Using music as a binding force in times when everything seems unprecedented, composer Azaan Sami Khan, has announced his new project – a debut solo album titled Main Tera.

Usually absent from social media, Khan has taken to Instagram to unveil the album cover, along with an exciting track list and the release date of his first single, which also happens to be the title track, all set to release on 10th February 2021.

Known for his chart-topping compositions in films, a step towards something far more intimate at this point in his career felt right for Khan. “I wanted to do my own album for many years and have managed to infuse a lot of personal elements in it. It’s almost biographical in some ways. I have delved into the first time I fell in love with somebody, the first crush, the first heartbreak, you’d basically witness a lot of firsts in this as it’s my first album,” he explains.

Moreover, the nine-song track list also reveals a collaboration with the legendary maestro Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for starters. The full track list includes songs titled Maahiya, Dholna, Mein Tera, Jaadugari, Aashiqui, Ik Lamha, Meri Sajna Re featuring Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Zama and Tu.

In addition, there’s a bonus side revealing versions of the songs performed at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London and something interesting to see, a “Karachi Mix” of the song Jaadugari.

With subject matter that many will resonate with, Khan also reveals who’s always at the forefront for him whenever he’s creating music. “For me, the fans and the listeners are the most important.

“So far, they have given me so much love for my compositions in films, so it is equally important for them to know that I haven’t compromised anything when it came to sharing my own album with them. The idea is to give them the absolute best experience that I can,”he says.

The album announcement completes what has been a remarkable period for Khan, who gave the Pakistani entertainment industry hit after hit in critically and commercially acclaimed films like Parey Hut Love, Superstar, and Parwaaz Hai Junoon. The release date of the album is yet to be announced but we’ll be on the lookout for what the single has in store for us.

The album will be released under the banner of Hum Music, an initiative established by Hum Network Limited to support and highlight the incredible music and diverse roster of creative musicians that Pakistan has to offer.

The vision behind founding Hum Music is to help revive the lost culture of concerts, album launches and the pop scene that the country was once known for.

Debuting with the incredibly talented Azaan Sami Khan’s album ‘Main Tera’, Hum Music aims to revitalise Pakistan’s music scene by bringing exclusive and experimental music to global audiences, featuring stalwarts of the country’s music scene along with young aspiring talent.