On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Priyanka Chopra delivered a smooth interview – perhaps it had something to do with tequila shots she downed there.

Priyanka Chopra, when she headed to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, may have had Quantico and Baywatch on her mind but the host – never to go for the obvious – discussed tequila instead.

priyanka-tequilla-398x400Priyanka and Ellen started chatting and as an ice-breaker, Ellen offered tequila. Priyanka downed it in a shot and was smooth from there on. She did say, however, that she preferred ‘elegant’ red wine.

Priyanka was offered a shot by Ellen because she took one on the red carpet at an awards show recently. The Quantico star said that shot made her “wonky” because she hadn’t eaten all day.

She also reveals she feels powerful playing the role of an FBI agent in her Hollywood TV show Quantico. Priyanka was on Ellen DeGeneres show to promote the second season of her US drama show.

When Ellen asked Priyanka did she know anything about CIA, FBI, she said, “No, I mean we have our own acronyms in India, which is CBI, but the only thing I knew about FBI, CIA is what I watched on TV, which is like ‘Homeland’, and all the shows that we love.”

“I did not know how to explain myself, but it gives you such a sense of power when you break down a door, and go, ‘FBI, FBI!’ in that voice. It’s really like… you feel really powerful. I enjoy that part the most, in ‘Quantified’,” she said in a statement here.

Priyanka explained that she wanted to become an aeronautical engineer but she was already a beauty pageant winner by that time and when she attended school it was so “awkward”.

The ‘Bajirao Mastani’ actress has been making her mark in Hollywood with her American TV show Quantico. She plays the titular character, Alex Parrish. She will soon be seen making her Hollywood debut Baywatch opposite Dwayne Johnson.