The actor plays the role of Sir Johar Ali Khan, the husband of Pakistan’s first woman Lieutenant General, Nigar Johar, played by Mahira Khan

An established film star, Bilal Ashraf has made his television debut in the highly anticipated telefilm Aik Hai Nigar, which premiered on ARY Digital on 23rd October.

Being his first TV role, he’s won over audiences and critics alike.

An accomplished actor, Bilal plays the role of Sir Johar Ali Khan with subtlety and accuracy.

From the wardrobe to the nuances of his body language, Bilal has played the character with great honesty and heart.

Remaining true to the character of an army officer, Bilal emotes the character with his eyes and body language with minimal dialogue.

The kind of acting Bilal has delivered in a minimalistic manner is truly commendable.

It is interesting to note that Bilal chose a woman-centric film for his television debut.

Bilal’s role is essentially a supporting role, however, it is one that is absolutely crucial to the narrative.

The character of Sir Johar Ali Khan is a supportive husband who not only supports his wife’s career as she eventually outranks him, but is also proud of her achievements.

This sets a new precedent in the kind of role played by the leading men of Pakistan’s film and television industry.

Bilal Ashraf has truly made an impactful television debut in not only his choice of role but also in his acting prowess.