CONTRABAND: The previously legal highs are now illegal across the UK
CONTRABAND: The previously legal highs are now illegal across the UK

A blanket ban on the production, supply and importation of new psychoactive substances has been introduced as part of the law.

Officers will be able to search suspects and vehicles with the power to seize and destroy the substances – commonly known as ’legal highs’.

Through the new Psychoactive Substances Act those caught with the intent to supply such drugs will face a jail term of up to seven years.

Officers from across the West Yorkshire Police Force have been visiting premises and those known to be distributing psychoactive substances in the run up to the ban to offer advice about the legislation change and what it means to them.

Premises will be revisited regularly to enforce the new legislation and where necessary, officers will take appropriate action.

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for West Yorkshire Mark Burns Williamson said “I have previously called for the existing laws to be tightened up to reflect this rapidly changing problem facing our communities.

“With more psychoactive substances constantly introduced into the market West Yorkshire Police have been at the forefront of leading the way with partners in tackling this growing problem.

“It is testament to our partnership and innovative working that West Yorkshire Police have been praised for helping keep these substances off our streets and now it will be an offence to supply, or offer to supply psychoactive substances.

“I welcome that the police will now have greater and appropriate powers to ensure those breaking the law are dealt with severely in trying to lessen the very harmful wider impact on our streets and in communities.”