The World Central Kitchen (WCK) has announced the resumption of its operations in the Gaza Strip after ceasing work following Israel’s targeted assassination of seven of its staff on 1 April.

WCK was established after the earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January, 2010, affecting three million people who were either killed, injured or missing, with the aim of providing food to the afflicted.

Despite the magnitude of the impact of the Haiti earthquake, the organisation said in March that “the situation in Gaza is the most dire we’ve ever seen or experienced in our 15 year history.”

The organisation runs 68 “community kitchens” in Gaza and has sent more than 1,700 trucks loaded with food and cooking equipment so far during six months of war.

The staff members killed in Gaza included six foreign nationals and their Palestinian driver.

“The humanitarian situation in Gaza remains dire. We are restarting our operation with the same energy, dignity, and focus on feeding as many people as possible,” CEO Erin Gore said on Sunday 28th April.