Forget the cost of living crisis… a new pizza outlet in West Yorkshire, billed as the UK’s first drive-thru pizza place, will be selling its New York-style XL pizza slices at a mind-blowing 15p!

You read that right… Sbarro is bringing a taste of New York City to Cleckheaton with its first drive-thru facility in the country, and as a homage to the company’s roots, is selling its mouth-watering pizza slices for 15p (normally sold at a around £3-3.50).

When the company first opened in the US in 1956 it was famous for its 15cents pizza slices, so this historic moment in the UK is paying tribute to that with the knock-down prices on Saturday July 6th.

What’s more, Sbarro Cleckheaton on Centurion Way, Cleckheaton, BD19 3QB, will be open from 6am every day, making it your go-to early-morning stop for breakfast on the go… whether that’s pizza slices or something from their breakfast range.

A spokesperson for Sbarro said: “In 1956, Carmela and Gennaro Sbarro opened the doors to their Italian salumeria in Brooklyn, New York. Carmela ‘Mama’ Sbarro made pizza slices for shift workers looking for a quick meal. Her slices were so popular that they soon opened a second location focused solely on pizza, and now there are over 630 Sbarro eateries across 28 countries.

“Our brand new store in Cleckheaton brings the convenience of a drive-thru restaurant coupled with the best quality pizza slices that Sbarro have perfected over almost 70 years, and we thought that the best way to reflect this was in the price.

“To mark our opening, we’re doing what Mama Sbarro did… selling the finest pizza slices at the same price point that they were in 1956. To celebrate our new Cleckheaton store, the first pizza drive-thru in the UK, we’re giving people the Sbarro quality for just 15p a slice.”

Sbarro Cleckheaton is the 16th location the brand has opening in the UK, and as another first has also decided to open at 6am to give hungry West Yorkshire folk the best start to the day, whether they go for the sausage, egg and cheese breakfast strombolini or the sausage, ham, egg and cheese pizza from the extensive menu.

There are also hash browns and a range of drinks including cloudy lemonade, dragon fruit, and a range of coffees including latte, cappuccino and the option to add hazelnut, vanilla or caramel syrup. Or you could go for a meal deal with a stromboli, hash browns and a drink to really set you up for the day.

If you want to know how much of a bargain the 15p pizza slice offer is, take a look at what some other household staples went for in 1956 (source:

A gallon of petrol — around 4.5 litres — was just 5s 4d — about 29p. That would set you back £6.50 today. A pack of 20 cigarettes was 25p in 1956, while a pint of beer was just two pence! You could get butter for a penny, a dozen eggs for 3p, and the average house price was just over £2,000.

You can’t get those prices back for everything… but you can get your favourite New York pizza slices from Sbarro at 1956’s knock-down cost of just 15p, but for one day only at  this ground-breaking drive-thru store at Cleckheaton Services, on Saturday July 6th. (Terms and conditions apply).