Vasiliy “Loma Lomachenko” – pound for pound the best boxer in the world… and his quest has to be the greatest…

By Khalil Alam

Lomachenko won every medal and tournament as an amateur boxer, he holds the all-time record for winning a world championship as a professional with the fewest fights (he won a world title in his 3rd professional fight), two weight champion in his seventh fight and three weight champion in his twelfth fight.

He is the current number one ranked best pound for pound boxer in the world but Lomachenko claims that this is only the beginning to his quest to be the greatest boxer to ever enter the sport.

Lomachenko has now set his goals on unifying the 135lb weight category and then returning back to his usual weight of 130lb, when asked why drop down back in weight and his answer is simple “because I can and secondly because it has not been done before.”

Lomachenko is the current WBA/WBO lightweight champion and there is no one even remotely as good enough boxer to match him in the ring.

I am writing this column on the eve of British Anthony Crolla challenging Lomachenko to a boxing bout and I have already predicted a comfortable win for Lomachenko, I say this was absolute confidence because he is that good of a boxer.

Lomachenko next fight will be against IBF lightweight champion Richard Commey who was scheduled to fight him in April, but withdrew following an injury.

“Right now, I am a lightweight, but lightweight is not my ideal weight category. My goal now is to unify all four titles, and then, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll move back down to 130 pounds and win world titles there for a second time,” Lomachenko said.

“I don’t know too much about him (Anthony Crolla). I know him from his two fights with Jorge Linares. I do know he is an aggressive fighter, and I like to fight guys who come forward,” Lomachenko said.

“I want to fight the best. But now, Crolla is the best choice. He is the mandatory challenger and wanted to fight me. That is why I accepted this fight. I don’t know. I can’t see in the future. It depends how he fights. We’ll see.

“I prepare like always. We are training hard. I’ve been training for a couple months already and will put on a great performance for my fans in Los Angeles and on ESPN+. I will show everyone my best style and hope everyone enjoys it.”

The two time Olympic Games gold medallist, is a boxing sensation and his unique skills inside the boxing ring are a display of boxing excellence, skill rarely been seen before. As a boxing coach I appreciate his impeccable timing, hand speed, accuracy, athleticism and footwork.

In my opinion Lomachenko is the perfect boxer and already one of the best ever.