Nazim Ali and Mohammed Azeem made 8-year-old Faizan Raza’s day with an Avengers helicopter toy

In his second round of toy distribution this year, once again, Nazim Ali created smiles for poorly children at Airedale Hospital.

Handing out over gifts in the spirit of Eid-Ul-Fitr, the prolific fundraiser marked the end of Ramadan with his good friend Mohammed Azeem. This now makes it his 41st ‘Creating Smiles’ toy distribution over the last eleven years.

Having raised an astonishing £900,000 for charity over the last decade alone, his recent bout saw him hand out over 30 toys for poorly children at the Children’s Ward 17 of Airedale Hospital.

Award-winning Nazim explains: “The essence of being a Muslim has the universal concept of kindness and compassion to all particularly those in need. It is these values that bring all people together regardless of belief and we hope we have achieved this at some level. It is a period where we should reflect and support the most vulnerable in society.

“The toy distribution is purely a gesture of kindness and to show that members of the wider community that we do care and think about them, and ultimately help uplift their spirits.

“The diverse range of gifts included cuddly toys, play sets, babies toys – with a mixture for boys and girls, and were handed out to children irrespective of the faith and ethnicity.

8-year-old Faizan Raza, a patient at the children’s ward was delighted from the selection of gifts to select his Avenger’s helicopter toy. Another child selected the 100 piece lego set.

Mohammed Azeem (Friend of Airedale Hospital) comments: “It was a great honour to have been once more asked to attend with my friend Nazim Ali, who never stops helping others and to support the fabulous work of the caring staff in the NHS which I have first hand experience of.”

Karen Reece, Play Leader at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are once more extremely grateful for Nazim’s generous donation through Saveco Cash & Carry. Thank you for thinking of us once again, we appreciate your continued support.”

Nazim’s ‘Creating Smiles’ initiative is supported by Shiraz Ahmed and Fairaz Ahmed of Bradford-based Saveco Cash & Carry.

“I thank Shiraz and Fairaz for their kind and selfless on-going support. They have been the main sponsors for the five-times a year ‘Creating Smiles Gifts initiative, which has been running for 11 years now.

“They have kindly donated thousands of pounds for these gifts to put a smile on the faces of children.”