The RTA specialists

After a non-fault road traffic accident (rta), the natural reaction for any driver may be to contact your insurer and start the long-winding process of arranging your claim.

However, what some drivers are still unaware of is the fact that many of these major insurers across the country are still passing your details onto solicitors who can take up to 25 per cent from the overall settlement.

Not only does this leave you with a lower payout than you deserve but also takes away your basic right to select your own solicitor.

This is where Northone Solicitors can help. Operating in Leeds, the team of legal experts deal with all cases, including non-fault road traffic accidents, and guess what? They don’t take a penny out of your settlement.

The Roundhay Road solicitors offer a no-win no-fee service for all personal injuries and whilst your car is assessed by local independent engineers, the team can also arrange like for like replacement vehicles at no cost including taxi vehicles within the shortest of time frames.

Shahzad Ilyas is a director and solicitor who specialises in serious road traffic accidents and accidents at work.

Having seen hundreds of clients pass through the doors, and winning them the 100 per cent compensation they rightly deserve, he explained what set the Roundhay Road solicitors apart from the rest.

“Here at Northone, we always put the client’s needs first,” he said.

“When it comes to road traffic accidents, I have seen so many examples of drivers contacting their insurer who instruct a solicitor on their client’s behalf. These same companies then take a percentage of the compensation for themselves.

“We strongly believe that after suffering injuries in an accident, the settlement awarded should all be given to the claimant and so we will never take any sort of cut.

“Just because your insurer puts you in touch with a solicitor it doesn’t mean you have to use them. You have the right to select your own and we are dedicated to getting you what you deserve.”

So, rather than waiting in endless queues on the phone with your own insurer, why not just call in to Leeds’ favoured solicitors and make Northone Solicitors your number one choice.

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