ONE GOAL: One Nation have one vision, where there is justice and compassion
ONE GOAL: One Nation have one vision, where there is justice and compassion

Charity’s aim is for a world where compassion reaches everyone

One Nation is a UK-registered charity based in Batley, West Yorkshire, who have been operating for four years. 

They campaign for a better world where basic amenities and social opportunity become ‘the norm’ for all people.

The charity’s main focus is on alleviating poverty for those in dire need of humanitarian aid.  From newborn babies; to injured victims of war and the elderly – their vision for the future global environment is one that produces justice and is based on compassion for all.

One Nation works on a variety of local, national and international projects. These range from their ‘Feed the Homeless’ events throughout the UK, to providing emergency aid relief to victims of the ongoing war in Syria. 

They respond to emergencies and natural disasters in countries such as Palestine, Bangladesh, and Sudan with financial and humanitarian assistance. 

The group initially started their work back in 2012 when they witnessed the Syrian genocide unfold and wanted to help in any way they could.

That year they sent their first convoy of ambulances full of aid to help the field hospitals.

Members of One Nation have travelled more than 20 times since, to set up long term projects and help alleviate the suffering of the innocent families, widows and orphans. 

They are one of a few charities where trustees and volunteers have personally delivered food parcels to the areas of Aleppo, Lattakia, Hama, and Idlib as well as aid to besieged areas such as Madaya, Ghouta, Yarmouk and Homs.

The team now delivers food parcels and fresh bread every month to thousands of people inside Syria and have also recently set up a purpose-built widows and orphans camp called ‘project hope’ which provides safe and secure shelter, electricity, clean water, food, clothing, healthcare and educational facilities.

One Nation also regularly sends containers full of aid to the war-torn nations as well as sponsoring many field hospitals inside Syria.

FEEDING THE HUNGRY: The charity have had unprecedented access to the world’s most needy
FEEDING THE HUNGRY: The charity have had unprecedented access to the world’s most needy

Due to the refugee crisis in Europe, the philanthropic team recently sent a convoy of over 50 vehicles to help deliver humanitarian aid in countries such as Austria, Germany, Croatia and Hungary.

This initiative also involved a trip to the island of Lesvos in Greece to help deliver clothing, food and shelter.

A spokesperson from One Nation said: “It was a truly saddening experience where we saw mothers, babies and people who were injured from bombings. Even pregnant women arrived and sometimes fell unconscious as soon as they were taken off the boats.

“Many of the children were shivering and had to be given thermal blankets and warmer clothes to stop them catching hypothermia. In April, our team also visited Sudan to assist the Eritrean refugees by providing food and medicine.”

These journeys have given the charity unprecedented insight into the situation that people face.

This Ramadan, One Nation are helping to provide food for the most needy from only £1.00 per person per day – or £30.00 for the month, in the following countries: Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Bangladesh, Sudan and India.

 Contact details below:

For more information about One Nation, or to make a donation, get in touch via:

Telephone: 01924 856923

Address: 2a Oxford Street, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 7PZ