“Nothing is ‘too much’for me in this job” explains award-winning Yorkshire Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf

Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf, who is not only regarded as an inspirational leader, but has also won an award for Outstanding Leadership at this year’s prestigious West Yorkshire Policing Awards.

Inspector Rauf, who is responsible for the Batley and Spen Ward in Kirklees, is a highly regarded Inspector who works tirelessly in the support of the community he serves.

Joining South Yorkshire Police in 1992 where he was promoted to Inspector, Rauf was the first British Asian to be promoted to this rank at South Yorkshire Police.

He then transferred to West Yorkshire Police in 2004 where he undertook a variety of roles including Force Duty Inspector, Patrol, Custody and Neighbourhoods Inspector which is the role he currently holds.

He uses his strong leadership style to encourage and support colleagues, whilst also leading by example.

Nothing is too much trouble for him.

He makes clear the standards he expects from his teams and they consistently deliver outstanding results for him.

Throughout his career he has dealt with a number of high profile cases including the murder of Gurmail Singh in Huddersfield, the murder of Jo Cox MP and home invasion burglaries in Batley and Dewsbury.

His response to the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox in particular highlights his ability.

On 16th June 2016 several calls were received from members of the public stating that there had been a shooting in Market Place in Birstall, and that the local MP, Jo Cox along with members of the public, had been badly wounded.

Insp Rauf made his way to the scene to directly support his staff and led on what was a rapidly unfolding critical incident.

He remained fully immersed in the operation and events afterwards acting, not only as a facilitator, but also the point of contact for key individual networks, partners and the wider community ensuring that there was cohesion and unity at such a time of despair.

The actions of this local leader on the ground at time of great uncertainty for the public, offered a true beacon of support.

He commented: “I have now served 25-and-a-half years with the police and currently serving at Neighbourhoods Inspector for the Batley and Spen ward which is something I thoroughly enjoy.

“Every day is a different day when working in the police service and no two days are ever the same.
“The challenge for me is always to ensure that no matter what we face that we endeavour to make sure that we do our best to help all our communities.

“Also, we go out of our way to ensure that the public understand what we do and crucially why we are doing it.”

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