Parents ‘toast’ to breakfast initiative

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YUM: Pupils at Thornbury Primary School receive their toast and juice, prepared by a team of volunteers, every Friday morning

YUM: Pupils at Thornbury Primary School receive their toast and juice, prepared by a team of volunteers, every Friday morning

Friends of Thornbury continue ‘earning their crust’ with morning fundraisers

A team of parents from a Bradford school have raised more than £1,400 by selling toast and juice to pupils every Friday during their weekly ‘Crust sessions’.

Volunteers at Thornbury Primary School, have been taking part in the fundraising activity for almost a year now, with all money raised reinvested back into the school.

On average, they make around £70 per week selling 280 slices of toast and about 220 cartons of juice to the children – something which on these cold winter mornings goes down a treat.

The parents toast and butter bread, store it in microwave ovens on trolleys and, with the juice packs, wheel the tasty treats to the playground for the Key Stage 1 break at 9.45am and the Key Stage 2 break at 10.15am.

The parents are all members of the Friends of Thornbury Primary School group and head teacher at the school, Clare Daddy, praised them for all their work.
She said: “The children love the Friday Crust. When they see the parents coming with the trolleys they shout ‘It’s the toast ladies’.

“The Friends of Thornbury Primary are an asset to the school. They raise money through the Friday Crust and other activities. They have held other successful fund-raising events and their efforts are really appreciated.”

Nasreen Khan, a mother-of-three whose children attend the school, brought the initiative to Thornbury after seeing a similar project being run at Westbourne Primary School.

“Since we’ve been doing this every Friday morning, the response from the children has been fantastic,” she said. “They all look forward to it and we feel like celebrities when wheeling in the trolleys because they love seeing us.”

Nasreen added that because Friday’s are only half-days at Thornbury, the crust sessions are even more important for the pupils.

“School finishes at 12.20 here on a Friday and some of the kids go straight off to an afterschool club which won’t finish until around half past one,” she continued.

“For this reason, the toast is very important because it might be the only thing they eat between breakfast and going home.”

Other works that the Friends of Thornbury group held previously include a Ladies Night fundraiser and the sale of arts and crafts kits to parents and pupils.

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