ANTICIPATION: Aidan M will release the music video to his latest song, ‘Ishq Tera’, on Eid day
ANTICIPATION: Aidan M will release the music video to his latest song, ‘Ishq Tera’, on Eid day

One of Yorkshire’s rising stars on the music scene is preparing to launch his latest music video this Eid, as fans finally get a chance to see Aidan M’s ‘Ishq Tera’ brought to life.

The talented solo artist, from Huddersfield, has seen his career go from strength-to-strength since the 2015 release of his first single – Waada – racking up nearly 200,000 YouTube views and substantial downloads on iTunes.

Now, with fans eager to see his latest hit, Ishq Tera, on his official YouTube channel, the talented vocalist has announced a release date for Eid – Monday 12th September.

Speaking ahead of the release, he told the Asian Express: “This song is a very emotional love story which entails many true life stories of today where what you think doesn’t always happen.

“With myself I have the famous actor, Sonia Chohan, whom it was a pleasure working with.”

A trailer for Ishq Tera – which means ‘Your Love’ – was released earlier this month on 6th September at the same time as it was made available for download.

The music video was filmed across Huddersfield at venues including Lalas restaurant, Green Head Park and St George’s Square.

With many fans commenting on social media ahead of the video release, Aidan adds that it will all, hopefully, be worthwhile.

“I have been really humbled and blessed with all my loyal and wonderful supporters who also motivate me with their beautiful comments and love,” he said.

“To my fans I say ‘be ready to be gripped by the wonderful storyline from start to finish’.”

With so much accomplished in his short music career, the question now is what does the future hold for Aidan M?

“For now my complete focus is on the release of ‘ Ishq Tera’ which is going worldwide on Eid day -then after I will be busy on tour for my latest song,” he said.

“After that I have a party style song which I will be working on then hopefully soon I will try releasing  a song in Bollywood.”