Tobacco hidden behind concealed bathroom panel

More than £100,000 of carefully concealed illegal and potentially dangerous tobacco has been smoked out in Dewsbury.

Officers from the Dewsbury and Mirfield NPT and West Yorkshire Trading Standards are continuing to investigate after seizing a high value haul of goods in a joint operation in Dewsbury.

Attending officers said they had been surprised by the lengths those involved had gone to in concealing their stash, with some hiding places being worthy of a James Bond style spy film.

They said in one case a false fuse on an electrical consumer board released the board to reveal a hidden cupboard filled with illegal tobacco. Another was hidden in a section of hinged false wall hidden behind a bathroom mirror which slid up within the frame it was in.
The joint teams visited retailers in Dewsbury with a specialist drugs dog in the operation.

In addition to the tobacco a number of illegal disposable vapes were seized, the vapes containing more than the legal maximum of 2ml of liquid, around 600 puffs.

The operation was the latest in a series of raids by police and trading standards and police in Kirklees to clamp down on illegal and counterfeit goods sales.