Is watching badminton not doing it for you? Tiddlywinks a bit too tiddly? Does curling just not get your engine revved? Get your pads on, buckle up, and make sure you’ve got a parachute as we present you 15 of the world’s riskiest sports.

We’ve looked into some of the craziest, most death-defying sports in the world, from base-jumping off buildings to facing down the horns of a bull. Each has the number of deaths, locations it’s done, and important facts – as well as a risk factor, so you can find one just right for how deadly you want to go.

Some of the riskiest sports include the real-danger of high altitude mountaineering and surviving the environment, with 286 people dying climbing Everest alone; and off-piste skiing for thrill-seekers which causes over 100 deaths every year, and an uncharted number of injuries.

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