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IMG_2810 (337x450)Chandeliers, magnificent mehndi stages and a sprinkling of magic

Finding the right wedding venue is a task every bride and groom must do to ensure they have the perfect setting to create monumental memories that will last a lifetime.

In Dewsbury there is no place more magical than The Grand Banqueting Suite.

Ashiq Hussain’s family-run business dazzles from the roadside thanks to its amazing use of glass which floods sunlight into the venue and showcases the gigantic chandeliers which hang majestically from the ceilings within its eye-catching modernist architecture.

A venue that is used mainly used for weddings, The Grand Banqueting Suite is one of the largest wedding venues in the north. It has an astounding 370 car park spaces and can comfortably seat up to 1,400 people, making it the perfect place for lovers with a big guest-list.

RB2_5894 (287x450)Inside, the surroundings are stunning. Polished wooden floors gleam and glisten, crystal vases glitter and the two-tiered East Wing resembles a ballroom from the world’s most romantic fairytale.

Azhar Mahmood, marketing manager, said: “With Asian weddings, the celebration has two phases. You have the wedding day (nikah) and then afterwards you take part in the walima day which is when the male members of the wedding party have their own celebration.

“At The Grand, our catering facilities are located on site. We have table service only which means that guests can sit back and relax without having to go back and forth to a buffet.

“When Asian weddings are large, they are segregated. Typical Asian weddings will have men on one side and women on the other. We do full segregation which is easy to achieve as we have two wings, East Wing and West Wing.”

Outside, a beautiful water feature presents the perfect opportunity for gorgeous wedding photo moments whilst a stunningly elegant room for the bride and groom to retire to is ideal for the more intimate shots.

The Grand Banqueting Suite offers the full package: from decor to drinks; to dinner and organising every minute detail so that your big day is everything you ever wished for. All you have to do is worry about arriving on time!

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The Grand

Banqueting Suite

549 Huddersfield Rd,


WF13 3JW

Phone:07852 288540

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