CEO of Regal Food Group welcomes HRH The Duke of Gloucester at the company headquarters, Bradford

Regal Food Products Group Plc experienced a momentous occasion on Tuesday 23rd April, as HRH The Duke of Gloucester graced their headquarters in Bradford with his presence.

With significant investments and changes to their main manufacturing site, Regal proudly waved the flag for Yorkshire manufacturing, showcasing their dedication to innovation and progress.

The visit was marked by warmth, hospitality, and a genuine celebration of Regal’s rich heritage and contributions.

The Duke’s arrival was met with a warm welcome from Ed Anderson CBE, The Lord-Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, setting the stage for a day filled with camaraderie and admiration.

As he was introduced to Younis Chaudhry, the Chief Executive Officer of Regal Food Group, The Duke embarked on a journey through the company’s storied past and promising future.

Starting with a meet and greet with staff, the Duke gained insight into Regal’s 20+ year journey and its impressive portfolio of brands.

But the highlight of the visit was undoubtedly the Duke’s behind-the-scenes tour of the bakery and manufacturing facilities.

HRH The Duke of Gloucester gets a tour of the facilities by Mr Younis Chaudhry

Led by Mr Chaudhry, the Duke and his entourage marvelled at the craftsmanship behind Regal’s household favourites, from Madeira cakes to Cake Rusk.

A poignant moment arrived as a commemorative plaque was unveiled, immortalising the Duke’s visit and its significance to Regal Food Products Group Plc.

For Mr Chaudhry, this event was more than just a royal engagement; it was a testament to the dedication and passion of every individual within the company.

In his remarks, Chaudhry expressed gratitude for the honour bestowed upon Regal by the Duke’s visit, highlighting the company’s commitment not only to excellence in the food and drink industry but also to supporting communities worldwide.

“He commented: “We were honoured to host a special visit by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Gloucester in celebration of our journey.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the work we do, not just within the food and drink industry, but the initiatives we support within communities around the world.”

“We have made significant investments and changes to our main manufacturing site and we were proud to show it off and wave the flag for Yorkshire manufacturing.”
“This event is a real milestone for Regal and it is one that will be remembered and celebrated for many years to come”.

As the day concluded, the echoes of the Duke’s visit lingered, leaving an indelible mark on Regal Food Products Group Plc and serving as a beacon of inspiration for the years to come. This event was truly a milestone, one that will be remembered and celebrated for generations within the Regal family and beyond.