Hamza-Ali-COVER (329x500)Hamza Ali Abbasi – who first shot to fame in ‘Pyaray Afzal’ – was offered a role in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Baby’ which he rejected as his sequences were based on anti-Pakistan theme this year.

The role was eventually taken up by another Pakistani actor – Mikaal Zulfiqar.

Hamza, who’s an actor-turned-social media activist, is known for his controversial and brash views – he regularly takes to Facebook and Twitter to air his views about everything from showbiz and society to politics and religion. He says he considers it is his responsibility to do so.

During an interview he said: “I feel it’s an insult to me if I ever feel scared of something, the biggest misconception in Pakistan is that you can’t speak your mind.

“A while back, I said a few things about religion and art, how they’re not different from each other. Some people hurled abuses at me, others agreed with my opinion.”

Does his vocal nature hurt his career? We know brands have retracted contracts and whatnot. It’s a thought that doesn’t cross his mind, we guess.

Hamza believes that rozi-roti lies with God alone: “If we agree that respect or disrespect is given by God, this idea can actually liberate you.”

If his bold stance and affiliations with a political party are leading people to believe that he’s contemplating a career in politics, Hamza lays those assumptions to rest.

“I’m not a career politician, but being a Pakistani, everyone should have a political opinion. If good people stay out of politics, then we will be ruled by the scum of the earth.”

So where is his career headed? While he didn’t talk about his directorial venture Kambakth, he did make clear his thoughts about the industry at large:

His favourite medium is TV for its wide reach, but Hamza has high hopes for the film industry. While he says that film is yet to be the bigger medium, its revival in Pakistan has been incredibly fast-paced.

“This was made at a time when we were making one good film every few years, and this year we have ten films that we want to watch in cinemas.
“All this is happening with hardly any resources; imagine what we can do in ten years when we have a proper infrastructure in place.

“I’ve had three to four Bollywood offers, really good ones. But I don’t see myself going to Bollywood. I don’t need to.

“If the film industry in Pakistan was non-existent, it would have been another story – but our cinema is getting to world class level. I’d be crazy to leave right now.”

Shaan-Shahid (334x500)45-year-old Shaan Shahid is undoubtedly the don of Pakistan’s film world – Lollywood. The actor, writer, model, and film director who made his debut in 1990 in Javed Fazli’s film ‘Bulandi’ starring opposite Reema Khan, has 500 films tucked under his belt.

He was approached to play the role of a baddie in Amir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’, but he refused it as he didn’t want to disappoint his Pakistani viewers and fans who adore him as a hero and not as a villain.

Faysal Quraishi

Faysal-Quraishi-8 (800x533)

A popular star in the Pakistani television industry, Faysal-Quraishi has been offered a number of Bollywood films, but the actor/director says that he’s never been keen on working in Bollywood.

He is known for directing or writing comedy dramas, sitcoms, commercials and music videos and over the years, Faysal has carved a niche for himself with his stunning performances in many super-hit Pakistani drama serials.

From his rustic role in ‘Boota’ to his critically acclaimed character of Ayaz in ‘Roag’, he’s proved time and again that he can portray any character with ease. With his menacing role as Bashar in Pakistan’s most expensive drama ‘Bashar Momin’, the Pakistani celebrity reached totally new heights.

Saba-Qamar (332x500)

Saba Qamar

32-year-old Saba Qamar, who’s worked hard to earn respect as an outstanding and versatile Pakistani actress, model and host, has been offered four Hindi film projects, two of them being ‘Delhi 6’ and ‘Love Aaj Kal’, which she rejected.

The beautiful babe, who made her debut on a Pakistan ‘Main aurat hoon’, has worked in numerous hit dramas like ‘Dastaan’, ‘Maat’ and ‘Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai’, also hosts the television comedy ‘Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain’.

Humanyun Saeed

Humayun-Saeed (800x533)

He has proved his potential as a powerhouse performer in several Pakistani dramas. But when it came to working in Bollywood, the actor always rejected the offers made to him.

Sajjal Ali

sajal-ali (800x533)

The pretty lass is just too happy with the fame and respect she has achieved through her Pakistani shows that she has no plans to do Hindi films.

Sanam Jung

sanam-jung (768x630)

The beautiful actress underlines that she can’t shed her inhibitions and go bold onscreen, which is usually the demand in Hindi films. Thus, she rejected few Hindi films she was offered in the past.

Mehwish Hayat

mehwish-hayat-2 (800x590)

The gorgeous girl was approached for ‘Jut James Bond’ starring opposite Jimmy Shergill, but she showed no interest in the film and turned it down.