Saturday 24 September 11am – 4pm

On Saturday 24 September, Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester, will be holding a South Asia Big Saturday. This is part of a series of public consultation events the Museum will be holding leading up to the development of our partnership South Asia Gallery with The British Museum in 2020 and Courtyard Project funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.

mm-big-saturday-south-asia-sm-tile-800x800Throughout the day there will be South Asian arts, music, theatre and food. It will be an opportunity to discover more about the ancient civilizations of South Asia as well as experience contemporary art forms.

Come along and try Bhangracise, the latest dance craze that uses bhangra as a get fit activity. Find out more about the ancient civilisations from South Asia through an arts workshop with Zareena Bano exploring the Indus scripts through to contemporary calligraphy. Explore Bharatanatyam; an expressive dance form used for storytelling presented by Bradford arts organisation Kala Sangam.

You can also try your hand at designing your own henna patterns or even take part in a South Asian literature workshop in the afternoon. Amongst all of the activity you can check out our rickshaw, hear music and try some delicious South Asian street food.

Manchester Museum, which is part of the University of Manchester, has the UK’s largest university museum with a collection of about 4.5 million items from every continent. Its combination of the academic and the popular is what makes the museum so distinctive and lies at the heart of its widespread appeal.

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