Reunite with family and friends with Emirates special fares

Emirates Airlines are offering special reduced rates to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Having launched on Thursday 26th and running until Monday 6th November 2017, Emirates sale is offering incredible prices on fares to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, making it easier to meet family and friends in time for winter.

The sale includes Economy Class fares from London Gatwick to Mumbai (from £369), Birmingham to Islamabad (from £419) and Newcastle to Dhaka (from £455).

The destinations these flights depart from include; London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow to a range of major cities across Asia.

The travel dates on offer from London Heathrow are all 31 October – 7 December 2017 and 31 December – 22 March 2018, with travel to Mumbai and Delhi both at £395.00, while Bangalore is priced at £429.00. Travel to Islamabad and Lahore are both priced at £435.00 while Dhaka is £469.00, these prices are for economy class.

Again, the travel dates from London Gatwick are the 31 October – 7 December 2017 and from 31 December 2017 – 22 March 2018. Prices to Mumbai start at £369.00, while fares to Delhi and Bangalore are £365.00 and £399.00 start from respectively. Fares to Islamabad and Lahore both start at £405.00, while Dhaka starts at £439.00, these prices are for economy class.

Birmingham’s dates also match the London Gatwick and London Heathrow dates and all prices shown are economy class only and are what the fares start at. Prices to Mumbai start at £385.00 and Delhi £379.00. Fares to Bangalore start from £415.00 while both Islamabad and Lahore start at £419.00. Fares to Dhaka start at £455.00.

Manchester’s fares are also economy class and the same dates previously stated for the other destinations. Prices to Mumbai start at £399.00, Delhi £395.00, while prices to Bangalore start at £429.00 with Islamabad and Lahore at £435.00, prices to Dhaka start at £469.00.

Newcastle’s prices shown are also for economy class and for the dates which have been previously stated. Prices to Delhi start at £379.00 while Mumbai starts at £385.00. Bangalore and Islamabad both start at £415.00. Lahore is £425.00 while Dhaka prices start at £455.00

 The final destination which is offering these special fares is Glasgow and as was the case with the other ones all fares shown are for economy class and from 31 October – 7 December and 31 December 2017 – 22 March 2018. Delhi starts at £395.00 while Mumbai starts at £399.00. Bangalore starts at £429.00, Islamabad starts at £435.00 as does Lahore. Dhaka starts at £469.00.

 *Terms and conditions apply. Book by 6th November 2017. Featured fares include all taxes and charges, subject to availability. Economy Class fares valid for travel between 31st October – 7th December 2017 and 31stDecember 2017 – 22nd March 2018. Featured fares are based on payment by debit card. Emirates applies a charge for credit card and PayPal payments. Date exclusions apply. Changes before departure are not permitted. After departure, 1 free of charge change is permitted on the inbound journey. The ticket is non-refundable. Terms and conditions apply.


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