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Turning empty spaces into private prayer rooms

A prayer room is no longer a luxury which few households can accommodate, with new design and conversion ideas making the quiet space a room which has the possibility of being seen nearly everywhere.

For those who still believe their home is one of very few which cannot have a prayer room developed on site, think again, as with the help of the space creation specialists, Ecoloft, anything is possible.

In households across the country, there is space in homeowner’s lofts just sitting there dormant. Yet, what people are starting to realise is that this currently unutilised space has all the potential to be turned into the perfect room for all your needs.

The Ecoloft team have helped turn numerous ‘empty spaces’ into state-of-the-art prayer rooms, by creating more space downstairs and a relaxing area above.


With experience in converting all types of lofts, there are no dimensions which cannot be handled by the nationwide contractors, who pride themselves on delivering a fast, quality service every time.

A typical lift conversion can be completed in a one-day turnaround, whilst the more deluxe packages will be finished within a week.

With these time frames available for every customer, regardless of your budget, your own private prayer room could be just 24 hours away.

All work carried out by Ecoloft has a five year insurance backed guarantee and many products are also protected with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Of course it isn’t only a prayer room which your loft can be converted into, with hobby rooms and safe storage areas all possible options for the home’s hidden gem.

Ecoloft have helped make client’s dream homes become reality and there is no reason why your home cannot be next.

So, with endless options available for your home’s loft, give Ecoloft a ring today and start utilising the space above your head.



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