The perfect setting for your perfect day

“Wow!” That’s the first word the Asian Express team uttered when they stepped down the grand and winding spiral staircase of HQ Banqueting, which led us to a vast and extravagant wedding hall.

Our eyes were drawn along the red, film-star carpet and up to a breathtakingly enormous chandelier which gave off such a dazzling display of luxury crystal that the walls positively shimmered in its reflection.

“We want all of our clients to enjoy a tailor-made, bespoke wedding and here, at HQ Banqueting, we can do just that.  The ballroom alone has a capacity for over a thousand guests,” Ameer Hamza, the manager said.

The family-owned business has enjoyed a fantastic response since they opened in April of this year.

Located on a tranquil industrial estate, the entrance stuns thanks to magnificent exotic palm trees which flank each side of the doorway and elegant monograms on the huge glass doors.

Guests can enjoy ample parking space with 15 fabulous  VIP spaces at the front of the building and 70 more spaces at the back.

The recent university graduate from the University of Bradford has just taken over his family’s business and is concentrating on transforming the incredible space into the best place to tie the knot in the north.

“HQ Banqueting has really been the brainchild of my father, Arshad.  It’s all from his imagination and dreams,” Ameer explained.

“He’s designed everything and he especially loves his food trade. Dad started off from humble beginnings with just a burger van and thanks to his tireless hard work, we now have a company which also gives back to the wider community.”

At HQ Banqueting, clients can enjoy mood lighting which changes colours in an array of beautiful ambient shades, an incredible sound system – including a soon-to-be upgraded PA system – the best catering in Bradford, chocolate fountains and even fruit displays.

“Everything is luxurious and bespoke. Clients can pick the colour of their chair ribbons, pick their own menu and pick all the extras. The bride and groom can even change the stage, which has unrestricted views thanks to our lack of pillars. Our aim is to make your wedding completely unique.

“We’ve been in the catering business for over a decade now so this was the next natural step for us. From July to August, we’ve had 20 weddings and even managed to get some in this winter.”

Guests can expect to indulge in a quality of service that truly sets the venue apart.

“There’s a large kitchen area around the back. We have facilities here to keep the food warm and separate serving hatches if people so wish,” Ameer added.

Amir took over his family’s business and ‘grew up in the catering environment’.

“I’ve been doing it all my life. My father and my uncles are the experts and know the trade inside out. I’ve taken over the service side, making sure everyone is happy and organising it all beforehand so that your special day runs flawlessly.”

All prospective lovebirds should fly on down to HQ Banqueting on Bolling Road, for a wedding that will undoubtedly make memories you will both treasure forever.

HQ Banqueting

Bolling Rd,



Phone: 07739 997 483