Singer Imran Khan said “I’m a changed man…”

 On his first visit to India, Imran Khan, who took the UK by storm in 2009 with his ‘Unforgettable’ album which was undeniably packed with hugely acclaimed songs, was questioned about what took him so long to work with the Indian film industry.

The 30-year-old from the Netherlands has just released his song, titled ‘Let’s Celebrate’ from Sanjay Kapoor’s film ‘Tevar’, which is most definitely set to be the next big dance floor track.

Talking about his rebellious teenage years and his humble upbringing from a Pakistani household, Imran is not shy to admit to his faults from the past.

“My parents are originally from Pakistan. My dad was in a government job, where, when people without a family died at home, my dad and his colleagues were sent to pick up all their stuff and auction it.

“For him, it was a big thing, having come from Pakistan and just established himself there.

“My mum is a housewife. Initially, I was only interested in sports. Music was a side thing. I was always outside the house playing football and basketball and was very naughty.

“At the time, even though I had no money, I was always chilling. I could just not sit at home, not even for ten minutes.

“My parents had no hope for me and did not know what to do with me. My other two siblings, both went to school and were into education.

“My parents could not control me, so they sent me to a special school, but that too did not help. They would hit me and I would sometimes even hit my mum back.”

But in 2011, Imran overcame a drunken life-threatening fall in Dubai, and it was then that he decided it was time he turned his life around.

“I would drink ten bottles at a time.

“I had a bad accident in Dubai a few years back and now, I don’t drink at all.

“I was so busy doing shows, drinking and chasing money that I fell down the stairs and had a blackout. I broke my head, my ribs, everything. I was almost dead and had blood on my brain.

“I was out of action for a month, but it was God’s warning to me, and I started looking after myself. Now I pray as much as I can too.”

Imran also talked about his missed opportunity of being a sportsman.

“Can you imagine, I was supposed to be a part of NBA Juniors for Holland?

“When I was 15, I was the best player in the team.

“One day, my coach called me and said that the NBA Junior’s selection team had come to look for talent.

“I was underage, but was pre-selected by them to go to the US and train.

“All they wanted was €300, but for us that was a lot of money. I went home and asked, but of course – the answer was a flat ‘No’.

“I was heart-broken at the time. But when I was 18, I moved away from sports and became interested in music.

“I hate being used. I do a lot for people and then expect too much from them. I must change that. I want to put my stamp on the world and explode like a bomb with happiness and positivity.”

When asked who his emotional anchor was, he replied: “The Prophet (PBUH).

“Religion is so beautiful. I have read the Quran a few times and I feel like Allah pulls me to Him. If I do something bad, He puts me back immediately.

When asked about why he didn’t go to Bollywood earlier, Imran candidly replied: “I knew my worth and Bollywood did too.

“Many big stars came to me, but I didn’t like the way they came to me. They all just wanted to have a piece of my cake.

“Bollywood music is too cheesy and I would like to change it.

“At the moment, I give 0.0 to the music in Bollywood.”