Health secretary Matt Hancock said the government will “look at” any fines incurred by families who travelled for childcare purposes during the coronavirus lockdown.

Hancock was responding to a public question in Tuesday’s COVID-19 Downing Street briefing, which came in the wake of the Dominic Cummings controversy.

The prime minister’s aide said he travelled to his family’s property in County Durham to self isolate and insisted it was allowed because restrictions make room for childcare issues.

Hancock said: “We do understand the impact and the need for making sure that children get adequate childcare.

“That is one of the significant concerns that we’ve had all the way through this.”

He added that it was “perfectly reasonable to take away that question, I’ll have to talk to my treasury colleagues before I can answer it in full and we’ll look at it.”

He added that he would provide the questioner with a full answer and an announcement would be made at the briefing podium in Downing Street.