Mughals serves up sensational sweets this holiday season

Give your friends and family a ‘sweet’ surprise they will all enjoy this Diwali with a visit to Bradford’s much loved Mughals Sweet Centre and Restaurant.

Renowned for their homemade sweets, Mughals are the industry experts in the sweet department, providing the perfect gift to share with friends and family during the holiday season.

“It’s all hands on at the moment,” Mughals owner, Barber Rashid, said. “We’ve had a very busy summer period and with Diwali now just around the corner, it is non-stop for us.

“People are hoping to tie up loose ends before we hit the religious festival and what better way to celebrate than with some traditional sweets.”

Established in 1989, Mughals continues to serve all the fresh favourites, from Rasmalai to Rasgulla, and Gulab Jamun to Jalebis, inside their modern two-floor establishment.

Using the same family-secret recipes, which made Mughals a must-visit store all those years ago, the business continues to thrive as others come and go.


Speaking of the family’s success, Barber said he was extremely proud of what his father had managed to ‘bake up’.

“To be approaching 30 years in business is fantastic achievement and something we could not have done without the continued support of our customers,” Barber said.

“The idea here is simple. We aim to keep production going seven days a week, with products going straight into the fridge and out to our customers. Fresh and delicious every time.

“It is a business model which has worked over the years and one we have built our reputation on.”

Producing all their sweets in-house, Mughals are able to cater for the needs of all customers, from those wishing to purchase a bundle of baklavas, to mass-orders from wedding and event planners.

It isn’t only the sweets have been perfected over time, with exclusive packaging also guaranteed to delight customers.

Special boxes are available for religious holidays, including Ramadan, Eid and Diwali, as well as for wedding occasions.

Make sure you call in today and pick up the ‘sweetest’ of treats for your Diwali celebrations.


Contact details:

790-792 Leeds Road,



Tel: 01274 733 324