When you think of the name Jassi Sidhu you’re automatically taken back to the heydays of modern UK Bhangra.

The foot thumping heart pounding tracks from the 2000’s when UK Bhangra music ruled the airways. A time when you danced from ‘Veer Ji’ to ‘Ki Kehneh’ wherever you were across the world.

Now 2017 see’s Toronto’s celebrity DJ, DJ K Square venture into the world of production as he collaborates with the ambassador of UK Bhangra Jassi Sidhu to bring you ‘Haa Kurvakeh’.

From touring the world as DJ to the stars, to establishing himself as the premier DJ in North America, the move into production is the next logical step in an already impressive resume.

DJ K Square’s thinking behind the song was quite simple.”Musically I grew up in the late 90’s at a time where UK Bhangra was the biggest sound in the world.

“Jassi’s songs just encompassed everything about that movement from the likes of ‘Chandigar’ to ‘Ama Ni Ama’ it was such an original fresh sound, a sound and feeling that I wanted to capture again and introduce it to a whole new audience.”

And so DJ K Square presents to the world ‘Haa Kurvakeh’ with a sound that will make a whole generation of listeners reminisce and a whole new generation of listeners sit up and take notice.

Jassi Sidhu’s track record speaks for itself, a career that has crossed more than two decades with a catalogue of songs second to none.

The certified ambassador of UK Bhangra has taken his sound from Hollywood to Bollywood earning a legion of fans on the way with his unmistakable voice and unique style.

‘Haa Kurvakeh’ is the Jassi Sidhu sound with the DJ K Square twist. A huge Bhangra song with a sound and style that is impossible to replicate or imitate.

In an age where so many songs sound so similar, prepare yourself as the most recognisable voice of his generation Jassi Sidhu and North Americas finest DJ K Square, unleash their collaboration on the world.