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State-of-the art gym equipment set for Keighley leisure centre

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Gym-goers in Keighley will soon be able to experience walking up the Eiffel tour, jogging through the alps or taking on the battle ropes as the leisure centre takes a step into the future.

State of the art gym equipment is being installed into The Leisure Centre, Keighley during the refurbishment of their gym facilities; due to be reopened on Saturday, 6th January 2018.

The complete refit will see cardio-vascular workout machines connected to the internet so members can share their workout on social media, link in with other gym users or watch digital TV on the clear TFT LCD display with touch screen technology.

New resistance and free weights equipment will also be part of the revamp for The Leisure Centre's facilities.

The gym will also include a studio rig – equipped with an adjustable pulley, battle ropes, punchbags, chin-up bar, medicine ball rebounder and plyometric step; the T98e treadmill with a clear display that includes settings which can replicate hiking through Alpine mountain scenery, running through Canyons or jogging across beaches of white sand and the StairMaster 8 Gauntlet with which you can choose to climb the steps of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or Taj Mahal.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council's executive member for environment and sport, said: "By investing in the gym at The Leisure Centre in Keighley, we are securing its future in more ways than one. "We will have a truly state of the art gym that will make our facilities attractive to our residents and encourage people back to see how good the facilities are."

"By encouraging more people into the gym to use our facilities, we will also help keep local residents in Keighley more active, healthy and happier with their wellbeing."

The closure of the gym has been scheduled to coincide with the quietest time of the year to make sure it affects the fewest number of gym members as possible.

Keighley members will be able to use alternative gym facilities at Bingley Pool, Shipley Pool or Thornton Recreation Centre whilst the refit is taking place.

Swimming and fitness classes are not affected by the refurbishment of the gym and will continue at The Leisure Centre, Keighley.

Why is wearing makeup to the gym bad for your skin?

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Yes, we know we all want to look like a diva whilst breaking out into a sweat, but wearing make-up whilst exercising is bad for our skin. Let’s confess - we do see gyms full of women wearing full faces of carefully applied cosmetics.

Mascara is one thing - though beware, you may find it running down your cheeks by the end of the session - but with foundation and powder you risk blocking pores and congesting skin that really needs to be able to sweat, sweat, sweat.

Ideally, it's best to avoid wearing make-up to the gym. Increased temperature brought on by exercise can lead to open pores, which can become blocked by particles of make-up. This can easily lead to breakouts and, in turn, uneven skin texture.

It isn't just sweat, though. In constant contact with feet, hands and the floor, things like yoga mats, bicycle handles and weights are the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that causes acne. If you are wearing make-up, it gives this bacteria something to cling on to.

So, we've established that working out in make-up can lead to the odd spot, but will refusing to get rid of your full face of products lead to long-term damage? After all, we spend a fortune shopping for serums and moisturisers that promise to lend our skin an otherworldly glow, and a lot of time applying them properly.

It is how you cleanse that could have a big impact on your skin's health. While it's a good idea to remove make-up before the gym, you also need to be sensible about cleansing. Over-washing using too hot or too cold water onto your skin can lead to dryness, sensitivity and irritation. Exfoliating will also help get rid of heavy makeup.

Skin expert Claudia Fallah says: “I know that a lot of women use their lunch break to go quickly to the gym.

“Of course you are wearing your make-up and want to have a quick workout but you need to go back to the office/work with your make-up on? Bear in mind you are sweating and if you rush back to work without having cleansed your skin it could cause redness and irritation that can lead to long term problems.

“Especially if you suffer from Rosacea you should cleanse before and after the gym, it's a "must" not a whenever!”

Listers Health: The Gold standard in gyms

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Record memberships at Listers Health during Olympic spectacle

After clinching 67 medals at the Olympics, and a further 147 at the Paralympics, it is fair to say that Team GB’s athletes smashed all expectations and records out in Rio.

Closer to home, records were also being broken at a Bradford ladies-only gym, as Listers Health signed up more members over the four-week period of the two international games than ever before.

Maureen Coverdale is the Gym Manager and Personal Trainer at Listers Health and says she was pleasantly surprised to hear the rush of running shoes at the door.


“Everyone just seems to have got back into fitness all of a sudden,” she said. “Ever since opening our doors for the first time, we have seen a steady increase in members every week.

“However, throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the demand for memberships boomed to a level we have never seen before.

“On the day of the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Rio, a record number of ladies signed up to the gym. It seems our Team GB athletes are inspiring a nation of women to get fit and active.”


Based in the historic Lister Mills building, Listers Health is the number one ladies gym in the city, with a range of the latest cardio and resistance equipment available for all members.

SONY DSCOver 40 exciting classes run free of charge every week, whilst a relaxing steam room and an infrared sauna provide the perfect post-workout treat for them sore muscles.

Alternatively, why not call into the in-house beauty studio, for a pampering treatment, worthy of any gold medal.

“If you are hoping to achieve a toned body like Jessica Ennis-Hill or build up the fighting strength of Nicola Adams, we can help you achieve all your goals here at Listers Health,” Maureen said.

“Our personal trainers are on hand to provide the advice and guidance you need to succeed. All that’s missing now is you.”

With expansion plans currently underway, which will see the site become the largest studio-focussed gym in the city, there has never been a better time to sign up to Listers Health.

Contact them today and begin your Olympic training with the ‘Green Team’.


Contact details:

Lister Mills,

Heaton Road, Bradford, BD9 5BE

Tel: 01274 270 607


One year of Listers Health

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Bradford’s favourite ladies are smashing goals and hitting targets at gym 

When women’s only gym - Listers Health - opened its doors for the first time last year, the promise of creating a healthier Bradford was made, with ladies signing up to reach their fitness goals.

Fast forward 12 months and the spacious workout centre is not only thriving in the city, but continues to welcome new members on a daily basis.

Based in the historic Lister Mills building, an abundance of the latest contemporary cardio and resistance equipment sits fashionably inside, as women are welcomed into a fitness centre quite like no other.


Whether you are training for a marathon, looking to lose a couple of inches from the waistline, or even train for a competition, all the equipment and motivation you need can be found at Listers.

Maureen Coverdale is the Gym Manager and Personal Trainer and has overseen the first year of workouts.


She said: “The response over the past year has been better than we could have imagined and we are overwhelmed by the success so far.

“To see women coming in here and reaching their goals within a matter of months is really empowering and it is impossible not to feel good when walking in here.

“We have so much going on, from our completely free classes, to personal trainer sessions and our stunning beauty salon, it’s hard not to fall in love with the place.”


To celebrate their one year anniversary, all machinery and equipment at Listers Health has been refurbished and serviced to guarantee their longevity for the benefit of members.

A new, renovated shower area has also recently been installed whilst some extra surprises are currently being ‘worked out’ for the not too distant future.


“Everything we offer here is done with the members in mind,” Maureen added. “We are not a corporate, national business – we are a caring gym which offers a personal service to every one of our clients.
“The gym looks better than ever today and our members are enjoying themselves here.”

Upon entering Listers Health, the sound of trainers pounding away on treadmills hums alongside the rattling of barbells and friendly chatter amongst members.

To add your beat to this harmony of health, contact Listers Health today.


Four in ten only exercise as part of calorie justification

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athlete-does-his-workout (800x533)

Four in ten Brits are only exercising to work off their unhealthy diet – an increasingly common regime dubbed the Calorie Justification Programme (CJP).

Millions of exercise fans admit they only put themselves through their fitness regimes to burn off the excess calories they consume through their extravagant lifestyle.

And rather than focusing on getting fit and healthy, many are using it as a way of ‘balancing the scales’ – wiping out the unhealthy food they have already tucked into or giving them an excuse to eat more.

The poll also found that over half of gym-goer adults treat themselves to an unhealthy snack/meal/drink after exercising because they feel they’ve ‘earned it’.

What’s more, the hours spent sweating it out at the gym are becoming increasingly counterproductive as 80 per cent of those admit they usually end up consuming more from their ‘reward’ than they actually worked off beforehand.

Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, health and fitness expert and best-selling cookbook author said: “No matter how hard you train, you can’t out train a bad diet!

“If you’re exercising it’s really important to give your body the right fuel and it’s this combination that gives the best fat loss results.

“I recommend doing a 20 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) session and then eating a tasty carb loaded meal afterwards, such as a bagel stuffed with meat, egg and tomato, or a curry with rice or even meatballs and pasta.

“At other times, you can eat delicious protein meals such as steak and salad or stir fries.

“Of course we all get a bit guilty now and again, and that’s fine. The most important thing after a big night, or blow out meal is to get back on it.

“My ethos is stop calorie counting, throw away the sad step, get exercising, eat right and get lean.”

The study of more than 2,000 adults also found the average adult is exercising six times a month for a total of about four hours – well below the recommended amount of nearly 11 hours per month.

But while getting healthy, fit or toned are the most common reasons for heading to the gym, more than a third go in order to make sure their body looks as good as it can, while almost a quarter want to fit into certain clothes.

Exercising on a treadmill

Meanwhile, almost half see the calories burned during exercise as extra food and drink they can then consume rather than energy units they have lost and need to avoid replacing to keep their weight down.

The study also found 46 per cent of people will head to the gym or exercise before a big meal or night out with friends to ‘bank’ some of the calories they know they will be consuming.

Thirty-eight per cent also exercise so they can enjoy a more unhealthy diet than they would otherwise.

Researchers also revealed a lack of time is the most common reason for not going to the gym, along with having no motivation, being too tired or simply not enjoying exercise.

Other reasons include having no money, the gym being too busy or being too intimidated to exercise alongside people who may be fitter or slimmer than you.

The research also reveals that pet peeves could play a factor in Brits avoiding exercise, with nearly two thirds listing their top hang-ups.

Busy gyms were found to be the nation’s biggest gripe, followed by people leaving machines soaked in sweat or hogging them entirely.

People who take it too seriously, look in the mirror as they work out or make unnecessary grunting noises also feature on the list.

Top ten reasons for exercising:

To feel healthy

To get fit

To tone up

To look good

Because I feel like I should

To build muscles/strength

To fit into certain clothes

To prepare for a holiday

To be able to eat more unhealthy foods

To justify a big meal or night out

Top ten ‘after-exercise rewards’

A bar of chocolate

A glass of wine

A slice of cake


A packet of crisps

A takeaway

A pint of beer


An unhealthy meal


Top ten reasons for not exercising or not exercising more:

A lack of time

No motivation

You’re too tired

Bad weather

Don’t enjoy exercise

No money

It’s too busy

No-one to go with

No confidence/too intimidated

A bad day at work

Top ten gym pet peeves:

Busy gyms

People leaving the machines with sweat on them

People hogging a machine

People who take it too seriously

People staring at themselves in the mirror as they workout

Unnecessary grunting

People waiting right next to you for you to finish on a machine

People hanging around the machines chatting

Running next to someone who is super fit or skinny

People who treat the gym as a social hangout

Thinking inside and outside of the BOXing ring

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khalil gym opening (800x532)

‘Not producing champions in the ring, producing champions in life’

A new boxing gym, aiming to educate young members of society both inside and out of the ring, opened its doors for the first time in Bradford last month.

The Lion Gym, in Greengates, is the result of years of hard work by police community support officer and boxing coach, Khalil Alam, and follows on from the successful ‘Contender’ initiative.

Set up to coincide with the work of local youth services, ten week courses will ruin from the establishment covering topics such as drug awareness and healthy eating.

Khalil explained further: “We previously did a project with West Yorkshire Police, NHS and a healthy eating team called ‘The Contender’. It was set up to give young people the chance to mix education with boxing through a ten week course.

“Although the kids really enjoyed themselves, after the ten weeks were up, they were basically lost again in the system.

“This new gym will give young people the chance to continue to train here after the 10 weeks are up and therefore keep them away from dangerous lifestyles.”

Khalil says it was actually the children who had requested for the new space to be opened after the success of previous projects.

Working with community centres in Ravenscliffe and Thorpe Edge, it is a project close to home for Bradford-born Khalil.

“I hope the gym can act as a hub for these groups and bring something new to the area,” he added.

“I have set this up with help from local community groups and it is not in any way for profit. It is very important to me that we give young people the opportunity to excel. We have the right organisations on board and everything is ready for the young people now.”

Setting up the gym in his own time, Khalil balanced his busy life and overcame health problems yet was able to officially cut the ribbon last week alongside Bradford Lord Mayor, Cllr Joanne Dodds.

Local boxers, Qais Ashfaq, Tasif Khan and Harris Akbar were joined by India’s Vijender Singh on the day, to bring a knockout punch to proceedings.

Although Khalil says he would love to see his gym help produce an athlete on par with the aforementioned names, there are other priorities.

“The aim here is not to produce champion boxers in the ring but to produce champions in real life,” he added.

For more information about The Lion Gym please visit


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Achieve your fitness goals

For the past five years, Every Day Fitness has been helping people across Leeds achieve their health aims, whether it be to shed a few pounds, tone up some muscle, or prepare for a marathon.

Now, following a six-month refurbishment, the gym is back bigger and better than ever with free taster sessions available for aspiring new members.

With all the latest cardio and weight machines, including Life Fitness equipment, Every Day Fitness provides the perfect environment for your workout, with a team of friendly staff always on hand.

SONY DSCLocated at the iconic Hamara Centre building, in Beeston, hundreds of members were previously registered before the flooding forced the temporary closure.

Fazle Rabbi is one of the club members and explained what others can expect when signing up with Every Day Fitness.

“Six months ago we had a flood in the gym and were forced to remodel this whole space,” Faz said.

“We have made the best of a difficult situation and now we have this fantastic space which provides all the equipment and machines you could need for all workouts.

“It is a state-of-the-art gym and I would urge anybody looking to get healthy to try a taster session and see what is on offer.”

Unlike other gyms, there are no yearly contracts at Every Day Fitness, with memberships charged at just £15 per month with no joining fee.

Workout in a friendly environment, developed with members in mind, and take advantage of class timetables, as well as access to swimming clubs, walking clubs and Zumba.

Wasim Hussain is another member who has utilised the state-of-the-art machinery in recent weeks and has already seen the difference a ‘bit of hard work’ can make.

“All the equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals are available at the gym,” he said. “All you need now is a bit of hard work and you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Contact Every Day Fitness today to receive your free taster session and start the journey to a healthier you.


Contact details

Hamara Healthy Living Centre,

Tempest Rd,


LS11 6RD

Opening times:

Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm,

Sat-Sun: 11am-5pm

Tel: 0113 277 3330

Listers Health: Women’s gym and wellbeing centre

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After months of construction, refurbishment and renovations, the ‘weight’ is finally over for the launch of Bradford’s newest ladies only gym with the official opening of Listers Health.

Located at the iconic Lister Mills, the modern gym and wellbeing centre boasts all the latest Life Fitness equipment required to help you reach your personal goals, whatever they may be.

From running a marathon to shredding a few inches off the waistline, the spacious workout area provides cardio and resistance equipment of the highest quality with personal trainers onsite to offer advice and support at all times.


Be sure to visit the newly launched website,, to check out packed class timetables and see how you can begin your journey to a ‘better you’.

Project manager, Shazia Sarwar, has overseen the development of the gym from day one and says she is delighted to now be able to welcome ladies into the exciting environment.

“When this project first started, we had a huge amount of work to carry out so now it is a fantastic feeling to just walk through this amazing setting,” she said.


“Today the gym is a place to be proud of, with hundreds of ladies already signing up to take advantage of the latest facilities right here in the city centre.

“As well as our workout areas and studios, the relaxing steam room, infrared sauna and beauty salon located on site are just more reasons why Listers Health is raising the bar for ladies only gyms.”

What better way to relax after an exhausting workout than a pampering session in the salon or to take the weight off your shoulders with a peaceful steam.


Listers Health is much more than just a gym, it is a setting designed with members in mind, from the comfort of their lounge area to the studios and workout space.

Maureen Coverdale is the Gym Manager and Personal Trainer, running free classes daily for members to take part in.

“I have worked in many gyms previously yet the standard we have now achieved here at Listers Health surpasses all of them,” she said.


“Members are amazed by the transformation of this place as soon as they walk through the door, and we have had so many positive comments on the way the place is run.

“Classes are always busy, from the popular Spin to Pilates and Boxercise, we have so much to offer here. I would urge any lady, thinking about joining a gym, to come down and take a tour of the facilities and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

Sign up for a Listers Health membership today and receive your discounted membership for just £19.99 a month – usually £29.99, but hurry as this offer will not last forever.


Contact details

Lister Mills, Heaton Road, Bradford BD9 4SH

Tel: 01274 270 607



Opening times: Mon-Fri: 7am-9.30pm

Sat: 9am-4pm   Sun: 10am-4pm

‘The Curve’ opens in Bradford

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One of Bradford’s historic Victorian buildings finally completed its transformation into a state-of-the-art fitness facility last weekend as ‘The Curve’ officially opened in Manningham.

Based at the former site of Manningham Baths, the new lady’s gym opened its doors on Saturday where the local public and guests were invited to come down and have a look around the refurbished site.

The Curve Gym

The Curve Gym

As a protected building, the gym had to be designed around many of the building’s original features to coincide with the specification issued by conservationists and Bradford Council.

Mixing the latest modern equipment with many of the bath’s original features enabled the re-launch of the building which has already gathered recognition for its innovative design.

Amongst the guests on the launch day was the Bradford Lord Mayor, Cllr Khadim Hussain, who performed a special ribbon cutting before being given a guided tour around the gym.

The Curve Gym

The Curve Gym

Speaking about the site, the Lord Mayor praised the design and hoped it would provide a much needed facility for women of the city.

“This place is superb,” he said. “Not only can you still see a lot of the original features but you can see how they have been worked around to allow almost 200 people to come in at any time.

“It’s a huge project in terms of investing in the city area like this and it is all about preserving the history and architect here in Manningham as well as being a much needed resource for local women.

“In Bradford obesity and diabetes is a big issue anyway so a fitness facility like this one here can only help to tackle some of these issues.”

The Curve Gym

The Curve Gym

Amongst the facilities available at The Curve are: a reception area, beauty room, hairdressers, spa, gym, studio, spin studio, sauna, steam room, changing facilities, and a café, which all provide a one-stop shop for Bradford’s women.

Despite the ‘new-look’, the gym has been designed in such a way that it can be transformed back into a swimming pool upon request. A mezzanine has been erected in the former pool space to take advantage of the area available whilst original stalls and structures still remain, just with a modern twist.

Councillor Arshad Hussain, Chairman of Bradford West Area Committee, was tasked with overlooking much of the project from day one and was delighted to give women a safe place to exercise.

He explained: “In places like Manningham, where there is a high Asian population, a lot of the women can become isolated in their home. This place is great as it offers an exclusive place for women to workout.”

Adding: “The character of the building is still here and it is nice to see a building which is 100 years old still standing. It is very symbolic to have these original features still here blending in with the fantastic technology of the latest fitness facilities.”

The Curve Gym

The Curve Gym

Helen Moore, Club Manager at The Curve, was appointed in her role in December and added her praise to the project.

She said: “To actually see it transform from the old swimming pool to what it is today is amazing. I can just see it full of women working out in the pleasant environment that it is and I can’t wait to get started.”