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With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, a population of over 1.2 billion, 29 states and an unparalleled history, India really can be looked upon as a gem of Asia.

However, there is a darker side of the giant nation and it is this phenomenon which we do not see as much of.

Where you have the colourful dance sequences of Bollywood movies, many people overlook the huge levels of poverty which plagues the country.

With over 270 million people living in abject poverty, more than one in five people have to struggle to even find their next meal.

When a nation has such a huge problem with poverty, millions living in slums and the ease of operation for begging gangs, child prostitution and the criminal world running rampant, then the problem is significant enough to require as much help as possible.

Empowering Communities has embarked upon its next project in India to try and start making inroads to tackling and eradicating this problem.

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When a man has no means of feeding himself and relies upon begging for food, it is not in fact a plate of food he needs, but a sustainable income from a job.

When a child has calluses on their hands from fixing car engines, they don’t need a tip of a few extra pence but rather they should be in school, getting an education so that they can grow up to earn a living in a stable and well-paid job.

The disabled and elderly should not be forced to rely on the mercy of strangers passing by for the mere purpose of medication or the very basic necessities to get by.

This is where the purpose of Empowering Commun-ities takes effect. Having already established a base and making a huge difference in Pakistan, they have now decided to expand operations into India. At just over one-year-old, this organisation is moving quickly to achieve their goal of eradicating poverty one step at a time.

Now with their new shelter under construction in Jalandhar, India, Empowering Communities will be providing shelter, jobs, skills training and medical care to the poorest people in the area allowing them to receive the support required to take control of their lives and start working on building a better future for themselves and their families.

Empowering Communities aims to remove the shackles of poverty from as many families as possible so they too can work towards a better future for themselves and their future generations and break free from the hand-to-mouth cycle they’ve been living on their whole lives.

Children should be at school getting an education, adults should be working jobs which are not back-breaking slavery but rather a wage they can live on and raise a family with. The disabled and elderly should receive care and support to assist them through life during the years they aren’t able to do so for themselves.

Empowering Communities are always looking for help towards this cause and you too can help by either volunteering or making a donation.

You can call the office on 01274 502 750 or email at info@empoweringcommunities.org to offer your help or setup a direct debit. Alternatively, text EMPOWER to 70660 from your mobile phone to give £3 today.