In an awe-inspiring display of determination and compassion, a man from Bradford, has captured hearts and minds by completing the iconic London Marathon 2024 in an impressive time of 4 hours and 55 minutes.

But Tariq Parvez’s his achievement is not just about crossing the finish line; it’s about the journey he embarked upon to support the noble cause of the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA) – the UK face of Pakistan’s Shaukat Khanum Hospital, which offers free cancer treatment to patients who can’t afford it.

Established in 1994, it was a first in Pakistan as a comprehensive care facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and provides cutting-edge cancer care to thousands annually, regardless of their financial means, relying heavily on charitable donations to sustain its lifesaving work.

Tariq’s dedication to this cause resonates deeply with the mission of the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, founded by the legendary philanthropist and former cricketer, Imran Khan.

Tariq’s life is a testament to resilience and adventure, with endeavours ranging from conquering the K2 Base Camp to navigating the challenging terrains of Gilgit Baltistan. His participation in the National Three Peaks Challenge further underscores his commitment to pushing boundaries for a cause greater than himself.

And there’s no stopping Tariq. On Saturday 27th April Tariq and his team climbed Scafell Pike – Englands highest peak towering at 3209 feet high, in the heart of the Lake District is England’s tallest mountain.

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“I’d like to warmly welcome anyone in partaking these challenges with us. All fundraising monies will go towards cancer treatment and care in Pakistan via the IKCA.”

For over two decades, Tariq has stood as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to join the fight against cancer. His message is simple yet profound: “Take the leap and make a difference. Your efforts can truly change lives.”

“Tariq’s journey, from the rugged peaks of Pakistan to the bustling streets of London, epitomises the spirit of selflessness and determination,” expressed a spokesperson for IKCA.

“His actions not only raise vital funds but also shine a light on the plight of cancer patients worldwide. We are immensely grateful for his steadfast support.”

In a world often overshadowed by adversity, Tariq’s unwavering dedication reminds us that every step forward brings us closer to a future where cancer is no longer a threat.

If anyone anyone like to join these challenges, please contact Tariq on 07973165474.