Nazim Ali at the Fleetwood 10K Run

He’s a school career’s advisor on a mission, who’s recent 10K challenge while fasting 16-hours has taken his fundraising total to over £900,000.

Nazim Ali’s dedication to charitable work is truly inspiring. His long history of humanitarian work, both locally and internationally, demonstrates his unwavering dedication to serving others – from self-funded international aid deployments to bringing smiles to local hospitalised children with toy distributions.

His latest bout saw the ‘Ramadan Runner’ completing his 11th Annual Ramadan 10K Run on Sunday 7th April, while fasting almost 16-hours.

His fundraising challenges have now raised over £900,000 for various charitable causes, including his recent pledge to build new homes for impoverished families in Afghanistan.

Via his own ‘Nazim Ali Foundation’, along with Green Crescent Aid UK, Nazim aims to provide better living conditions for vulnerable groups in Afghanistan.

His selfless actions will not only provide shelter but also hope and dignity to those facing poverty and hardship.

By personally covering race expenses, Nazim ensures that every penny donated goes directly to the cause. His transparency and dedication to ensuring 100% of donations support the intended beneficiaries reflect his integrity and commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Talking about the run, Nazim says: “I completed my 11th Annual Ramadan 10K Run (while fasting almost 16-hours at the Fleetwood 10K Run in a time of 1 hour 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

“It was blustery conditions with the ferocious wind pushing against me for half of the race, which meant I had to work twice as hard.

“With the waves crashing on to the Fleetwood promenade overlooking Morecambe Bay meant our feet got wet!

“I finished the race at 11am and still had 9-hours before I opened my fast – no food or drink until sunset.

“Including this year’s running challenge while fasting, I have raised over £400,000 during the last 11 Ramadan running challenges, which I’m so incredibly honoured about.”

The ‘Afghanistan New Homes Project’ ensures that vulnerable people such as poor families, widows, orphans, the disabled and elderly can be moved from makeshift tent homes to safe and secure new two-room dwellings.

“I am grateful for the kind support of all my sponsors,” he comments.

“I have worked with Green Crescent Aid UK which is an experienced UK registered charity for over seven-years now, having visited Malawi and witnessed 126 house transformations, providing over 600 live goats to poor villagers in Malawi and so forth.”

Nazim’s accolades, including an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Bradford, underscore the recognition of his remarkable contributions to society. Nazim’s tireless efforts exemplify the spirit of Ramadan, embodying the values of compassion, generosity, and solidarity with the less fortunate.