Farhan Akhtar says he prefers to cover up his body for photo shoots.

In the latest episode of a talk show, where a picture of Farhan from his shoot for Daboo Ratnani’s 2016 calendar for this year was highlighted, Farhan recalled the picture shoot.

“This was last year, while shooting ‘Rock On 2’, when we came back from Shillong. This is November or December of last year, it was for Daboo’s calendar which was this year. There’s a lot of diet that’s required to even get into shape, for that shot in particular,” Farhan said.

He said he was feeling conscious while doing the shoot because the photographer wanted the show on the side of a road because he liked a certain wall.

Farhan said: “It took Daboo about six years of trying to convince me to do a shot for him without my T-shirt on. Every single time he would say to do it, I would always come and put something on. I am like, ‘I can’t, I don’t want to do it.'”

“I don’t like going topless at all. I much prefer a body when you wear clothes, especially if you don’t really have much of a physique going on below.”