Support for Dewsbury state-school educated Foreign Office Minister who quit government over Britain’s Gaza policy

CANDID: Sayeeda Warsi's resignation is a testament to how her calls for the Government's policy on Gaza were not being heard
CANDID: Sayeeda Warsi’s resignation is a testament to how her calls for the Government’s policy on Gaza were not being heard

There’s been a huge debate on Baroness Sayeeda Warsi’s resignation as the country’s Foreign Office minister this week, with those who support her decision saying she acted with “principle and integrity” in deciding to step down.

In the last few weeks, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, has been slammed for not unequivocally condemning Israel’s handling of the Gaza crisis.

Many MP’s calls for Britain to intervene on the Gaza conflict have unequivocally been denounced, but Warsi stands the first Senior Minister to quit her post over the matter – something which has been largely admired and given her renewed respect.

Her resignation letter stated that Britain’s approach on the crisis in Gaza is “morally indefensible” and that she didn’t think it was in “Britain’s national interest” to continue it’s current political approach on the matter.

Many have voiced their disappointment over Warsi’s “unnecessary” resignation, stating that now there’s no Muslim voice from within the Government to speak, where others believe that she can do more from the outside.

RESIGNATION LETTER: Warsi clearly voiced her frustration on the Gaza policy
RESIGNATION LETTER: Warsi clearly voiced her frustration on the Gaza policy

Warsi, a solicitor from Dewsbury, became the first Muslim minister to serve in a British Cabinet when Cameron appointed her in 2010.

Whispers from many quarters, point that Warsi was frustrated with her position in politics for some time now.

In 2012, she was removed from her post as Tory party chairwoman and offered the job of “senior minister of state” at the Foreign Office, with the right to attend cabinet.

Whilst in this role, Warsi took advantage of her candid manner and refined diplomatic skills to champion anti-Islamaphobia anti-Semitism and supported international religious freedom. She also led on curating an exhibition to celebrate overseas Victoria Cross recipients during WWI for its centenary.

Warsi has always despised the comment that, she was selected by PM David Cameron as a “token gesture”.

However her departure from Government is a testament that she wasn’t valued on what she sees as a morally deficient Middle East policy anyway. Her resignation letter is a rejection of the prime minister’s position on the war in Gaza, and a stance that is generally supported by the masses.