A floody mess: Hundreds of sites in UK still at risk of another deluge

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FEROCIOUS FLOODS: Yorkshire saw the wettest December in over a century last year

FEROCIOUS FLOODS: Yorkshire saw the wettest December in over a century last year

According to a government review, as many as 530 key infrastructure sites across England are still vulnerable to flooding.

The report has revealed a total of £12.5 million to new temporary flood defences in England.

During the wettest December in over a century last year, 16,000 houses across northern England were flooded and the review was then commissioned.

Critics at the time said defences were not up to the job.

The £12.5million means the Environment Agency would have four times as many temporary flood barriers than in 2015.

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom said the review set out ‘clear actions so we are better prepared to respond quickly in the event of future flooding and can strengthen the nation's flood defences’.

She added: “Work is already underway towards £12.5 million of new temporary defences stationed around England, better protection for our infrastructure and new flood modelling that makes better use of data and technology.”

She also said the government was investing £2.5bn by 2021 to protect families, homes and businesses from flooding.

In July, the Climate Change Committee, which provides independent advice to the Government and Parliament warned of ‘cascading infrastructure failures’ from flooding.

Friends of the Earth campaigner Guy Shrubsole, said: “This review suggests a sea change in Government understanding of floods, but its recommendations are a wash-out.

“£12.5m for temporary flood defences is a drop in the ocean when the review concludes that winter rainfall could increase by up to 30 per cent in future in parts of the UK - signalling politicians' acceptance that the climate is changing radically.”

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