Mubzz Bajwa completes 12-hour Fast Feed for charity but also to show how faiths and communities can come together

Mubzz Bajwa is no stranger to pushing his body to the limit, having already completed three Guinness World Records in one day. However, this time he has gone even further for charity.

The fitness enthusiast who recently who currently holds a number of Guinness World Records, really pushed his body to the limit by completing what was called ‘Fast Feed 12’. For 12 hours, he completed fasted pad work during Ramadan with no food or water.

The event which was completed on May 28th was done to raise money for Trussell Trust who are a network of foodbanks in the UK for the homeless. A charity which his 12 hour Thai boxing pad work has raised just under £2000 so far.

But he also wanted to raise a powerful message to show how different faiths and the community can come together and help each other at a particularly challenging time.

Mubz said: “I think it’s important that people in this country understand the powerful message of communities and different faiths and religions coming together.”

The process wasn’t easy for Mubz, who admitted that it was difficult from training to the end of the event. He said: “Training was difficult it involved a lot of steady walking up to 10 miles to get my legs used to being stood up for so long.”

The event itself had Mubz questioning his decision and admitted that there were stages he didn’t know if he would complete it he said: “I started at 9:00am and the first hour was so difficult, I wanted to cry.”

“From 10am I built a steady rhythm and I had a paramedic on site at all time, with regular medicals, one being at 2:00pm as well as one the night before the event.”

However, around half way through his ordeal he started picking up medical issues Mubz explained. “From 4:00PM my blood sugars dropped, while my blood pressure and heart rate were up.”

“Then later my blood sugars were at critical levels while my blood pressure and heart rate were now through the roof, the paramedic told me to stop but I carried on putting my life on the line, it was pretty much suicidal, putting my life at risk till I finished at 9PM.”

Mubz isn’t satisfied with completing this however and already has his next events in the pipeline he explained: “The next few events are already semi planned with a documentary approached to go abroad so there are options.”

“The next few events will be dangerous, I am very excited. This will raise eyebrows.”

Mubz also commented about how after the event many faiths and races combined to break fast together and that this was the importance of the event and message he wanted to get across to the public, how all different faiths, races and religions must stay united.