‘Constructing’ a future for refugees: Empowering Communities call on fundraisers to join Snowdon challenge

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CLIMB: Fundraisers for Empowering Communities will scale Wales’ highest peak next month and you are invited to join them

CLIMB: Fundraisers for Empowering Communities will scale Wales’ highest peak next month and you are invited to join them

This week saw World Peace Day on 21st September. With wars raging around the world, the current refugee crisis means we now have the largest number of refugees since WW2, approaching a staggering 60 million globally, and most of them are children.

Everybody wants to help those who have fled their war-torn homes in search of a safer place to raise their families and build their future.

A refugee may have been a doctor, engineer or teacher in his home country before war drove them out and into the camps you see all through the media today.

They had no choice but to leave everything behind and escape with little more than their own lives. This means that they just need a chance to rebuild their own lives and once again give their children the brighter future they had dreamed of.

Rising from the ashes of these difficult times has been one beacon of hope which has transformed the lives of many families in the third world.

Bringing hope, building a future and supporting them every step of the way, Empowering Communities has a unique approach to tackling these difficult situations for refugees, homeless and impoverished people throughout.

With construction underway on yet another refugee shelter, their third housing project which was jump started by the staggering £9,100 raised on 5th September through sponsorships for the Mt Snowdon climb, Empowering Communities are focused more than ever to helping ease the refugees’ struggle.

Empowering Communities is aiming to raise money for the completion and operation of this shelter so that not only can a roof be built over the heads of those who had their homes bombed and neighbourhoods destroyed, but to work on their amazing core mission.

Helping with accommodation is only the beginning, they also aim to provide employment assistance so people can find jobs in a field they are familiar with or get trained to work in a new field.

They will also be providing free medical care to the families so that things like hospital and medical bills are not another obstacle to empowerment.

All of these elements combined will lead to these refugees being able to regain their status in life and stop depending on the help of others in order to survive - eventually settling permanently in their newfound home or one day returning to their native country and picking up the pieces to rebuild again.

Empowering Communities are always looking for help towards this cause and you too can join in now and help with the Snowdon Challenge.

Just raise a sponsorship of £100 and tag along on the 10th October 2015 to climb Wales’ highest peak.

“A small taste of what the refugees have been through should perhaps open our hearts in solidarity with our fellow humans who want a life just like yours and mine, but have instead been forced to face the elements and travel thousands of miles to find safety.”

You can call the office on 01274 502 750 or email at info@empoweringcommunities.org to sign up.

Take part in the Empowering Communities Snowdon challenge and make a difference for a refugee family today.

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