Two days after he turned 34, a West Midlands home financier was slapped with the largest ever fine by the FCA for a sole trader in a retail business.

Gurpreet Singh Chadda of Walsall was fined £945,277 and banned him from working in the financial services industry as a result of “significant failings” and “dishonest” actions and ordered to keep bankruptcy restrictions for 13 years.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) said that between July 2009 and January 2010, Mr Chadda “induced” property owners in financial difficulties to enter into “sell and rent back” (SRB) agreements by providing them with false and misleading information and concealing his own personal gain.

Under an SRB agreement, a home owner can sell their home and then rent it back so as to continue living in the house.

“Often people who sell their homes in this way are vulnerable as they are in financial difficulty and need to raise money to pay mortgage arrears and / or avoid repossession of their homes,” said The Insolvency Service.

The FCA said that Mr Chadda deliberately mislead at least six home owner by purporting that he was the purchaser when in fact the purchasers were third parties unknown to the sellers.

He also was found to have charged the sellers fees of “at least” £695,277 which he has not told them about before they signed contracts.

He also failed to notify the sellers that these buyers were not authorised or regulated by the FCA and therefore that they were not covered by the regulatory protection and he helped the purchasers to obtain mortgages knowing that they had failed to inform the mortgage lenders that the purchase was made on an SRB basis.

He was also found to have misled home owners regard the true market value of their properties and falsely informing them that valuations were done by independent valuers.

In addition to deceiving vulnerable customers, said the FCA, Mr Chadda made false and misleading statements to them.

They said that he failed to disclose documents and information and produced false and misleading documents.

He also arranged for people to impersonate his customers in order to further mislead them.

“Mr Chadda’s actions were dishonest and he took advantage of vulnerable members of the public for personal gain. The length of the undertaking reflects the severe nature of the misconduct. The Insolvency Service will continue to bring action against those who pose a serious risk to customers and lenders alike,” said Ken Beasley, Official Receiver of the Public Interest Unit (North).

Bankrupt restrictions mean that Mr Chadda cannot: borrow more than £500 without telling the lender he’s bankrupt; act as a director of a company without the permission of the court; create, manage or promote a company without the court’s permission; manage a business with a different name without telling people he does business with that he’s bankrupt; and as an authorised debt specialist.

Buffalo Grill: Lunch menu launched at city’s favourite steakhouse

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bufallo grill staff (800x450)

For decades, Bradford has been known for its array of curry houses, with dishes from the Indian subcontinent helping to establish the city as the true Curry Capital of England.

However, amongst these countless restaurants stands a new steakhouse which is redefining expectations for foodies in the city as Buffalo Grill brings a selection of the finest grilled foods to Bradford.

Specialising in succulent steaks and mouth-watering seafood, the city centre restaurant was launched just three months ago yet with packed tables every night, word has definitely spread about this latest dining hotspot.

bufallo grill steak (800x450)

From flame-grilled chicken to tender steaks, and revolutionary salad to dishes from the Caribbean, diners can enjoy new flavours inside the contemporary environment with something for every taste.

Why not be adventurous and opt for the Jamaican soul-infused chargrilled chicken or perhaps it is a hand-crafted gourmet burger that can tempt you most, built to your exact desires, and guaranteed to please even the largest appetite.

Opened by self-proclaimed ‘food enthusiast’, Irfan, in July, the reputation of Buffalo Grill continues to grow week-on-week with customers travelling from across the city and beyond to taste the exciting new menu.

Explaining more about the restaurant, he said: “The food at Buffalo Grill has really been welcomed by our diners, with customers coming back time and time again to try out our exciting menu.

buffalo grill wings (800x450)

“Word of mouth has even seen visitors coming from across West Yorkshire to try our Steakhouse dishes and it feels amazing to see our food gaining the reputation I know it deserves.

“All our dishes are served up using only the finest cuts of HMC-approved Halal meat, with marinades created over time to give a truly unique taste to every meal.

“No longer is Bradford just a city for curry-lovers, with our much-loved steakhouse winning the approval of every diner who steps foot through our doors. Just make sure you call in advance to avoid missing out on a table.”

As the business continues to grow in reputation, an exciting new lunch menu has now been launched giving diners even more opportunity to taste their favourite Buffalo Grill meals.


Irfan adds: “We have been asked time and time again by customers if we are open for dinner and now we are proud to say ‘yes’.

“Monday to Sunday, we will be open from 11am with an express menu during the day offering all the favourites, plus some unique extras, unavailable anywhere else in the city.”

As well as a delicious choice of dishes and cosy decor, visitors to Buffalo Grill can also take advantage of a real rarity in the city centre – free parking.

So, if you want to experience what a real steakhouse should be like, visit Buffalo Grill and’s too short for ordinary food.


Contact details:

72 Thornton Rd,



Tel: 01274 738 000

Opening times:

Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm

Northone Solicitors

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‘Don’t take your insurer’s first offer’

Have you suffered a non-fault accident and are unhappy with the compensation offered from your insurer? Well now, thanks to one of Leeds’ leading solicitor firms, you can say ‘no’ to that offer with confidence that you will get the maximum damages you rightfully deserve.

Northone Solicitors specialise in getting clients the full settlement every time, turning over every stone and analysing every angle until the job is done.

SONY DSCWith industry experts boasting years of experience in the field, the Leeds-based firm have won hundreds of cases for clients who risk being ‘cheated out’ of the highest settlement due to initial low offers from their insurers.

Claire Cooper is one trainee solicitor currently working for the firm and has overseen dozens of cases.

Explaining more about the work, she said: “Insurance companies often make quick, low first offers in order to entice claimants to take the first offer on the table.

“These offers are usually made prior to clients having been medically assessed and are called pre-medical offers, which, as we know from experience, do not always result in the best outcome.

“In order for our clients to achieve a better settlement, we recommend they be examined by an independent medical expert so a report can be published into the full extent of their injuries.

“From here, our team are on hand to fight your corner all the way to ensure you always receive your maximum settlement.”

Due to recent changes in the law, claims management companies, insurance providers and solicitors are now able to take a deduction of up to 25 per cent from their client’s compensation.



By opting to use the team at Northone Solicitors, you are guaranteed to receive 100 per cent of your compensation every time.

Raksana Karim, from the Lexcel-accredited firm, added: “We at Northone Solicitors do not take any deductions from the client’s compensation as we believe they are entitled to the full settlement as they are the ones who have suffered physically and emotionally as a result of the accident.

“We are a local Leeds firm operating in the heart of the community and are always happy for clients to call into our offices to receive the best advice for them.

“We will never deduct anything from your compensation and take pride in dealing with all of our clients on an individual merit basis, to offer the best possible personal service, tailored to meet the individual’s needs.”

So, to receive 100 per cent of the compensation you deserve, don’t take your insurers first offer and contact Northone Solicitors today to get your claim heading in the right direction.


Roopyal Chambers,

240-242 Roundhay Road,



Tel: 0845 863 0832


‘Exciting times’ at Skyn Doctor

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skyn doctor aneesha (800x532)

Clinicians at West Yorkshire’s fastest growing skin clinic are preparing to launch an array of new advanced treatments later this year, giving clients across the county even more options when it comes to achieving that most desirable look.

Skyn Doctor is a doctor-owned, doctor-led clinic, located in the heart of Huddersfield, providing aesthetic treatments by highly skilled medical professionals to all who walk through their doors.

Now, as staff prepare to embark on advanced training courses at the world-renowned Harley Street skin clinic, in London, an array of exciting, non-surgical treatments are set to arrive direct from the capital.

From cheek fillers to treating bags under your eyes, and non-surgical rhinoplasty to the well documented ‘Vampire Treatment’ known as PRP, all these treatments and more will soon be available at the trusted clinic.

Specialist in the provision of injectable treatments, Dr Razwan Ali, will be undertaking the courses alongside lead clinician, Dr Aneesha Ahmad, in coming weeks and says he is looking forward to offering a wider range of treatments to his clients.

“It is exciting times here at Skyn Doctor as we prepare to launch an array of new, advanced treatments to bring an even higher level of service to the our clients,” he said.

“Just one of the new treatments set to arrive soon is the eight-point face lift.

“This non-surgical, comprehensive face lift helps restore volume and structure in the face and cheeks, leaving your skin looking healthier and hydrated.

“As we get older, our skin naturally falls victim to gravity and loses volume. This treatment uses facial filler injections to give immediate results and unlike surgery, has minimum to no recovery time.”

Prior to Christmas, clients wishing to experience one of the new innovative treatments in Botox and dermal fillers will receive a special discounted rate -but hurry, as this offer is limited to the first 50 customers.

So, whether you need an effective, non-invasive, ten-minute nose job or want to hear more about the array of treatments on offer, contact Skyn Doctor today and achieve your perfect look.


Contact Details

1st floor

Junction surgery

Birkhouse Lane

Huddersfield, HD5 8BE

Telephone: 01484 615287



The YABA Awards 2015

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ASingh_OverlandPark (800x648)

Commending the region’s top Asian businesses

The Yorkshire Asian Business Association’s (YABA) Annual Awards and Gala Dinner comes  to Bradford for the first time later this month with a host of the region’s leading business brains coming together for a night of celebration.

On Thursday 24th September, 500-plus leaders from across the county will attend the black-tie event as awards are handed out in six categories to businesses nominated from across the public and private sector.

Judges will be looking for the impact on customers, suppliers, partners and the region, innovation and leadership, as well as reasons the nominee stands out against their peers.


Finalists have already been named for each category ahead of the prestigious awards evening (see right) and YABA Chairman, Amarjit Singh, says he is excited to see who clinches the highly-decorated awards this year.

“Since the Yorkshire Asian Business Association’s formation, we have continued to go from strength-to-strength,” he said.

“Our board consists of experts from across the government, education, business and voluntary sectors and across almost every discipline.

ajaz-4 (299x450)“What unites us is our passion for business and delivering value to our members and the region.

“This year our theme is ‘Celebrating Success’ in line with the huge amount of achievement and progress we have made together with our members and business partners.

“I’m excited to, for the first time, recognise our YABA award winners on stage in Bradford as we recognise some of the region’s best organisations and individuals.”

Having received a high number of entries from businesses all over the region, from start up’s to large corporations, the shortlist was finally confirmed last week.

Providing a platform and voice for its members on a regional, national and international level, YABA’s business awards showcase the best of the region’s talent, presenting an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come together and celebrate success.  

Amongst the hundreds in attendance, special guests confirmed on the night include members of the Indian High Commission, Sri Lankan High Commission, Bangladeshi High Commission, National Asian Business Association, UK Indian Business Council and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Mr Singh added: “On behalf of the YABA board and executive team we would like to thank all who submitted entries and for our shortlisted finalists we wish you the best of luck.”

For further information about the awards, including how to purchase tickets, please visit or contact Sharon Yandu on 07807 474 885, email:

indian food

The 2015 YABA Finalists:

Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Sukhvinder Javeed -  MilkysnugzTM

Naeem Sheikh – Pegasus Motor Insurance

Sayam Majid – FX Introducer


Food & Drink Business of the Year

Shakoor Ahmed – MyLahore

Bobby Patel – Prashad


Professional of the Year

Surender Munjal – Leeds University

Qari Asim – DLA Piper

Arnab Basu – Kromek Group

Arif Ahmad – PwC


International Business of the Year

Sharon Kaur – Really Indian Ltd

Sukhvinder Javeed – MilkysnugzTM

Arnab Basu – Kromek Group


Retail Business of the Year

Ahmed Mulla – Mullaco Dewsbury Ltd

Thakorlal Bhagubhai Patel – TB Cash & Carry

Zak Patel – Talk Direct


SME Business of the Year

Thakorlal Bhagubhai Patel – TB Cash & Carry

Zak Patel – Talk Direct

The Street Lane Bakery

Parvinder Bhabra – Northern Cam Co Ltd

Ricci Dean – Pearl Noir

£30,000 raised for worthy causes

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DONATION: Vice-Chair of the Aagrah Group, Zaffar Iqbal, presents a £15,000 cheque to Jonathan Townsend of the Prince’s Trust

DONATION: Vice-Chair of the Aagrah Group, Zaffar Iqbal, presents a £15,000 cheque to Jonathan Townsend of the Prince’s Trust

Aagrah Business Dinner continues ‘changing lives’

The annual Aagrah Group of Restaurants Business Dinner returned for a 32nd year in October 2014 and as usual, the highly anticipated event proved a huge success raising thousands of pounds for charity.

Regarded as one of the biggest annual events on the corporate calendar, the evening was attended by more than 700 invited guests including leaders of regional, national and international businesses.

Each year a main beneficiary charity(s) is selected to be supported by the dinner, alongside supporting charities and in 2014, the Prince’s Trust and Mosaic were chosen.

Last month, both charities received their donations raised from the night, totalling £15,000 each.

SUPPORT: A cheque for the same value is presented to Mosaic representative, Jonathan Townsend from Aagrah Managing Director, Mohammed Aslam MBE

SUPPORT: A cheque for the same value is presented to Mosaic representative, Jonathan Townsend from Aagrah Managing Director, Mohammed Aslam MBE

Aagrah Group’s Vice-Chair, Zaffar Iqbal, presented one cheque to Jonathan Townsend of the Prince’s Trust whilst Aagrah’s Managing Director, Mohammed Aslam MBE, presented the separate donation to Mosaic’s Jonathan Freeman.

Aagrah’s Jannat Welfare International Trust, the charity wing of the Aagrah Group, also supports Alshifa eye hospital.

With generous support from Aagrah’s supplier partner, sponsors and supporters, the business has raised more than £1.6 million to date, which has been used to make a real difference to so many people.

Thanks to generous funding from events like the Business Dinner, The Prince’s Trust was able to help almost 5,000 disadvantaged young people in Yorkshire and the Humber to get their lives back on track last year.

Money raised helps the Trust’s work with 13 to 30 year olds who are unemployed, and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion, giving them the skills and confidence to succeed.

The Trust’s programmes give vulnerable young people the practical and financial support needed to stabilise their lives, helping develop self-esteem and skills for work.

Chantelle Gautier, a young person that had been supported by The Prince’s Trust and spoke at the Aagrah Charity Business Dinner said: “The Prince’s Trust helped me turn my life around; I didn’t want to be on the dole but was struggling to find work. Thanks to the Trust’s ‘Get into Customer Services’ programme I’m now working full-time in a job I love, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. Events like this help to fund programmes that really do change lives like mine.”

The annual Business Dinner started 32 years ago in memory of Sajid Sabir, son of Aagrah Group Chairman Mohammed Sabir MBE, Dbs.

Every year, money is raised for different regional, national and international charities with 70 per cent of all funds donated to UK charities and 30 per cent allocated to charities abroad.

Enterprising students head to the finals

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BUSINESS: The Ethical Print team will travel to Buckingham Palace for the finals, pictured (Front l-r) Fatima Yunus, Lohash Lubsir-Latif, Raheel Kamran, Suhail Rahim, Hamza Tanvir, (Back l-r) Muhammad Yunus, Izaan Akhtaar, Mr Patel

BUSINESS: The Ethical Print team will travel to Buckingham Palace for the finals, pictured (Front l-r) Fatima Yunus, Lohash Lubsir-Latif, Raheel Kamran, Suhail Rahim, Hamza Tanvir, (Back l-r) Muhammad Yunus, Izaan Akhtaar, Mr Patel

Buckingham Palace awaits for Ethical Print team

A team of young entrepreneurs from a Dewsbury school will be taking their business to the capital next month, after they reached the final of a national competition.

The seven members of Westborough High School’s ‘Ethical Print’ group have shown they certainly possess the skills to succeed in a business-savvy environment.

Since setting up their company last year, as part of the ‘Tycoon in Schools’ initiative, the students have produced newsletters that promote local activities, whilst gaining revenue by selling advertising space.

The money raised by the group during a seven-week trading period at the end of last year saw Ethical Print secure sixth place in a profit league of almost 200 teams nationally, raising £5,289 in total.

In recognition of their success, they have been invited to a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace in March, alongside eight other student-companies hoping to be crowned the overall winners.

Headteacher of Westborough High School Jennifer Napper said: “We are immensely proud of the hard work, creativity and resilience shown by our students in this extremely tough competition.

“They certainly deserve their place in the final and we are very excited that the awards ceremony will take place in Buckingham Palace.

“I have no doubt this is a life changing opportunity for the students. The Tycoon in Schools competition is just what we need to inspire young people and help them see the link between school and the real world.

“The enterprising culture encouraged by the initiative, together with our recent outstanding examination results, means that students have a bright future to look forward to.”

Once the deadline for sales passed, the group submitted an evaluation report to a judging panel chaired by successful entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den Peter Jones CBE.

Mr Jones said: “I’ve been completely blown away by the standard of entries in this year’s competition and deciding who should go through to the final has not been easy. After long deliberation, we’ve chosen these amazing and diverse businesses and I can’t wait to meet them at our awards ceremony.

“The Westborough High School students have developed an interesting and sustainable business idea. Their proactive and professional approach is well deserving of a place in the final.”

The students have decided to distribute their profits between five charities, all of which have also received considerable coverage in the final newsletter. The remaining funds are to be reinvested so that the group can continue with the social enterprise.

The chosen charities are the RSPCA, the Salvation Army, Macmillan Cancer Support and Water Aid. The newsletter also features articles raising awareness of environmental issues.

Fatima Yunus, sales manager for Ethical Print, said: “By giving our profits to charity we are offering organisations the opportunity to donate in a way that is beneficial to them. We’ve had a great response and we’re really excited about continuing the business and hopefully sharing our model with other schools.”

Launched by Peter Jones and run by his charity, the Peter Jones Foundation, Tycoon in Schools – now in its third year – gives schoolchildren across the UK the opportunity to develop their own real-life businesses.

After pitching an idea to their teachers, they receive a loan of up to £1,000 from the charity to help kick-start their companies.

Lukman Patel, head of ethics at Westborough, said the students’ unique business model had been a huge success.

“Winning this competition would give us the platform to support similar social enterprises throughout the country in partnership with the Peter Jones Foundation,” he said.

“We want to help many more students to raise funds for charities, boost their local economies and help reduce the carbon footprint of their new advertising clients.”


Tropical Ices

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The Dessert People

In 1987, Abdulkadar first formulated the concept of Tropical Ices in his two-bedroom terrace house in Bradford, when he envisioned the concept of bringing the world’s favourite ice creams to the UK. forward more than 25 years to the present day, and there may have been many changes in the company, but the passion behind every product on the now 200-plus menu remains the same.

The founder’s legacy also continues to run at the heart of operations, through his son, Sahil Tai, and son in-law, Murad Tai, who now head the business, helping to take their father’s vision to new heights across the UK.

From buffet ice creams to premium options, smooth gelato tastes to irresistible cakes and their renowned ‘back-to-school’ puddings, Tropical Ices has exceeded all expectations in its 28-year history.
Operations Manager, Murad Tai, explained how the business had achieved such longevity by continuing to experiment with new flavours, and what his favourite aspect of the dessert industry was.“Ultimately what makes me so passionate about my job, and what has helped us become successful in the industry, is that we only put products out there that we love, and know someone else is going to love too,” he said. “With a love like that who wouldn't want to indulge?”

Tropical Ices may have countless offerings of desserts, yet it is perhaps their Italian gelato and prestige range that has gained most of the acclaim in recent months.

Rich and luscious in nature with extraordinary inclusions, the desserts are available in endless varieties from cookies and cream to candy floss, with each flavour as creamy as the next. textures and scrumptious swirls are not just a treat for the taste buds but are a visual delight as well, making them the ultimate temptation for any dessert parlour.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Sahil Tai, added: “We constantly add new, innovative flavours to our range, as we strive to achieve our goal of producing something to love for every customer.

“By understanding the changing needs of each client, and ensuring our full commitment towards implementing quality and service, we have introduced over 100 crazy, crunchy and yummy variants for dessert lovers.”

If you would like your business to get the ‘sweetest feeling’ this year, contact Tropical Ices today and see how they can help you with all your dessert needs.

Contact details:
Khatija House
Cliffe Terrace,
Bradford, BD8 7DX

Tel: 01274 492240

Opening Times:
Mon - Fri: 9.30am-5.30pm
Sat: 12pm - 5.30pm

Say ‘I love you’ with Hasan’s

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If you can’t make it to Paris or Venice this Valentine’s Day, then worry not, Hasan’s restaurant in Leeds could be just the romantic setting you need.

With a menu you are bound to fall in love with, plus a location perfect for any intimate evening, there is no need to be travelling abroad for this year’s special date.

Once inside the Kirkstall Road restaurant, customers will be exported to a dining paradise, with a range of traditional Punjabi dishes, all served up by award-winning chefs, who combine in-house secret recipes with classic tastes passed down through the ages.

Whether it is a mouth-watering, tender Lamb Nihari, or succulent Chicken Lasan that tempts your taste buds, it will certainly be a Valentine’s Day meal to remember, with a little help from Hasan’s.
Everything on the menu is stirred up, cooked and served using only the freshest ingredients and Halal-certified produce.

Owner and chef, Hasan Chaudhry, has spent his working life in the kitchen, and continues to develop his appetising dishes, flavoured with some family secrets.

You can even finish off your meal with a dessert-for-two, and delve into a luxurious creamy Mövenpick ice cream – two spoons of course – or perhaps a serving of the classic Ras Malai.

For the past five years, the restaurant has gone from strength-to-strength, bagging national awards, for the quality of curries on offer, alongside a first-class customer service.

Hasan’s own passion for food has helped the site establish itself as a dining hotspot in the area and continues to set the benchmark for other establishments in and around Leeds.

So, if you are still hoping to make this year’s February 14th one to remember, there is only one place you need to visit, for a romantic meal in Leeds.
352-354 Kirkstall Road,
Leeds, LS4 2HQ

Tel:0113 278 8990


Open seven days a week, 5.30pm-11.30pm

JR Autobodies

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Yorkshire’s largest independent bodyshop and MOT centre

Over the past 30 years, Leeds’ JR Autobodies has been providing MOTs and bodywork repairs for drivers across the region, growing into one of the country’s most renowned independent garages.

It was in 1982 that brothers, Ajmare Riyat and Jasmer Riyat, first set up the business alongside their father after realising a need to provide quality MOT services in Leeds. Starting life in humble beginnings, the business began operating out of a ‘shack-like’ building, just big enough to fit one car – a complete contrast of operations now., the business is booming, with JR Autobodies growing into Yorkshire’s largest independent body shop and MOT Centre, boasting a huge 11,000sq ft workshop space.

Although the brother’s father sadly passed away over two decades ago, his legacy continues through the business’ longevity, with Jasmer, and his nephew, Randeep (known by all as ‘Panda’), running the company with the same passion as it has been from day one.

The onsite MOT point has been classed as green light, a standard mostly only achieved by leading main dealer workshops.

Meanwhile, a team of engineers and mechanics can provide any bodywork refinish job needed, with the highest quality re-sprays and vehicle jigging services available at the most competitive prices.

Whether its refinishing your paintwork back to the new factory finish or making your car stand out from the crowd, with limitless custom designs and colours it’s all possible at JR Autobodies.

All work is guaranteed to bring your car back to the original factory finish which very few can achieve.

For all insurance work booked in, a free courtesy car is provided by the garage when required to ensure minimum disruption to your daily routine.

Likewise, if an accident is not your fault, a like for like vehicle will also be provided for the duration of your repair.

Customer Entrance - 8 Hovingham Avenue Leeds LS8 3QY
Trade entrance - 173 Harehills Lane Leeds LS8 3QE

Tel: 0113 235 0460 Web: