Yo Yo Honey Singh
Yo Yo Honey Singh

Rapper King Yo Yo Honey Singh was supposed to join Shah Rukh Khan’s SLAM tour but he stepped back at the last minute.

This gave fire to the rumor that King Khan entered into a brawl with Honey Singh and out of rage he had slapped Honey Singh. But the singer’s wife Shalini clears the air on SRK slapping her husband.

Yo-Yo-Honey-singh-wife-shalini_2Shalini claimed that her hubby is unwell and he was advised bed rest by doctors for two months and so he missed out the SLAM tour. She further said overwork had taken a toll on Honey’s health and was advised medication and complete rest.

Shalini also said that false news often breaks down Honey Singh. Shalini said SRK treats Honey like a younger brother: “Doctors had advised Honey not to travel out of the country for the Slam tour but he had given his word to Shah Rukh Khan, so he went with him.

“However, on seeing his condition, bhai kept telling him to take it easy and not to perform if he wasn’t being able to. Bhai asked Honey to take care of his health. He was very understanding.”

Shalini who made her first public appearance on India’s Rawstar said her husband is recovering now, on being inquired about the slapping rumor, she told to a leading daily: “Why would he slap him? These are all imaginary stories. Yeh toh sabko pata hai that Honey really respects Shah Rukh bhai, and bhai also treats Honey like a younger brother. In fact Shah Rukh bhai helped and supported us a lot”.

She further said, “On the tour, Honey was on heavy medication for his BP, and he slipped and fell during the rehearsals and injured his back and head. He was thus forced to come back home. So, Shah Rukh bhai hitting him is just a big rumour.”

Shalini who is a chartered accountant married the rapper king in 2001.