1. Did your personal upbringing and life experiences influence the themes and narrative of The Accountants, and can you provide any examples of how this influence manifested in the production?

I hope that this production really does have a universal appeal regardless of if you’re Indian or Chinese. I’m neither, but fascinated by both. I made this show for that reason – to reflect universal experiences. My father was an accountant, my mother a maths teacher and I love figures and numeracy. My art is very mathematical and precise. The creation of this project was mapped out with infographics with remote working relationships. My life experience was that I have only discovered China and India later on in my life. I’m so excited about these cultures and people and that’s really what I’m trying to express.

2. Can you share the inspiration behind using The Accountants as a vehicle to showcase humanity, and how do you believe this theme enhances the audience’s connection to the play?

I don’t think you can showcase humanity – I think you can feel it. The show starts in a world that is technologically overwhelming. It’s a bit like a huge website. There’s too much going on and our brains almost cannot cope. As the show progresses, we slowly remove these overwhelming, and sometimes oppressive structures and move to a space where there is less than less. There is pure dance and pure dance can express pure emotion, pure feeling and beauty.

3. What broader societal conversations or reflections do you hope The Accountants will spark within the community or among its viewers?

I hope the show resonates with all audiences and with all people. There is so much in this show that is not necessarily just about India or China, for example our online relationships and intergenerational relationships. It touches on issues of sexuality and our definition of stereotypes, I don’t think these are unique to any particular race or culture and I think that everyone in this day and age questions so much about themselves. There will hopefully be a story that will resonate with all individuals. It is a layered show and the choreographers have brought their own dimension and the video designers idontloveyouanymore have also brought their questioning into their artistic presentations. There are layers of conversations, visual, emotional and personal journeys with a universal appeal.

4. Do you think this story would make a different impact if it were a different medium?

I think the only other way the story could be told would be on film. The story on stage is told on phone screens, the dance is intertwined with video projection, it’s a bit like an online website and we get information, plot lines and story in all sorts of unexpected ways.