The trailer of Pathaan has finally been unveiled, and has since then been the biggest buzzword on the internet. Pathaan is the biggest ever action spectacle that audiences have ever seen in theatres.

The visually spectacular Yash Raj Films’ action extravaganza, Pathaan, is part of Aditya Chopra’s ambitious spy universe and has the biggest superstars of the country Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in it.

Director Siddharth Anand is thrilled about the reaction that he has been getting for the trailer without giving out the biggest moments from the film!

He says, “It was a huge task to arrive at the trailer of Pathaan because the teaser and the two songs Besharam Rang and Jhoome Jo Pathaan have taken the expectations of the film sky high. We were clear that we will make a trailer that will only add to the buzz and the hype that the film currently has.”

Siddharth adds, “We have very carefully and strategically arrived at a trailer that teases some of the best moments of Pathaan for audiences to enjoy and yet hold back and not even given a sneak peek into majority of the screen-stealing situations that will make Pathaan a truly big screen action spectacle like no other. I’m glad that without giving out a lot from the film, we have made a trailer that has received unanimous appreciation.”

He further says, “As the saying goes, this is just the trailer, you have to watch the film to understand the scale at which Pathaan has been made.

“We hope that we entertain people across the globe and make them proud that we have made a film that can match the visual spectacle of any international action entertainer.”

YRF’s adrenaline pumping film, Pathaan, is set to release on Jan 25, 2023 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.