Gym-goers in Keighley will soon be able to experience walking up the Eiffel tour, jogging through the alps or taking on the battle ropes as the leisure centre takes a step into the future.

State of the art gym equipment is being installed into The Leisure Centre, Keighley during the refurbishment of their gym facilities; due to be reopened on Saturday, 6th January 2018.

The complete refit will see cardio-vascular workout machines connected to the internet so members can share their workout on social media, link in with other gym users or watch digital TV on the clear TFT LCD display with touch screen technology.

New resistance and free weights equipment will also be part of the revamp for The Leisure Centre’s facilities.

The gym will also include a studio rig – equipped with an adjustable pulley, battle ropes, punchbags, chin-up bar, medicine ball rebounder and plyometric step; the T98e treadmill with a clear display that includes settings which can replicate hiking through Alpine mountain scenery, running through Canyons or jogging across beaches of white sand and the StairMaster 8 Gauntlet with which you can choose to climb the steps of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or Taj Mahal.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s executive member for environment and sport, said: “By investing in the gym at The Leisure Centre in Keighley, we are securing its future in more ways than one. “We will have a truly state of the art gym that will make our facilities attractive to our residents and encourage people back to see how good the facilities are.”

“By encouraging more people into the gym to use our facilities, we will also help keep local residents in Keighley more active, healthy and happier with their wellbeing.”

The closure of the gym has been scheduled to coincide with the quietest time of the year to make sure it affects the fewest number of gym members as possible.

Keighley members will be able to use alternative gym facilities at Bingley Pool, Shipley Pool or Thornton Recreation Centre whilst the refit is taking place.

Swimming and fitness classes are not affected by the refurbishment of the gym and will continue at The Leisure Centre, Keighley.