salman and paris hilton_2

Trust Salman Khan to do whatever he wants to do.

Paris Hilton performed at a private party in Pune during her hush-hush visit to India. That is the only way one can understand what the Dabangg Khan did at a friend’s birthday celebrations.

The birthday boy? Some businessman by the name of Bala, who is notoriously famous for throwing star-studded bashes in the city!

Since 33-year-old Paris Hilton was Salman’s guest of honour, the host went all out and made her feel special at the party.

Salman Khan’s favourite bracelet, which the actor has worn in many of his films and which he has always been exceptionally possessive about now adorns Paris Hilton’s wrist.

Salman gave his bracelet to Paris and the socialite posed proudly.

Salman is known for his chemistry with beauties and was also seen entertaining Pamela Anderson during her stay in the Bigg Boss house.

To top it all off – Salman took off Mika Singhs’s diamond necklace and put it around Paris’ neck.

Thanking Salman and Mika, Paris tweeted: “Thank you beingsalmankhan & @MikaSingh for the beautiful diamond Sikh Khanda necklace! So thoughtful.@MikaSingh I had so much fun too!” and also “Thank you so much for the lovely present! I will treasure it forever. Love my new present! Thank you again beingsalmankhan & @MikaSingh. So generous & sweet @ India”.