25-year-old Fatinah Hossain had laughed and told friends how ‘school boys flirted with her’

PIC2: Fatinah Hossain 2
CAP: Fatinah Hossain embarked on a prolonged campaign of harassment after being arrested

A school worker, with a masters in criminology, jailed for having sex with a pupil joked about how boys in her class ‘liked to flirt with her’.

Fatinah Hossain, 25, was sent to prison for five years after authorities found out about her illicit relationship which had continued for several months.

A court heard how Fatinah lied to the boy, 14, telling him she was pregnant when he tried to end the relationship.

She then launched a campaign of harassment against the child after being released on bail as part of the investigation, even offering to pay him to drop the charges.

Sources who knew Fatinah said she had joked about the ‘hormonal and horny teenage boys’ who tried to chat her up.

Fatinah Hossian – known as Tina to friends – was said to have become ‘infatuated with and obsessive’ over love interests.

She worked as a teaching assistant and supply cover teacher at the school in Horsham, West Sussex, after studying a masters in criminology.

In court, she was described as ‘infatuated’ with the schoolboy who she groomed.

Fatinah Hossain studied criminology and was working as a teaching assistant

In what the judge described as a ‘relentless and malicious’ campaign of harassment, she used fake social media accounts to make threats against other pupils and warn them against speaking to investigating officers.

After being charged and appearing before magistrates in October 2020, Fatinah tried to set up a member of the victim’s family by pretending to an underage teenager online.

She sent messages to the man in a bid to try and get him sacked from his job and even made false reports to police to try and get him arrested.

Fatinah was sent to prison for five years and four months at Brighton Crown Court. She will also be registered as a sex offender indefinitely.

Detective Constable Leigh Rankin, of Sussex Police, said: “This was a prolonged and distressing campaign and we are glad that justice has now been done for the boy and the several other people who became entrapped in Hossain’s web of lies and manipulation.”