PUBLISHED! College worker turns author upon release of his first book

WRITING: Faisal Shah says he felt liberated after hearing his novel, Company of Warlords, would be published
WRITING: Faisal Shah says he felt liberated after hearing his novel, Company of Warlords, would be published

A first time author from Huddersfield has brought a ‘modern twist’ to a classic mystical tale as his debut novel – Company of Warlords, hit the shelves for the first time last month.

38-year-old Faisal Shah is a student support worker by trade at Kirklees College yet when he isn’t in the classroom, he is at home, in libraries or coffee shops, working on his other passion as a writer.

Having spent over two years writing his book, Company of Warlords was finally published by York Publishing Service (YPS) and brings the classic story of King Arthur to the present day.

“I first thought up the story when I was at university studying a creative writing course so to finally have it in print feels great,” Faisal said.

“It is a very lonely process writing a novel. You can be working on one chapter for days, and it takes hours of sitting and contemplation.

“When I received the feedback in March from the publisher, and it was positive, that was the best moment for me.

“There were changes to be made but the fact that someone had read my story, and it made flowing sense, that’s the moment I think I felt like I had achieved something. It was liberating.”

Despite working on the novel for a long period of time, the Newsome-based author has only recently told his students and employers about his ‘secret’ talent.

Now hoping to see Company of Warlords revitalise a classic tale, he thanked all the people who had supported his project.

“Everyone has been really supportive since I told them about the book,” he added. “My manager even asked for a free copy.

“I also would not have been able to get the book printed without the help of YPS and my mother, Balqis Begum, who has backed me all the way.”

Company of Warlords follows disgraced British Ex Royal Marines Commando – Arthur, as he plunges into a deadly game of cat and mouse in an attempt to protect a Syrian village from a notorious terrorist called ‘Lucius the Warlord’.

After being recruited as a mercenary from the mysterious Fisher King group, Arthur relies on his strength, intellect, instinct and vigilance, as he protects innocent Syrians from the rise of Lucius, whilst another figure from his past, awaits revenge in the background.

The novel is available on Amazon Kindle, from Barnes and Noble, or via YPS, for just £6.99.


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