MUSICIANS: Nasheed artist, Ahmad Hussain, held a workshop at Feversham Primary School earlier this week
MUSICIANS: Nasheed artist, Ahmad Hussain, held a workshop at Feversham Primary School earlier this week

Music is ‘instrumental’ to school’s success

Children at a Bradford primary school are hitting all the right notes across the curriculum, as the school continues to make progress in almost every area…and music is behind the trend.

Feversham Primary, on Harewood Street, has invested heavily in its music department in the past couple of years, giving children greater access to instruments and lessons as part of their curriculum.

Jimmy Rotherham, is the music teacher at Feversham and has been at the forefront of the ‘music revolution’.

Commended by the head teacher, Naveed Idrees, as helping to bring a new element of fun into learning, Jimmy explained what the school had been up to as of late.

“I can’t think of another school which offers so much backing to its music department,” he said.

“We have a different guest musician every Friday, giving students the chance to learn new instruments with professional instructors. We also want to create a music hub for other schools here in Bradford.”

Mr Idrees added: “So many children have benefitted educationally since Jimmy began working here and the school has a real buzz about it now.

“The projects have been really well received by our pupils who are so much more confident in their own abilities now.”

On Tuesday 1st March, the school welcomed in its latest guest musician as internationally recognised nasheed artist, Ahmad Hussain, who held workshops with Year Three and Five pupils.

Teaching children about the instruments used in his genre, alongside a warm-up featuring different singing techniques, the classes culminated with a public performance at the school at the end of the day.

Mr Rotherham added: “We want to give our children a taste of all genres of music. By having Ahmad come down, they are able to see something completely different.

“He is a great talent and a fantastic Asian role model for the children. Not only will he be able to teach the kids about music but also pass on a really positive message about working hard.”