Pacquiao VS Mayweather

The 120 million pound question – Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather Fight almost finalised

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr who demands approximately 40 million pounds per fight and is probably the greatest technical boxer to have ever lived has avoided the question of fighting his biggest rival Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao since 2009 when it was first touted.

Mayweather Jr has previously blamed Pacquiao’s boxing promoter claiming he is not willing to make the fight happen, Pacquiao making unreasonable money demands in terms of fight revenue and accusation that Pacquiao has used illegal sport enhancing drugs as justification for the fight not taking place.

However Mayweather Jr has now dropped the biggest hint that he finally wants to end his spectacular career with a fight against Pacquiao.

Mayweather Jr is now the nearing the end of his career and is known as the best pound for pound fighter in the world with an impressive 47 wins with no losses and the fight against Pacquiao could be his most career defining fight billed as being

“The Fight of the Century”.

Pacquiao’s promoter has confirmed this week that they have agreed the terms for the Mayweather Jr fight to take place on 2nd May 2015 in Las Vagas. It has also been confirmed that Mayweather Jr’s representatives have agreed the fight deal in “principle” with a 60-40 split of the revenue in Mayweather Jr’s favour. The final seal of approval for this fight to take place is for Mayweather Jr himself to finally agree.

It would seem that the biggest obstacle for this fight not to take place has been the financial split between the fighters and since Mayweather Jr’s demands have now been met this fight is closer to happening now than ever before.

I personally do not believe that Mayweather Jr can be belittled about his financial demands in regards the Pacquiao fight since he sells more pay-per-views sales that any other fighter in the world and is also the undefeated fighter.

The fight itself could generate Mayweather Jr and Pacquiao more than 120 million pounds in revenue and this fight is already being considered as the biggest fight ever in the sport of boxing.

In my opinion the outcome of Pacquiao v Mayweather Jr will be a Mayweather Jr win and I also believe the likes of Marcos Maidana, Saul Alvarez and Robert Guerrero (all previous Mayweather Jr victims) had more of a boxing chance in defeating Mayweather Jr than Pacquiao has at this late stage of his career.

The Mayweather Jr v Pacquiao fight is well overdue with both fighters now showing more signs of vulnerabilities in terms of boxing ability that comes natural with age. The time is now and it is better late than never to finally get this fight deal done and give the fight fans what they want to see.

The final decision now lies in the hands of one man Floyd Mayweather Jr.