Plans For British Airways And Iberia Merger Are Announced

A British Airways flight from Heathrow to Dubai was forced to return to London last week because someone did a ‘smelly poo’.

The plane’s captain apparently made an announcement around 30 minutes into the seven-hour flight, while they were cruising over Belgium, which stated they would return to Heathrow.

The pilot made an announcement requesting senior cabin crew to go to the cockpit and then 10 minutes later he announced that passengers may have noticed a very pungent smell coming from one of the toilets.

Passengers were forced to wait 15 hours for another flight
“We’re very sorry for the discomfort to our customers,” a BA spokesperson said.
“We provided them with hotel accommodation and rescheduled the flight to depart the following day’s lunchtime on an alternative aircraft.”

The smelly debacle comes just two months after a news anchor shared a video of his ‘disgusting’ first class cabin on the same airline.

Owen Thomas, who has worked for Bloomberg, BBC World News and CNN International, posted a 30-second clip online and tweeted: “Be shocked. This is what British Airways FIRST CLASS is really like, as we experienced yesterday. Unbelievable.”

The clip shows a dusty, dirty interior, streaked with crusted-on matter.
He says: “It’s absolutely filthy. You can see marks here which can scrape off with your finger. You can see the stains down here.”

Opening out the seat to reveal a grille clogged with dust, he adds: “It’s when you open your seat, the real horror begins. This is first class. This is British Airways First Class. It’s disgusting.”